Monday, October 31, 2011

i sound selfish but its my right

In this semester I have borrowed people money. They said they will pay back and then I feel so bad when I have to ask them to pay back. Hey, I just borrowed you cause I trust that you are not conning or using me and I really believed that you would pay back as promised.

But now I have yet to get back the money and to bring up the subject would hurt our friendship. Hmmm, so I made up my mind to never borrow money to anyone anymore.


Never ask me to pay for you first cause the probability of me getting back the money is less than 30%.
Never ask me to borrow you money cause the probability of you paying me back is less than 30%.

UNLESS you plan to pay me back(the next day), don't even think of borrowing money. 
Eh, I don't even charge you interest when you borrow money ma...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I've got a friend who has a scholarship, but I don't understand why she borrowed money from me? (this was before I had the scholarship but she had a scholarship already ). Yea, she still has the scholarship and it's from a Canadian company and she still has not paid me back...

I wonder where her scholarship money went? 

triple ankle

weak ankle.

Same ankle, same angle, 3 times in one month. Aiyo...

first during the Asian women rugby 7s championship at India, the game versus Iran. Then during training at Dataran Shah Alam rugby training last week when we played touch. And finally today as I went jogging, suddenly ankle gave way.

Argh, ankle ah ankle. Heal soon ok?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

dark side of me...

did you get the joke?
Hint: Rabbit poop

Today I had a perfect opportunity to make a nasty comment to someone who made a nasty comment to me a few years back.
Cutest muffin award

I felt like revenge is mine now, dude! muahaha. But then I thought again...this is not right. Maybe he deserves it but it's an unkind thing to do and as a Christian I should only do to people what I want people to do to me.

He is a Christian it will be like internal fighting within the church...

If God forgive me then I should also forgive others right?

Matthew 18:33
33 Shouldn’t you have had mercy on your fellow servant just as I had on you?’ 

So, although my sinful nature wanted to have revenge but the Holy Spirit convicted me and my conscience stopped me in time.

There, so now you know I do have a dark side...and no, not talking about sunburn. LoLs

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

5th college tales 1.0

Since I entered my room at 5th college the switch seems to be loose but as long as I can turn on the fan and light I don't mind. Yesterday evening the problem gotten worse and the switch was jammed. i couldn't even switch on the fan. So from 6pm till today 11am my room was fanless. HOT...yes, I slept in the fan-less room last night and woke up at 5am today for palapes. 

well, that's the first unforgettable memory from staying in 5th college about my room.
Another incident in 5th college: There was also once where a few chinese girls were going room to rooms to get Chinese people's name for the Chinese Club(CC) but once they heard I am a PALAPES then they just brush me off. You see, I was not welcomed, they didn't want me. So, that's why I still stay in touch with my ex college CC because they still involve me and keep me updated.

I kind of injured my knee and ankle in the 2nd game against Iran during the Asian Championship at Pune, India. So, my left knee and ankle cannot function fully. 

I'm wanna get out of palapes but people keep encouraging me to stay on. Gosh, my schedule is so darn packed!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


This week is the inter-batch sports in UM Sports Centre. Wow, we are seniors! 
I also have UM futsal team training for the Liga Futsal IPTA.
This semester I'm in 5th residential college (from hereon refered as college).

Sukmum (sukan mahasiswa um) training has started and 5th college's training are mostly on tuesday and thursday.  This is a prob cause rugby is every tues n thurs. For sukmum, the sports I can play are basketball. handball, softball, hockey, swimming and athletic and futsal but the actual competition day and normal training days are clashing with rugby. Sukmum is once a year and for merit points and is University sports day where we represent our colleges. 

I want to play SUKMUM but Rugby is also in the way. Besides rugby training, there are selection for SCC 7s (a rugby competition in Singapore) where we'll be playing as the national team. On top of that we have test matches (test match is a rugby term meaning international friendly match) with Hong Kong soon. So, I can't skip rugby this few months...Rugby is my main sport ma.

hmm, which is my priority now? Urgent vs Important.
It seems like I may have to skip Sukmum this year?
and IF I do go for Sukmum then I have to choose which sports to enter as some sports clash...
Come on, Uni life is short mah, it's like 2-3 more times that I can join sukmum before I graduate...

