Tuesday, November 20, 2012

fomdex summer holiday

Palapes FOMDEX-Fizikal orientated Mental Development Exercise. It was suppose to be in Gunung Nuang but due to "No budget" excuse we had the training at markas Palapes UM aka HQ whereby we shared the facilities with the Army.

5.30am Early Morning Activity (EMA). New PTI, we jog up bukit cinta until 10 residential college then returned back to the HQ. We had Latihan Litar (same like KDSI), and latihan JEDA (Pyramid run).
8am watches, Mail check us but gave us 10 push up each just for fun while Mia didn't give anything to the Cadets...HAIZ..after that we got a set of 20s as a team. Kadets only got a set of 25? Hey! Cadets standard is 30 ok...haiz...Everyday we kena more than our cadets because GI don't allow his precious cadets to be touched.

Evening Activity(EA) was usually Volleyball. Once we did bola beracun, something like dodgeball.

Our makan was prepared by the army...Army, the juniors wash the seniors plate but in the Navy, our seniors wash our own plate cause our GI(General Instructor) sayang our junior so much that our juniors all already upgrade to BRAVO routine even though they are still cadets and not yet naik pangkat to junior midshipmen. Haiz... We all still ALPHA routine, run and kawad when we move around especially when there's no roof.
Our Cadet's movement is so slow and they really like to take their own sweet time. All this because our GI don't let us take(hell/punish) our Cadets. Can you imagine Seniors run, baca sifir and kawad, cadets walk and no kawad and no baca sifir? Cadets don't fear senior or even respect senior, they insult and talkdown on seniors...I'm thinking IS THIS PALAPES? Very RUDE but we cannot touch them...
Even serving food to officer and GI, senior are the ones that notice and do it while cadets don't even care about others...really no respect and keprihatinan.

I really wander who is the cadet and who is the senior? Seriously our GI's bias-ness to the Cadet is so evident. GI also scold us cause to many mustering(kumpul) and GI scold seniors and said senior should do things, not ask Cadet to do "everything"...
Our army also confused who are the cadets and who are the seniors. Now it's more like Cadet is subby, Senior Midshipmen can FLY.

Basically this FOMDEX training is very light, very Summer Holiday...cause of our GI. can you imagine your GI saying Hockey Deck is dangerous? rempuh halangan and jalan lasak is dangerous? He don't let anybody take the cadets, always scold senior and subby in front of cadets and seriously bias? Dirty and heavy job he ask Senior to do? We had plenty of free time since GI hates us to Muster.

At KDSI we muster about more than 20 times and each muster takes at least 10 minutes...so muster is good as training for KDSI but GI doesn't like us to muster.

When we were cadets, cadets had to kumpul and shout "ALL OUT(officer under training) MUSTER NOW" but our cadets so relaxed, nothing to worry...very Subby-like of attitude.

Our Cadets don't know mark of respect or pemerintahan regimental...they take things so lightly and take their own time cause they know GI sayang them. Anything also they complain straight to GI...

Our cadets is so gedik, they went back to college to take extra shoes. Seniors all wear back the same shoes. When squad leader and senior don't let, GI allowed cadets to go back to 5th residential college to take other sports shoes. When we were cadets we were only allowed to wear kasut issue even though the size is huge...but these cadets, GI allow to wear other shoes besides issue shoes or white shoes which should be standardized...

I feel like our cadet is not in PALAPES but better they enter SUKSIS...cause in Suksis, cannot take/punish them. They didn't kena from us so much that they really don't behave like PALAPES. So berani to jawab balik and complain terus to GI.

Our cadets like to show mental face, they don't know how to hide their mental face, keep showing people their weakness...really lembik and low mental strength.

I miss GI Nasir, he was very fair and not bias.

Classes on general navigation and morse code. Kawad bersenjata, normal kawad and swimming.

Our new PTI(physical Training Instructor) is from ALAM (Akademi Laut Malaysia), he's very good, he just taught our cadets and in one day all our cadets can swim at least to the middle of the swimming pool.

[ALAM is the abbreviation for Akademi Laut Malaysia or Malaysian Maritime Academy, a
maritime institution which trains SPM leavers to become deck officers or marine engineers
onboard merchant ships.]

On the first few days we shared the sleeping place with the army in the hall. Guys slept in the surau outside.
After that navy ladies were asked to shift to the army's inter room but there were army seniors using that room so the navy ladies went to the surau inside but then the lady armies went there too to pray...so we had no room. It's UM markas PALAPES but in reality more like Markas Palapes Darat... Navy don't have a room for it's own..all we have is a storeroom and GI's room and staf gaji's room. Rest all belong to the Army. We don't even have a classroom..

Last night we had a very light jalan lasak. more to PT(physical training) like front support and rolling, push ups and swimming across the tasik. The group with GI was so boring cause the Subby was not allowed to take them, so that group just walked like taking a leisure walk around UM, while other groups had a bit more challenging activities such as bridging, rolling, front support and so on...

