Friday, April 27, 2012

boiling point of the lecturer

Today, my lecturer exploded aka blew up aka reached her boiling point. She was discussing and then after the discussion, a course mate's phone rang and he turn his head and answered his phone.

That class has (40 my batch, 5 senior) 45 students but less than 10 person were in class. It was already half an hour...after the phone incident, more and more people were showing up and majority were wearing slippers. Our HR class today was a 2 hour class, 1pm-3pm. Less than 10 people in class at 1pm, then at 1.25 pm about 12 person only.

After she gave an angry speech of us not respecting her, she just left the class and told us class will continue next week!

Actually it's our fault. First, my class doesn't respect the lecturers...we talk during class while the lecturer is teaching...and we talk OK, not even whisper. Secondly, we play with phone, laptop, iPad during class and many even sleep in class even though they sit nearest to the lecturer. Besides that, we tend to sit up far away from the lecturer, the first 5 row of chairs would be literally empty. We talk back to the lecturer quite rude. We wear slippers to class, some wear shorts. We come late to class, a  few rarely attend classes. Sometimes we just leave the class in front of the lecturers. 

The phone guy said well at least he turn his head, that showed his "respect" what instead of answering the phone facing the lecturer. (Actually he could go outside then only answer the phone, or hold a book in front to cover the phone...) btw, the way he turned-> the lecturer could clearly see the phone and we all heard the phone ring...LoL.

The lecturer scolded uthat kita tak respect dia, datang kelas lewat lebih dari 30 min, pakai SLIPER, cakap masa dia cakap, phone tak silent. Dia cakap mungkin dia terlalu lenient sampai kita sangat rude (kurang ajar), no respect(tak hormat) and step on her head(pijak kepala)"

She had been tolerating it this whole semester. Twice a week (1 hour + 2 hour), about 8 weeks if minus add & drop week and mid-sem break. I guess she reached her boiling point!

She said she wont teach today and ask us to sign the attendance sheet.

This is the first time a lecturer MERAJUK lalu TAK NAK AJAR. This is proof that our condition is very terrible already. We need to change to improve our batch image...

Changes: Don't enter class too late, don't wear slipper during her class, if enter class late apologize to lecturer, if need to talk in class->try to whisper or write on paper.

What's MY fear now is we created a "HALO EFFECT", nobody will get an A for her subject. Just like my 2nd semester and my 3rd semester, there were lecturers who did not let anyone get an A. The highest was a B plus. Besides that, those lecturers don't have pedagogy, so they have plenty of information but do not know how to transfer it to us. Very terrible presentation skills and very bad teaching skills! It's like even if we attend the class, we don't know what the lecturer is trying to teach us even if we concentrate, therefore we grow frustrated and give up on coming to class or don't bother paying attention. 

A different lecturer did a test recently and he said many of us were hanging on the border. (this proves how he fail as a lecturer, highest mark we obtained is 29/40 but majority got 19/40 in his test, that's also because some of us have background in that subject) but he said it is due to our laziness that we perform very terrible. He doesn't teach, he just mention the contents, then talk about himself and Islam and then moves on to the next slide. He got his degree from UIA (University Islam Antarabangsa).

Only a handful of us has background of the subject but he goes on like as though we know by heart all the contents and he is just informing us what to study. I did inform him that many of us do not have basics and do not understand what he "teaches" us in class, but he put the blames on us. "You'll are university students, go read books in the library or ask your friends from economy, finance, accounts and marketing studies to teach you"

In my heart, "then what's the use of us paying you? Better we 'employ' those friends to be our lecturer" Besides that, his assignments are so heavy that it takes most of our time away from us. Our friends are students ma, so they also got assignments and lectures to attend...


Friday, April 13, 2012


I thank God for my mandarin test results...95%, ranked 7th! Woohoo.. But it's not really something to be proud as I was the 2nd last person to hand in the paper. In addition to that, most of the answers were actually already on the paper...

I found out that Easter is actually more important than see, Christmas is the beginning of a hope, the birth of Jesus Christ, God in the form of man aka the son of God or God in human form, while Easter is the fulfillment of the hope or the hope becoming reality and not a hope anymore.

Good Friday was the Day Jesus suffered and died on the cross, paying the punishment for all our sins also known as wrongs. Why we call it good? Well, when Jesus paid the penalty of our sins that meant we now have a clean record with God, through Jesus. Jesus paid for the past sins, present and future sins. It's like our record of wrongdoings was wiped off and Jesus's perfect life record is what we have now.
Easter Sunday was the day Jesus fulfilled the prophecy that He will Resurrect also known as come back alive 3 days later.  That shows He won death and that we have a risen Savior. So, we believe Jesus is our jurupenyelamat and though Him we can come to God.

God is so holy that God cannot stand sin but God loved us very much. At the same time God is Just so God must punish sin. So you can see that we have a problem now right? Man is sinful, Jesus said if we even think of doing something wrong means we are already as guilty as committing the sin, If we hate someone means we already committed murder, that's how HOLY God is.
So God send Jesus to earth who live a perfect life, then took the punishment of our sins upon himself. In doing this, Jesus paid the penalty for our sins, remove God's wrath.

So, we can come close to God through Jesus.