Thursday, December 30, 2010


This year 2010 was a year of guys coming after me. When I reject them they say I jual mahal pula. Then ada pula khabar angin yang I seorang pengkid...

Don't say you love me, You don't even know me...

My status is SINGLE but NOT AVAILABLE ok...

2 principles:
I'm in University to learn! When I was small, my guardian taught me if I want to study, cannot have BF. I don't want a BF yet, University is for studying.

I don't want to get hurt, relationship is not for play-play. If I get into a relationship means I'm serious, I will only get into a relationship if I intend to get married to that person. Don't get into a relationship if you don't intent to make it last.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


My hair is kinda messy now. I'm thinking of cutting it much shorter...maybe like boycut? super short... But don't know how i'll look then..hehe.

I never really liked Long hair...always wanted super short hair...
When i was young i even thought of going bald.

oh well, it's just a thought..too afraid to make it come reality.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

reserve navy A. C. T

19 dec, a day after the last rugby match...7am I received a phone call, QUICKLY come to markas PALAPES LAUT Universiti Malaya. Ok, Ok, journey to Pelabuhan Klang, Pulau Indah. Destination Kapal Diraja Sri Klang aka KD Sri Klang or KDSI. It's not a boat la but something like a HQ i guess.
WE went there to attend our ACT (annual continous training). Palapes Laut UPM, and UiTM Shah Alam were also there. Our status Pegawai Kadet. Officer cadet.

room delegation, 6 ppl in a 4 person bed room. our basin had no water. I'm falling sick cause of the continous previous activeness (12 hour malacca on the 11-12 dec, rugby training on 14 dec, rugby game on 16 dec, rugby match on 18 dec and now reserve navy training from 19th dec to 27 dec)

makan very little for dinner cause the food portion was not enuf for 81 officer cadets.
What we are going to learn in classes are "naval terms and etiquette and ranks" "organization and role of TLDM(Royal Navy of malaysia)" "ceromonies-sunset,color and piping", "semanship-knots and flag" "communication-morse code, flag communication" "marching" "history of tldm".
3 division: Thana, Zain and Wahab. I'm in Zain.
Always muster and go everywhere in troops aka division.
muster (A gathering, especially of troops, for service, inspection, review, or roll call) at 8pm..sing songs and pep talk.
Alpha routine-> meaning whenever we are under the sky, cadets must RUN.

release to sleep at 12am. Where we all clean our room, prepare for the next day. Left shoulder and right arm pain, maybe from carrying bag.
I was the only non muslim girl.

Monday 20th dec.
early morning activity (EMA) at 5.50am.
Jogging, push up, sit up, jumping jacks, star jump, squat jump and many other exercises till 6.50am.
Breakfast at 7am
8am colors aka watches aka raising and lowering the pennant (something like a flag) and morning inspection.
Kawad kaki or Marching class at 9am to 11am with a 30 minutes rest in between.
Different classes for different divisions.
Lunch-mess etiquette (eat square, request permission for every action, speech or song), eat under table. 1pm-2pm
Another Class.
Evening activity(EA) at 5.15pm. Exercises, can be running to the jetty too.
Dinner-mess etiquette at 6pm-7pm
Prepare and clean room, and standardize layout for Night rounds. They check everywhere, even under and behind cupboards, in between door knob, curtain railing, window slides, toilet must be dry, every night no one escapes, everyone also will get pick up on something...It's hard to standardize with 81 officer cadets. Drawers and Cupboards must be empty only can lay out PT (physical training uniform), everything else must be secured (hidden) somewhere else. (Cannot secure in your room)
p/s Secure means hide.
8pm Night rounds.
Punishment and lecturing and OOD(officer of the day) intro and give briefing of the next day, detail of who is in duty the next day: Galley party(kitchen work), DCOD(duty cadet of the day).
Usually Galley party is busy the whole day, cannot enter class, super tired, midnight also not yet done.

UM students got scolding in the room by UPM subby( Acting Sub Lieutenant) for being lurus bendul (too honest).

Today is the open for UM 1st yr students registration for next semester. 20th dec to 26 dec. Unfortunately the PALAPES LAUT ACT is from 19 dec to 27 dec. How to register? Ish ish ish...
Um students get back phone and ask family or friends at 1 am till 5am to ask others to help register for us here. 8am must give back phone. 5.50am is EMA.

