Monday, January 23, 2012

God in Ancient China

Chinese New year is New Year in the Chinese Calendar...Not really a religious celebration but just celebrating NEW YEAR like the 1st of January la...hence the word Chinese New Year.
It's a culture/budaya thing not a religion thing.
So YES, every CHINESE in the world celebrates it eventhough they are not Buddhist or Taoist. Yes, that includes Chinese Christians celebrate CNY too ok.

But anyway, people think that Christianity is a Western Religion, People think Chinese Christians are forsaking their the video...

Monday, January 9, 2012

Gov conspiracy

Today when I read the news that there were 2 bomb explosion during the FREE ANWAR CAMPAIGN, immediately I thought of an article that I was reading just a few days ago as a preparation for my Sports Media exam paper. 

1968, students on the Tlatelolco square in Mexico had a protest and the government massacred the protesters just a few weeks before the Olympic. The interesting thing was that the government was the one behind the massacre but claimed that it was the students that started the shooting.
Many years later it was revealed that the Olympic Brigade that was made up of special forces of the presidential guard were the ones to provoke the massacre by shooting the government soldiers...

Kinda like the fiction novel Angels and Demons by Dan Brown where the Vatican leader was the one that posed as the Illuminati (secret community which is killing vaticans) in order to make people more religious...Meaning he injured his own people and bluff the community so that they be more faithful and passionate in the religion...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

protests and extrinsic factors

I don't know much about protest and all but as a University student, I suddenly have many chances to be involved in this protest and of cause even if I wanted I wouldn't take part due to my scholarship agreement. The ironic part is, I find out about all these protest through the UM portal and emails from the UM admin which sends us a prohibition email and wallposts to NOT join the protest.

Why do I find that ironic? Well, when they tell us NOT to join the is there that some of us find out "Oh, there's a protest coming soon". LoL, I mean if they didn't post or email us then lesser people will know about the protest right? In a way, the UM authorities are actually indirectly promoting the protests...huhu.

next topic- new year.
It's 2012 and I quite dread it as I'm starting it with stuffs like EXAMs and Palapes Laut training. 
Last year (2010), a friend asked me to join the Borneo marathon and I immediately said Yes without thinking.
Now after sometime, I weight the factors and kind of regret it. I mean just to fly to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah would be about Rm 200 single way. That's Rm 400 for two ways,and then the registration is rm65 for early birds. On top of that, I have to think How am I going to the airport(KLIA) and How much am I going to spend on food.

That's like about RM500 just for a run? The prizes and goodie bags are not that great too. The prize is till 5th place (so not achievable for me)
To me, it seems like there's not much extrinsic factors to weigh out the cost I am about to use. NOT WORTH it. I am like, come on, spend half a thousand for a normal run, if I do it in KL, there will be better goodiebag and the prizes are more worth it and don't have to fly there.
I rather save that RM 500 to pay back PTPTN or sponsor a child's education with Care Channels or use it for rugby tournaments.

I don't have enough passion or interest in this event to spend so much money. Many of my coursemates, palapes mates can testify that I am very caution with my money spending.

But the problem now is how do I say NO to a promise I already made? How can I FFK?(fong fei kei, literally 'fly an airplane' which means break my promise)

Another thing about last year. I regret that I tried to help this postgrad student in his research. He was in such a stalking mode and inquire many personal information and of cause I immediately realised this is not his research related and then ignored him. It's either some kind of cultural shock that I'm facing since he's an American or this master's student is a really weird stalking-ish person.