Monday, December 26, 2011

Adam Adli and double standards

Adam Adli was my scout leader in secondary school. Just recently his name appeared in the national newspapers.
What he did? he lowered a flag bearing our prime minister's image.
What happened next? Government wants apology, Adam Adli and family received death threats and are harassed.

So, I'm wondering is our prime minister's image very sacred? It is as though Najib (our prime minister) is more powerful and sovereign than our Agong (king). Adam did not bring down the Malaysian flag or desecrate it. What was his action compared to grown-up Umno men stomping on Penang CM Lim Guan Eng's photo and bringing a coffin to his office or the Perkasa goons who burnt Bersih coordinator S Ambiga's picture.
What actions were taken by the government and home minister on those cases? Hmm, almost nothing! 

Hmm, such double standards don't you think?
How about the cow head incident by Perkasa. It was clearly a racial insult but the police and government did not take action against them, instead the Home Minister (Hisyamhuddin) defended the Perkasa protesters as their freedom to voice out BUT the police force and the government arrested people holding a peaceful candlelight vigil and singing Negaraku to protest against corruption. The reason Home minister provided was "we have freedom to voice out but not freedom to riot"

Again I wonder and can't understand how the Government can say that Riot is defined when you have a peaceful protest with candles. But if you hold a cow's head and shout racial insults and step on the cow head, it is not Dangerous nor Sensitive. It's just a peaceful gathering which is challenging other beliefs and provoking the other religion's sacred and holy object. I am really confused with what the government term as Dangerous and Peaceful, and Riot. What exactly is sensitive? Is it taunting other religions or is it protesting against injustice?

Sunday, December 25, 2011


The gospel message by advanti ministry.

Christmas eve

So I have been really busy with sports, assignments and choir throughout this month, I took a break from rugby and church.
I didn't plan to attend church but Manami, the student exchange girl from Japan that Sheng introduced to me wanted to attend church or Christmas celebration/party. So I had to go to church...

It's good to see so many new and young people in church but I can't believe that I have been spending so much time in church these few days. Like my whole day spent with the church (people).

What is Christmas without Christ? The point of Christmas? The reason we celebrate it? Christmas isn't christmas till it happens in your heart.

One story Francis shared today.
There was a fire and a man and his son were in the building. The dad jumped down and then told his son to jump. The son said he was afraid. There was fire and smoke everywhere that the son couldn't see the father. The son said "I can't see you, dad.". The dad replied, just jump son, you may not see me but I can see you. Just believe and jump, I'll catch you.

Just like GOD, we may not be able to see Him because of the fire and smoke but that shouldn't be the reason to not believe that the Father can save us. We may not be able to see God but God can see us. So, just believe and take the leap of faith. Put your trust in Him.

The sketch today reminded me that we often celebrate Christmas without Christ.


Meaning of Christmas
Answer to our root problem

A joke:
 "How are you gonna spend your Christmas Eve?"
"Oh, I think I'll buy Christmas Adam" ...huahauhauahua. Lame or not? Original joke from me :)

Friday, December 23, 2011


UM Wifi had been so terrible. No internet access even with full bar signals or worse still no signal at all. All of us paid Rm100 and now there's this problem. This is really frustrating especially when it's the assignment handing in week. Gosh, and it's near the exams week so SPectrum<--UM Website to download lecture notes also cannot be accessed. Haiz.

We're dying here. Congrats to the UM student council for helping us get back a portion of the Rm100 that we paid for this lousy internet service. We got back Rm 40...

Mr Azizul has been really crazy, he's giving us so many assignments and expects us to pass it as soon as possible (we have internet problem and he gives us assignment about globalisation and Malaysian sports management and Malaysian to find points without the internet? Library books have insufficient information on local sports. ) On Top of that, I feel that I wanna repeat that mr Azizul is having class activity on CHRISTMAS!!!!! Crazy lecturer, just because he is a muslim doesn't mean he can take people's holiday away!

Once the exam is over, I hope I can share with you all some of my stories on what you missed while I was internetless in UM. :)
University sports month has finally finished.
Futsal piala pengarah
Melaka 12 hour walk too.
Sports Appreciation Night
KO-K day (co-curricular day)
racewalking during sukmum
kemahiran seni orator BM

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

a brief hi

Sorry people, UM wifi has some web restriction and I wasn't able to download Gmail documents nor access blogs.

So many things happened like Handball sukmum, Jonah Jones, Nike Run, Larian Pantai Masum, Hockey Sukmum, tests and assignments...

I can't blog much now...maybe next time when the line is much better.

But for now, I just wanna say it's really good to be back even though it's such a brief post.
Masum Beach Run at Port Dickson with UPM and UPSI :)

I'll try to be back ok :)