TUES 21st dec, I became an LDOD (light duty of the day) meaning I am sick or cannot do normal or heavy duty. LDOD till the camp ended. My right arm hurts and DR Stella's letter of not being able to do push up or weight training.

And So the LDOD club started. When others did heavy exercises, we did marching or dancing or just moving lightly and walking around in a troop. Among the LDOD's membership were paralysed arm, leg bone crack, back bone misposture, waist pain, and so on.

side roll...many boys threw out aka vomit, only 1 girl vomited. Motivation Speeches by high rank officers during classes and scolding for not obeying the "Mark of Respect".
Punishment all the time...

Well, for the next few days the schedule is the same.

Everyday we were released to sleep after 12am but then we had to prepare for the next day meaning majority only sleep on an average of 2 hours.

Christmas eve the non muslims got a 20 hour leave from after 5pm. Left to ktm Port Klang to KL sentral and back home! Yay1 dinner with family and my best Christmas present 8 HOURS OF SLEEP! KTM back to Pelabuhan Klang, must be back at 4pm. More than 1 hour la, tix less than rm 5.

Post Christmas, EXAM day. Interesting exam condition.
Watch Malaysia vs Indonesia then preparation of presentation, and then Karaoke and then pack up and sleep. Galley had only 1 hour of sleep. Buh byes everyone! miss ya and take care ok!

Go back home! My mummy was so happy that my pointer is 4.o.
I feel like I had a really blessed Christmas and year.
Registration, my faculty(sports centre) registered for me :)

fyi: S means Pass. There's no grade for Kemahiran Maklumat, just pass or fail.

rugby with HK

on the 16th dec, The Dingoes had a friendly match with the Hong Kong Dragons...Rugby Club la. 15s game. It was ok, we played a better game in the second half. We tried our best but their players were fast and strong that we couldn't even score a try. The game ended with 41-0 i think.

On the 18th dec, there was another 15s rugby game with Hong Kong but this time as national team. It was a tough game, and just like before we failed to score a try.Maybe We lack in stamina and fitness...They did a lot of hands off. But i must admit that it wasn't my best performance this year.
The last match of the year.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

1st Malacca 12 hour walk

1st Malacca 12hour walk!
Why did I even enter it? Well, when I was in secondary school, I heard about the 24 hour walk in Genting Highlands and I so wanted to go but tak cukup syarat aka Only 21 years old and above la...I promised myself, when i get the chance, I must go for it. I was really looking forward to that day.registration

Now I'm 20 and I heard about the Malacca 12 hour walk. So what else la? Go for it!
My aim was to finish 50km in 12 hours.
1 round is 1 km.
My first time joining an athletic event outside KL. Thus many first for me.
First time travelling almost alone (prince also came), first time talking to so many strangers (asking how to get to A-Famosa or St Paul's Hill from Melaka sentral)

anyway, it was fun la.
Some pros gave tips like, don't eat or you'll become sleepy and have 2 sets of shoes and ect.

I walked the first round in my normal speed which took me 12 minutes.
The 2nd round was fast, it was 8 minutes.
The roads were not so even, i almost fell and i saw many people fall down.
There were results every 2 hours.
We started the event at 8pm.

at 10pm, I did 15 rounds
at 12am, i did 28 rounds but 3 rounds disqualified (the marshal said i was jogging)

Wah, I was quite sad when i found out that 3 km was lost just like that, so i decided not to go fast anymore. I don't want my effort going to waste so I don't want to risk it by going fast. Normal walk all the way.
2am 36 round (minus 3 = 33)
4am 46 km (minus 3 = 43km)
6am 55km (minus 3 = 52km)
8am 63km (minus 3 = 60km)

Prince walking

I reached my target of 50 valid rounds aka 53km minus 3 disqualified round in 9 hours and 7 minutes.

I really felt happy I didn't get anymore disqualified rounds. Just 3 only for the 12 hours.

Anyway I got 19th position among 216 women. Actually if i didn't get the disqualified for 3 rounds, i would get 18th. Anyways i got rm 70. Ok la it covered the registration form :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

SSP tale goes on

Ah, my second appointment with our Dr Stella. Supraspinatus (SSP) story continues.
You should see her reaction when I told her about Friday's post test.
In the post test, I did machine weight bench press cause we had to find out our maximum repetitive something...basically wanna see what's our max in bench press la. Mine was 46kg.
Compulsory to do it ma...University core subject. Basic Exercise Science.this is a bench press.

