Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy 2014

Happy new year! or should I say Happy Oldering Year since you are becoming older each new year..hihi.

Tahun Harga barang Naik!

I anticipate this year to be the RISE OF THE RAKYAT, thus more protest rallies to show the dissatisfaction towards the Barisan National Government. I believe that the more aware you are of something, the know you know your rights and then somehow after some time, you begin to be brave and start standing or defending your rights. You try it in a nice way, then a nice rebuke and then when nothing seems to work, you begin to engage in more aggressive tactics including peaceful assemblies...LoL, cause it seems only though this course of action will your issue be given some amount of attention...

The 5 of us. 5  Hew siblings
One got Married last year. Seorang Kahwin
Tinggallah 4 anak Hew yang belum kahwin...haha
Wishing you a year of self discovery and productive growth in every aspect of life.
Happy 2014, You cannot choose the beginning/background/history or the end/death but you can choose how you react and experience the journey. "It's the Climb! "