During the jalan lasak when our subby or PTI ask us to volunteer, actually I don't want to volunteer but I was thinking of my team mates, they are more weak than me and I am the strongest female there, so if I kena I can still take it and tolerate but if them I don't know whether they can tahan, So I volunteer to kena all the tough tough things.

This reminded me of the advise I once told another palapes girl...The burden on me is heavy since I'm the strongest and fittest female in my intake. If I give up, the other girls will think "Tengok, Hilda pun tak boleh tahan,  kita orang yang tak apa-apa ni lagilah tak boleh"

I have to be strong for them or not they will give up on themselves. Actually they can tahan cause their mental strength is strong but physically they rely on me. If I can do it then there is hope that they can do it...If I give up then their mind automatically shuts down and give up even thought in reality they can do it.

Whenever I want to just give up or belit, I have to think what impact will it do to my intake...

Taking the log while jalan lasak reminded me of Iron team where we ran in drill boots, 6kg backpack while doing the obstacle course.

Do you wanna know the reason why GI so sayang the cadets? Cause when he was in training to become GI, he was the youngest therefore everything also he was to do...
But now, if everything also senior do, cadets don't go through Cadet Life no more Cadet can fly and really hancur...they straight away feel subby life without going through Cadet or Junior or senior midshipmen life. Mark of respect and pemerintahan regimental is totally lost...everything also show mental face. Slow slow slow, no ALPHA routine means no Cadet life.

If they don't experience Cadet life, how are they gonna teach their cadet? then better Palapes change to Bomba or Polis instead of the Tentera label.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

judge before lawyer

Where can you find a judge before a lawyer? Dictionary cause J before L :)
In which court can you find someone who become a judge without becoming a lawyer? In a badminton court :)

I was a volunteer for SUKIPT (SUKan Institusi Pengajian Tinggi) badminton. Sukipt is a sports competition as a selection for the ASEAN University Games(AUG) in Laos this december. So, there is participation by community colleges, local and private universities, polytechnics, basically all tertiary education institutions.

My job was a Line Judge...ah, I'm a judge in a court without even having to be a lawyer...hihi.
Badminton court lines and shuttlecock was what I had to look at throughout my service as a line judge.

I don't know why but I feel very sleepy being a line judge, maybe I'm not so interested in Badminton? A comment from the Umpire and referees was that I did a really good job as a Line judge on the first day.  All the Umpire and Referee praised me, they said I was alert and very professional.. LoL, the Best line judge for Day 1.

Anyway, the job started on Sunday evening after PKV's "THE Camp". We started by fixing the masking tape on the badminton courts at night. The next day we were briefed which line to judge and what signals to give as well as how to walk in and out of the court. T-shirts sizes was a problem cause the organizer just gave equal amounts of each t-shirt size. This might be the organizer's strategy to force volunteers to buy sukipt shirts..hihi.

moved the badminton courts, watch lines, do signals... of cause i made a few mistakes and i feel really embarrassed but overall it went well. We only got 3 signals; in, out and didn't see.

About 8 days of volunteering...

Next topic,
On Sunday, I went for the Silat Gayong ceremony of taking students...apparently it's call mandi tapak/mandi seni/ mandi perlimau.
Seated by age seniority and write our name with mothers name (nama binti mak) on the ikrar paper then had prayers then the Atuk told our characters-for me," i want to lead but have to put in more effort in it", then we choose a lime. The Atuk cut sliced the lime and counted how many pulp it has and recorded it down then  we mandi bunga and limau nipis (Lime)...then prayers and drink some water, then the Atuk used a 500 years old sword and hit our wrist non stop. For the girls only 3 girls were chosen, the rest is on volunteer basis. He suppose to hit 7 times only...but some he hit less and some he hit more...he said he hit based on how much we can take in-teachers know how much the students can take.

If we are sinful, the effect of the hit would be evident but if we are clean and sinless the wrist will have no evident at all of the sword.

i was hit 5 times, there was only 4 lines was evident cause of the double hit on a line and it looks like I got gills on my wrist, LoL. My lime was 11 with a dot.

Then was Q and A...
We asked about the counting of limes and why the 3 girls are chosen..
The 3 girls chosen were the most charismatic and outstanding ones and this is the first time the atuk meet them and there was no interaction between us and the atuk before he talk about our characteristics and the choosing of the 3 lucky ones.
He said the 3 lucky girls were the one whose aura is similar to him...woah...
Then the lime is reading how much teacher has to teach us...
if 11 with a dot means when teacher teach, i can understand but if I do not practise or revise I will forget.
12 means have to teach more than once for them to understand thea teaching. 13 means catches the teaching very fast but after a while forget what was taught. Dot means the lime pulp were not in a perfect circle shape.

Atuk said Silat without religion will make Silat bad. But Silat is actually just a adat. It is for self defence and not fighting. Silat is from the word Silaturahim which means we are all brothers and sisters now.