Sunday, February 9, 2014

my unlucky birth date

I dont tell people my birthday because I dont think it is special and I guess I see it as a bad are a few events to explain my stand. A series of unfortunate events almost yearly...

on my birthday back in 2006. Basically, a plain clothes malay couple came to my street on a SUNDAY conning me that they were working for the government and have to spray something for Aedes and compulsory to pay RM60, Their company number was a mobile phone number. No adult was at home and they were pressuring me a small kid 16 years old to pay now, as it is compulsory. I then went up and took my savings and gave them the rm 60...Turns our it was a con couple. They cheated whoever they could. 
Government workers won't work on Sundays and Government workers must wear uniform!

2007 My elder siblings came back from university (Sabah, Perak, Selangor) just to celebrate my 17th birthday. My family's culture is to go out for birthday dinner. We went out for dimsum the night before just to celebrate my birthday. When we came home, my house was broken into. My elder siblings' laptops, cameras were among the stolen items as well as my birthday present (my 1st phone.They came back just to celebrate my birthday but it cost them their laptops and cameras... :'(

2008, I will never forget my 18th birthday! the welcome to adulthood. That night started with my parents arguing and I remember crying silently in the van on the way to my birthday dinner and then my father argued with my elder bro. In the middle of dinner, my father confirmed what we always suspected, Of all the days in the year, he choose to reveal that he has another family. Welcome to REALITY...

2013. On my birthday eve we went up to Genting Highland for Chinese New Year and my birthday. Wee drove up, half day spent finding parking. Then we checked in the hotel and bought lunch then had a nap due to the tired journey up. My mom was acting weird in the room and said something weird, she said she wanna wish me early 'happy Birthday' cause maybe later she cannot. She took a shower and after that she kept trying to sit on the chair and was not stable ass in couldnt really stand properly..After some time I noticed my mom's face was weird so I woke my siblings and said don't you think there's something wrong with mom's face? It looked like stroke symptom. Mom couldn't balance or walk on her own but she kept saying its nothing and she's ok. But my eldest sister said we should take her to the clinic for a check up. The clinic doctor said mom's blood pressure (bp) was 190/120. Normal person is 120/80. BP Too high, need to admit to hospital. Mom and sis went into the ambulance van to Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) while me and brother drove the car to HKL.
My friend in Taiwan asked are you gonna have a crazy plan? I said I just hope God dont have a crazy plan for me. So my mom got admitted in the hospital for stroke and on my birthday it got worse that her right side of the body lost control and her right eye vision is almost not working. Doctor said it is temporary and can last up to 6 month. Now to access reality, my elder sisters are working in Sabah and Johor while my elder bro is also working but in KL, my younger bro is still studying. So, it's up to me to  take care of my mom...Time to be a full time daughter. I just finished my university studies this January. By the way last year December, my mother's younger brother just passed away from heart attack.

This year we have the Asian Games at Korea, Incheon but I guess I cant go for rugby anymore now that I will be by my mom's side helping her. Whole right side not working so speech is slurry. I think My mom feels guilty when she sees me because she feels she made a good day into a worrying day. 

Picture I took at Genting Highlands on the way to the clinic

Hospital Kuala Lumpur

do you see her tears?

I felt like (Shawn)small Chinese boy in this ad. 
Mom in hospital on birthday n I couldn't understand what she tried to say. 

Mom stroke, right side temporary paralysed. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

CNY funny post

My brother's friend wrote this this pre Chinese New Year 2014 post:

Just few more HOURS...
And we are going to PARTICIPATE in....
Questions in the Exams are as follows:

1) When are you going to have boyfriend / girlfriend ?? [10 marks]
2) When are you going to get married ?? [10 marks]
3) When are you going to plan to have children ?? [10 marks]
4) What are you doing now ?? [10 marks]
5) What is your salary of your job now ?? [10 marks]
6) When is your turn to give my children ang paw ?? [10 marks]
7) When do you want bring your girlfriend / boyfriend home ?? [10 marks]
8) How is your study ?? When do you want to graduate ?? [10 marks]
9) Why are you still single ?? Explain. [20 marks]

Bonus: [20 marks]
1) got bonus or not ?? How many months ?? - 

P/S: Please be informed that this Final Exam has no SUPP paper session. Once you failed, please repeat the course after A YEAR... lolz~~~ wakakakakakakakakakakaka ~~~~      ~~~~

Question No.9 of Final Exam...
9) Why are you still single ?? Explain. [20 marks]

Answer Scheme:
By being single, one can grab more angpao. The earlier you exit the single status, the lower the chance of one grabbing the angpao from elders successfully. No angpao no money.... YOU GIVE ME AH ???? lolz~~~

P/S: So time to go somewhere to grab angpao la...    hekhekhekhekhek~~~   ~~~~
 — feeling excited.