Oh...Dr Stella was like...You're not suppose to do that! You cannot do Pumping aka push up and absolutely NO weight training as well till the next appointment.

My next appointment in on the 11th of Jan of 2011.
"Oh, it's 5 one's: 11/1/11, I like this date", She's a really friendly and funny doctor la.

Dr Stella taught me some new exercises to strengthen my SSP...
"Don't push yourself, take it easy. Don't do these exercises that i taught you more than 3 times a week ok!"

seriously, her advise is sooo un-sportish.
Come on, see the tag line of
100+ "Out do yourself"
Nike "Just do it"
Adidas "Impossible is nothing"

My physiotherapist said I must do the exercises that she taught me regularly.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

what LA?

My dear friend, Melissa Wong said I always use the word "La" LAH...haha
so i decided to do a post with almost no "la" just like this LOH.
AIYAH, you think I cannot MEH? I very the clever OLEDY...
You see, like this also can WAN MAH!
Malaysians don't only use "LAH", we have many other MANGLISH word to use LEH...
By the way HOR, Manglish means Malaysian English LIAO.
NAH, like this OK WHAT!
HA I so TERRER right? You can or not?
Who said I ACTSY? I'm not trying to ACTION here WEI so please don't KANTOI me ONE,
BEST or not this post? so SYOK right?
FUYOH, so SLUMBER only right?
ALAMAK..too many Manglish words to include LE, so just make here KAW-KAW but not all manglish word got inside this post YA!
GILER AH, macam ni pun boleh KAH? You tak tau KER?
CHUN LEH? You see HOR, I even put the words capitalized for all the BLUR-BLUR people.

WALAUWEH, did you know that OUTSTATION is a Manglish Word AR?
WOI, Don't say WHERE GOT? Try GOOGLING it if you don't believe
you know AH, other language words with -ING, -ATION, -IED also manglish WAN you know? Like CAKAPING, BODOHFIED and MALUATION
FUYOH, you GOSTAN and check LAH, I'm not TIPUING you WOH, sure don't have LA WAN DEH!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


We played an exhibition game in the National 7s rugby at Seremban, negeri 9 today.
I was on the blue team and coach Mamak made me captain...
I was like WHAT?? ME, captain?
I don't know what to do nor do I know what to say.
Failed in confidence and self esteem la.
Anyways today I was playing in the centre position.

I'm so used to train as a winger that I keep forgetting that today I have to look at the sides cause I'm not a winger today. Thus not passing the ball to the winger even though we had extra...
Besides that, my fitness level had gone so low that my team mates asked me why i ran in slow motion?
I also was out of breath so many time even though the game was 7-1-7. 7 minutes play, 1 min rest n 7 min play.
Some of my team mates was disappointed with me because I reacted quite slow and not observant.
I got ankle-tap by the opponent and fell down...ish ish ish. Ankle tap is my nemesis, I also fall down whenever someone ankle taps me.

I managed to bring the people I tackled down la. Just missed a few tackles la...

Things i learnt today:
When opponent chasing, run zig zag, learn to control your pace. In 7s rugby its ok to run backwards.
If you are not a winger, then DON'T RUN WIDE, just run STRAIGHT because you will be taking the wingers space then she will have less space to run. STAY in your ZONE.
Don't simply throw ball away when you get tackled. REMEMBER TO PUMP legs, don't immediately fall down! It's better to fall with the ball in our hand than to simply throw it away and lose possession!

Friday, December 3, 2010

end of bintang D 4 dis Semester

Right after the completion of "Management and Organizational Theories" exam and blogging, I started the preparation for the final Paper: FUNCTIONAL ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY.
the KiLLeR paper, toughest paper yet.

Wah, last paper's preparation was intense. Staring at the presentation notes on my laptop for so long and trying to summarize all 10 chapters. Focusing on tutorials and notes. Only manage to summarise 4 chapters the first day....worried sick about the subject, turning antisocial cause no talking or interactions, just looking at the laptop and scribbling intensely on the many blank sheet of paper. So Lifeless oh!

Woke up early the next day, continuing the crazy routine...all the way into 1am where i finally gave up on doing the summary notes, i wrote "Too many, i give up la"
Resolved to just memorise what I think will most likely come out.
Sleep at 3am. Not enough time leh, the exam is in the morning at 8.30am.