Argh, why must there be so many choices to make?
feel so restricted...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

bag challenge

The news tells the baby age and the mom's age but not the father's age? I do wonder why?
There is nothing about other children so I'm guessing this is their first baby at the wife's age of 39.

A man so desperate...he wanted sexual intercourse during the wife's confinement and it was just the 23rd day that the baby was born. How can the father sodomize his own son? 23 days old only?

This is sex desires can turn one into a monster. .

Were the couple trying so hard to get a baby since they got married until the wife's age of 39? So they had frequent sex?

Ah, the observations we can assume based on the limited information and the style of writing the media reveals. The news is what is stated, but your understanding goes as far as you want to think. This is something I learn from my Kemahiran Orator BM (Bm Orator Skills) class. Observe and analyse.

Ok, on to the main topic today.
Meet my new bag...Polka White
I just bought it yesterday. She was rm 35 but a course mate helped me get it at rm 32.
The bag is to change my image...ain't it more girly?

Ok, so I was challenged to keep the bag clean and make sure it doesn't tear within 2 months.

Sounds simple and easy? YEAH, but it's not going to be as easy as it sounds for me.

I have bad histories with bags and shoes. They get spoilt and torn quite frequent. Maybe it's because I use them too often that it worn out easily or perhaps I stuff too many things and heavy things in my bags?

So, this bag is white!!! Take care of it....
Besides the color, I think the zips, bag strap and bag stitches will be things to look out for. These are the vulnerable parts.

How am I going to take on this challenge? 
Bring only necessary things and take care where I place my bag. 
Bring an umbrella at all times to avoid it from getting wet under the rain. 
Maybe this bag will only be used for class? meaning when I go out, I will try not to carry a bag everywhere I go. Don't bring Polka unnecessarily around. 

So, my habit of bringing a bag everywhere I go will also end. Yeah, quite big changes huh...

At the moment, the only flaw on this bag is there's a red pen mark there. I'm not sure whether I did it or not.
2 months and We'll see what is the outcome of the bag on 8th Dec 2011.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

be positive

Here's a post with pictures with quotes that really talk about not letting the negative situations take you down. Don't zoom in the negative turn of circumstances. Everything can be seen in a positive way.
Change the way you respond or think. 
Circumstances and situations may not be changeable but it's how you respond to it, your attitude that can make your day still be AWESOME!

Friday, October 7, 2011

budget speech

Najib's 2012 budget speech
I am pleased to announce 2012 as the year of National Innovation Movement. 

43. To provide a brighter future for all Malaysian children irrespective of their socioeconomic background, the Government will ensure quality and affordable access to education. Currently, students in primary and secondary schools are still required to pay RM24.50 and RM33.50, respectively, for co-curriculum, internal test papers, Malaysian Schools Sports Council fees and insurance premium. To ease the burden on parents, it is proposed that these payments be abolished commencing the 2012 school year. With this announcement, for the first time in history, primary and secondary education is provided free. The abolition of these payments would involve an allocation of RM150mil.
44. The private sector also plays an important role in providing quality education towards creating an excellent future generation. In line with this, the Government proposes private schools registered with the Ministry of Education and complies with stipulated regulations be given the following incentives: First: Income tax exemption of 70% or Investment Tax Allowance of 100% on qualifying capital expenditure for a period of 5 years; Second: Double deduction for overseas promotional expenses to attract more foreign students; and Third: Import duty and sales tax exemptions on all educational equipment. The Government hopes that the savings accrued to the private school operators will subsequently result in the reduction of school fees to ease the burden of parents.
45. Registered primary and secondary schools, including national schools, national-type schools, mission schools and Government-assisted religious schools often receive financial contribution from companies and individuals to upgrade school facilities. To encourage more charitable activities, contributions are eligible for tax deductions. This facility will be extended to all registered places of worship. The Government will expedite(speed up) tax exemption approvals for education institution and all places of worship.
56. The 2012 Budget will transform the civil service to be dynamic, responsive and centred on excellence. This includes a radical change in recruitment, placement as well as career development. A flexible remuneration system will be introduced to retain or terminate civil servants based on performance. Civil servants must accept this challenge and be prepared to change. Hence, the Government will introduce the New Civil Service Remuneration Scheme or SBPA as follows: First: Introduce an exit policy for underperforming civil servants and for those who opt to leave the service; Second: Improve the salary of civil servants through a single tier structure with additional increments to enable civil servants to continue receiving annual increments over a longer period. With this, the maximum salary for a particular grade will be higher. For example, under SSM, a teacher on grade DG48 receives a maximum salary of RM6,325.39, while under SBPA the maximum salary will increase 37.7% to RM8,710. For non-graduate teachers on grade DG34, the maximum salary under SSM is RM3,860.52 while under SBPA, will increase 39% to RM5,370; Third: In my recent Teachers' Day message, I announced a better career path for graduate teachers. A teacher no longer has to wait 20 years to be promoted. In the new scheme with a time-based promotion, a teacher will achieve grade 44 on the eighth year and grade 48 on the 16th year of service. For non-graduate teachers under the current time-based system it will take 10 years to be promoted from grade 29 to 32, while under the SBPA it will only take eight years. Currently, promotions from grade 32 to 34 are based on vacancies. However under SBPA, a time-based eight years promotion will be applied; and Fourth: The Annual Increment has not been revised since 1991. Beginning 2012, the annual increment of civil servants will be increased between RM80 and RM320 according to the grade. In addition, civil servants who opt to accept the SBPA will receive an annual increment between 7% and 13%.

