Friday, June 18, 2010

tiny update

heys people, still no internet access right now, even the computer in amma's house is down.

the cameraman said, it's a photo for newspaper..i don't think local newspaper though.
yeaps, that's me down on the ground.

Erm, we got 4th for the singapore league 15 rugby tournament la...quite sad la cause we lost by 2 points was rsc vs src. Semi finals is called plate i think. Cup->plate->bowl...cup is final, semi final is plate and 5th n 6th place is bowl....or something like that la.

Ok, now the 15s seasons is over but it's the beginning of the 10s and 7s.
To all the curious ones, i got offer to do sports management at UM.
my first choice...ok would be much sweeter if it was sports exercise or other physical ones la...this is erm team manager loh...where to stay, what to bring, transportation and ect...MANAGEment ma. The other sports courses need a higher pointer la.

My pointer is low mah...2.85...somewhat average only. Sports management was chosen cause it mengutamakan national athletes ma. So rugby is really a big help and factor that helped me get into uni la :P

Actually i went to tm point 3x already but system down. i want to transfer my phone line cause i shift house already ma.

finally on d 31st may everything was submitted and they told us that in a week time they will transfer the line. Then on 5th june i went to enquire, the officer said call 1300-888-123 on 7th june. on the 7th june the officer said must wait one more week. On the 18th june i called again, they said they will tell the contractor's name after 2 working days...wah, want to transfer telephone line also so mafan....when will i get the new telephone line?

haiyo, i'm becoming so impatient with TM...Tunggu Mati....wait until can die...wait so long till i grow so old

i still might not be blogging much cause Telekom Malaysia still don't want to transfer my phone line. therefore no internet access loh...