Exam paper 9 questions, all short essay and listing. Confidently did about 4 questions, lost on the other 5. Just write some crap there la, as long as i don't leave the paper blank.

At last the paper is done and no need to bintang D (study) for this semester liao :P
p/s: Panda eyes la...not euf sleep ma..but really happy the exams are over! XD

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

not enuf time

From the easiest paper to the toughest paper. The difficulty level keep increasing oh, but I really thank God that my papers are not back to back on the same day :)
The schedule is OK la, got enough time to study! Yes!

Today was the 2nd last paper. Management and Organizational theory.

The hall was quite empty...
Paper was not that hard but quite tricky with a lot of thinking or give your opinion type of questions.
7 long essay questions with only 2 hours to answer? That's what i call CRAZY! IF i got leaked answers also I got not enough time to finish writing it la.

NOT ENOUGH TIME: too many words to write... WORD Clock...lols

I felt like i was going round and round a bush. I think my lecturer will get a headache by just marking my paper alone.

I already know I pass this paper la...over 60% i got 51. Coming from presentation, assignments, class participation and mid sem test. Mid sem test i got 17/20 marks.

Therefore this paper is just 40% but the lecturer put it as 100% and after she marks it, then the results times 0.4. Next, sum up the answer with 51 and tadaaaaaa the Results.

Monday, November 29, 2010

half way there

aha, the 3rd paper is finally done and this means I'm half way there...Yay!
2 more papers then bye bye 1st semester.

Another cool paper of short and concise notes. Majority of the question directly from the notes but my brain got mixed up with some things so might lose a few marks here and there.

All in all, it was good la. Test our thinking powers by using our own examples...

Friday, November 26, 2010


Apparently i hurt/injured my supraspinatus (SSP).
Dr asked me, "Now not exam time ah?" I nodded yes "but today no exam paper for me :P"
examine me, inquire more about the injury, ask me to do some movements, identifying where the injury is.

"Oh, you're sports science ah, which part of the shoulder do you know?"
I only know the deltoid, LoL.
"The function of the deltoid is (something about moving shoulder up and down if i recall correctly) anyway it's the rotater cuff that's injured. Just level 1 only, so nothing to worry la"
She brought a plastic rotater cuff and showed me Subscapularis. Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus and Teres. "After your physio, come see me ok"

Just a minor pain on my right shoulders.

Phisioterapist turn now, cik Faizah: OK, pain on your right shoulder, SSP. Did you fall down?
me "i play rugby..."
cik Faizah, " I mean, not during sports"...NO..."Did doctor ask you to rest?" ...nope... "Hah? Dr tak suruh you rest?"... "Dr ada ambil x-ray tak?", "Tak juga?"

Put hot pack 15 minutes then teach me 4 exercises to repeat 10 times. ok done.

back to see the doctor,
The doctor strap my shoulder with kinesio tape. My doctor is a very funny and friendly one.
Dr Stella said, "This tape Lee Choong Wei wore and lost to Lin Dan, but got other athletes who wore this won gold medals..." haha.
This tape reduced the pain and so the doctor told me, "Kinesio tape inhibits your muscle, meaning rest your SSP muscle so that it can heal faster. No pain doesn't mean you're cure ok."
I'm suppose to leave the tape on for 3-5 days.

The Kinesio Taping Method is applied over muscles to reduce pain and inflammation, relax overused tired muscles, and to support muscles in movement on a 24hr/day basis. It is non-restrictive type of taping which allows for full range of motion. For more info on Kinesio taping visit

Thursday, November 25, 2010

movements during exam ;P

aha, the 2nd paper for me.
not much notes to read as this class was more to practical learning and many practical test.
The paper was quite cool la as it was structured, fill in the blanks, matching and then identifying.
The first half of the paper was pretty straight forward from the notes but the second half of the paper was crazy as none of it were taught in class nor in the notes. Only 1 guy from my class surely aced the paper as it is his area of sports.

Look at the diagram and then state what is the exercise called and which muscle is working. When it came to this section of the paper, you could see all the sports students doing the action to identify which muscle is involved. LoL. It's quite funny to see students who are in an examination actually imitating the exercise movement on the looked like we were sending signals to each other. Bicep curls, leg curls, flexion and extensions of arm and feet, adduction and abduction of arm, bending elbow, ect. :D

Anyway, i feel really glad that the exam is only 40%.
30% from practical test and 30% from assignment. So, no matter what, it's a guarantee pass la.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the start of examinations

My first semester exam...
UM examination officially started on Monday but today only i sat for my first paper:
Information skills aka Kemahiran Maklumat(km). It's the university paper so it's not subject related la but must pass this subject so that can graduate wor.