57. The Government realises the financial burden faced by pensioners. With the implementation of SBPA, more than 600,000 Government pensioners will benefit from a pension adjustment which involves an allocation of RM600mil. Effective 2013, the Government will implement an annual pension increment of 2% without having to wait for any review of the remuneration system or salary adjustments.

88. The Government sympathises with doctors who have to work continuously for more than 45 to 120 hours per week. This situation is clearly not conducive for them to provide quality service. To ease the situation, the Government introduced a flexible schedule with an average of 60 working hours per week for housemen. To replace the on-call allowance for housemen, the Government introduced a Special Flexible Working Allowance of RM600 per month, effective 1 September 2011. For medical officers and specialists, the Government will also increase the overnight on-call allowance between RM30 to RM80, effective on the same date.

94. The Government is committed to ensure that no accused person is denied legal representation. Currently, about 80% of the accused in criminal cases appear in court without legal representation because of high legal costs. The National Legal Aid Foundation will ensure that every individual who is charged in court will be given free legal aid. For this, the Government will provide an additional RM10mil in 2012 bringing the total sum provided to RM15mil.

105. Currently, futsal is increasingly popular amongst youth and sports enthusiast. To promote this sport, the Government has built a total of 1,100 futsal courts nationwide, while another 527 courts are under construction. In view of the popularity of this sport, the Government will allocate RM15mil to build an additional 150 futsal courts to achieve the “One Court for One Mukim” target. To increase recreational activities particularly football, the Government will also allocate RM50mil to build football fields with artificial turfs, equipped with floodlights at 30 selected locations nationwide.
106. High-performance sports including football, badminton, squash, bowling, diving, archery and cycling will also be given attention. The Government will provide an additional allocation of RM30mil, making a total of RM84mil, to train young potential athletes so they can compete and succeed in international sports competition.
107. The welfare of senior citizens has never been neglected particularly for them to obtain public amenities such as medical and transport services. For this, I am pleased to announce, from 1 January 2012, all senior citizens aged 60 years and above will be exempted from paying the outpatient registration fee in all Government hospitals and health clinics including 1Malaysia clinics as well as the Government dental clinics. They will also be entitled to a 50% discount on LRT and Monorail fares.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Asian Championship

It was in Pune, India. Asian Women 7s Championship.
Almost 12 hour travel... Yes, it's confirmed I got airsickness... migraine or severe headache starts on my left side of forehead and spreads around my head and then the right side. Feels like someone pressing my forehead. Feels like Harry Potter's scar stinging when he's near Lord Voldemort...haha. Seriously pain! About 6 hours flight and then about 4 hour bus journey to Pune, from Mumbai airport. The other 2 hours is check in and waiting and travelling to lcct.