This year i took 1 university subject only.
Next year I'll be taking 2: Tamadun Islam n Asia(Titas) and English 1.
A big difference in the university papers is that it is compulsory for all UM students to take and PASS, but it will not disturb our overall grades. We also won't know whether we aced it or just passed, cause all we will know is that we pass or failed. Cooler thing is it's just 40 question objective.

Ok, coming back about KM paper.
The lecturer my group got was great, Pn SABARIAH. She's very strict but she's very good in teaching this subject. A really simplified method and really relevant tips like:
1. if you see MANY NUMBERS AT THE END, automatically it's ARTICLE JOURNAL
2. If you see "PAPER PRESENTED AT", automatically it's UNPUBLISHED CONFERENCE Paper

I like the fact that this class has computer objective quizzes too. Here i can check much i understood.
I'm not much of a top student, just an average one in this subject but her tips and the quiz really helped me a lot.

Another fact i don't understand is why people who got higher than me in the mid-test wants me to teach them. I mean they got higher marks than me in the subject thus should by right understand better ma.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Today i bully my room mate Akiko Hiura. muahahhahahahahahah *evil grin*
She had HUBUNGAN ETHNIK exam today whereby she had to use a 2B pencil but she didn't have any pencil. Yen Ping also don't have 2B pencil but Yen Ping borrowed from someone else.

Poor Akiko had no choice but to borrow a pencil from the One and Only Famous HILDA hew mun foong who forced Akiko to shout "HILDA HEW MUN FOONG IS VERY PRETTY" 10x, yeah, meaning she had to shout it ten times...yeah, note that there's the word VERY, therefore not just Pretty, But VERY PRETTY. oh ya, not SAY, but SHOUT..hehe.


this is Akiko, she's my roomie...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

haunt the road

ahh, almost one week without a blog post. Proof that I've been studying? Nope..hehe.

I've been haunting the roads lately. Yea, haunting as in Ghost haunting. The reason being, my file where I keep my notes slip down from the vehicle on the way back home. My notes for 1 subject gone, just like that. My mom's van door has a gap or space at the side of the door...I'm not sure if all vans are like that...hmmm.
Just haunting the road, searching for a glimpse of my file, I sort of know that this haunting is in vain. But, there's a part of me who doesn't want to accept reality that the file is gone. You know there's a song by whitney houston.
"There can be miracles
When you believe
Though hope is frail
It's hard to kill
Who knows what miracles

You can achieve
When you believe
Somehow you will
You will when you believe"

oh well, Tough luck! better luck next time.
a lesson to remember: always keep a close eye on your things and don't rely too much on technology.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

SCC 7s


team Malaysia

my first try :)

I scored My first INTERNATIONAL TRY! Woohoo!

We traveled by car to singapore on thursday night and stayed at Rucksack Inn on Hong Kong street.

Singapore Criket Club (SCC) International Rugby 7s tournament.
Friday morning, we walked under the rain to the PADANG, <--that's the venue name wor. Malaysia played against Indonesia in our first game. We won with scoring 45-0. That means 9 tries...yeah, including my try! My first try as a National player! Fuyoh...but, 18 points gone because we failed all 9 conversions, the field was too wet for the ball to bounce ma.
Malaysia and Indonesia

Our second game was with Singapore. We lost 29-0. It was kind of my fault la, the Singapore girls used the gap that I created as a winger.

The next day, I played the hooker position (don't think nonsense ok!) , Woah, susah betul, I barely managed to get a single ball out of the scrum. I was kind of lost when we had to realign cause I seldom play as a forward too. Sorry, team Malaysia. XC
An India player tackled me at the neck...ish ish ish. Another time, after I tackled one Indian girl, another Indian girl sat on me and I couldn't move. The referee kept saying "Tackler, roll away. Blue tackler"...I was stuck there la, how to move leh? Haiz...
Anyway, India beat us by 10-0.

The bowl finals(5th n 6th place). We faced Indonesia again. I scored my second try! Wow...
But, i must admit that Indonesia improved a lot when we faced them the 2nd time. We won by 37-0 thus winning the bowl and securing the 5th place in this SCC rugby 7s tournament.