Visa for entering India. To enter with a tourist visa it is Rm 100 but using a "Sports" visa is Rm 300. Whoah!
A lot of slums and people living under bridges or any shade. Our toilet cubicles in Malaysia are bigger than the slum houses in India. People don't wear helmets on motorbikes. The cars are small and the transportation looked old school...The buildings were looking old and yes, it felt like we traveled back to the past. The cars, buildings, lifestyle looked just like the ones in black and white television era. Old fashioned.
India is older than Malaysia and I thought the older something is, the more established it should be but it wasn't. Of cause I learn to be really thankful that I live in Malaysia.

I guess in our spiritual life, just because we came to know Christ earlier doesn't mean we are more mature spiritually. Like Malaysia is younger than India but more more modern and developed.

But the good side was a few nice scenery on the journey to the hotel. Vit's hotel was just next to the stadium. Balewadi sports stadium. Hotel's ok but always black out and some parts were still under renovation. Internet  access for 1 hour cost about Rm 50. Whoah! Everyone was feeling lethargic...maybe because jetlag or maybe due to the hotel's dim and gloomy lighting. Our Malaysia stomach wasn't very comfortable with India's food. Spices in everything...

Day 2
Time in india was 2 hours 30 mins late...Had morning training. Just found out my bad habit of following the ball. I should follow zone/people not ball! Aki told me that everytime the all comes to me the ball will die as in there's no continuity... After training we went to Shaniwar Wada, it's a palace ruins. Locals pay 5 rupee but foreigners pay 100 rupee. Rm 1= 12 rupee. There were so many couples there..hihi. Then lunch at Blue Nile where there was really good Iranian briyani. The rice was soft and the texture like sponge...Yummy! Then a rushing saree shopping. And then evening training. Seeing the Iran team. IR IRAN = Islamic Republic Iran. All wearing tudung but no Malaysian wore tudung.

Day 3
First game with China. I was going up to defend and attack too fast that I always overshoot and create gaps that the opponent went through that gaps. Aish! I have to learn how to control my speed and go up in a LINE! We lost to China. 2nd game was against Singapore. I should have created space for Becks but i panic and ran with the ball. Tiara was so disappointed with me. I was disappointed with myself too.
Next game with Iran. The first kick off ball entered the try line but i heard Qhal telling me to let the ball go so I didn't touch the ball. Thank God Aki came and touched the ball before any Iran player touch the ball. We started great but our own faults that made us lost. Our bad ball handling in our 22 line caused us a try. We had possession almost the whole game but our mistakes were costly. An Iran player number 6 hit me with her knee at my lower back/stomach when I was without the ball. Then i couldn't breathe. My lower stomach was pain and I couldn't breathe and my tears were flowing out cause of the pain. SENAK...So embarrassing. Thank God my ribs not broken..hihi. First time I panic was pain to try to take a deep breath too. After I got up I heard someone telling me to go out so I went out although I still could stand even through the pain. I feel bad that the ball always dies when it comes to me. New boots = blister. Was in a rush to buy a boot before coming to India because my boots tore...aiyah...wrong size leh.

Day 4
Meet Iran again...Aiyah I rush up too fast that i created a gap in our defence line...argh! Injured my left ankle la but continue to play on. I feel so bad, ball always lost or die when I receive it. Last minute we almost scored a try but it was a dead ball. Ahhh, so close!
Next game with Laos. We had control of the game. Once again our fault brought the opponent's luck and we lost. I felt so bad that the ball always died or lost when it came to me and so I was hoping that coach wouldn't put me in the game against Laos, furthermore my ankle was much more pain and so yeah, i didn't play in this game. It's very sad that we got last place. 12th ranking. Last year we were 9th if i'm not mistaken.
Coach Mamak and Wally explained that we disappointed them and MRU is pressuring them and we are not showing them any results...Aki said we are the only nation that are not fully sponsored so we should hunger for success more than any other team and perform better...

day 5
travel back to kl...another 12 hour journey. air sickness...severe headache, vomit a bit. About 6 hours of migrain...wah, crazy la wei!