Oh, it's time to study now...My final exam starting on 22nd Nov and ends on 3rd dec.
Time to face the book instead of facebook-ing.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


My room mate, Akiko said I'm an emo person...
Then Jodie said I'm sentimental cause I still write letters.
According to Akiko,, Only Emo people can write letters...O.o, impressions...
Most of my college mate who knows me knows that i'm a bit anti-baju kurung...So, every Wednesday they get surprised when they see me wear Baju Kurung.

Yesterday, somebody asked me to smile but don't show my teeth...It was hard. It took a lot of shots to get the shot..hahahaha
Maybe cause I seldom smile nowadays...Most of my smiling pictures can see teeth wan...I guess it's also because of the "Cheese"...can see teeth when we say cheese.

my classmates call me Rihanna.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2quit or Not?

i feel like quiting PALAPES...not sure ..see la.
the main issue is timing.

ACT(annual camp training) is on 11-24th dec.
malacca 12 hour walk is on 11,12 dec
softball penang open is on 9-12 dec
rugby on 16 n 18 dec

I miss church on saturday (4pm) and sunday (9am). Sometimes CF on friday (12.30pm or 2pm)
saturday rugby training (10am).

participate in outdoor activities almost at no cost...just need to pay a small amount of money and food and accommodation is provided. Discipline.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Rajah Mountain

The mountain we climb. Navy Fomdex (Fitness Orientated and Mental Development EXercise)

It took about 1 and a half day to reach the peak, more than 16 hours. We camped at night. Ate ration or in malay "rangsum" which is the army food. Hiked in the dark. We could see the first world hotel(the colorful hotel), Genting Highland from the peak of the Rajah mountain.

Walking and walking for so many hours...when will we reach?

I used to love outdoor activities but now i don't understand why i don't enjoy physical activity so much anymore?

more info on d mountain:

Gunung Rajah, Bentong, Pahang
Gunung Rajah ini, satu-satunya gunung di Bentung. Negara pernah gempar dengan berita pendaki-pendaki dipanah petir di puncak gunung ini suatu masa lalu.

Air Terjun Camang
Kawasan rekreasi air terjun ini sering dikunjungi orang ramai. Walaupun jalan berturap ke air terjun ini agak sempit namun kemudahan tempat letak kereta yang disediakan cukup besar. Gerai-gerai dan kemudahan awam lain turut disediakan disini terutama pada hari minggu dan cuti umum. Pendaki boleh bermandi-manda di jeram deras tetapi awas air pusar dibawah air terjun ini.

Trek ke gunung ini mula dari jalan balak tinggal 1KM sebelum tiba ke Air Terjun Camang. Namun bagi pendaki yang ingin memulakan pendakian dari Air Terjun Camang, boleh memintas trek balak tersebut dengan mendaki bukit di belakang Pejabat Ranjer hingga ke trek balak. Walaupun trek untuk mendaki bukit ini agak mencanak tetapi rata-rata sepanjang trek balak adalah landai sahaja.

Formasi gunung dilihat dari permatang

Setengah jam berjalan pendaki akan melintas satu penempatan baru orang asli, trek balak agak mendaki sedikit, awas anjing yang datang ke arah anda. Seterusnya pendaki akan melalui zon pokok orkid ungu yang tumbuh sepanjang tepi trek hingga satu kawasan lapang (bekas kongsi tinggal). Kenalpasti trek ke gunung memandangkan ada beberapa simpang disini.

Trek kemudian agak redup tapi masih di bekas trek balak, checkpoint seterusnya cuma bekas tapak khemah kecil (kem site pertama), dari sini pendaki boleh melihat puncak G. Rajah, beberapa langkah kedepan ada anak sungai merentangi trek. Beberapa minit perjalanan seterusnya ada satu simpang denai tidak jauh disebelah kiri.

Sebelum & selepas air bah di atas air terjun Naning

Setengah jam kemudian pendaki akan bertemu sungai berjeram. Pendaki perlu meneruskan pendakian dengan melintas sungai ini. Awas juga, air sungai ini akan menjadi deras apabila hujan dihulu. Walaupun sungai ini bukan sungai Y tapi pertemuan sebatang sungai lagi disini seperti huruf Y.

Air terjun mini, sumber air terakhir

Air Terjun Naning/Nading
Air terjun ini merupakan checkpoint seterusnya kira-kira setengah jam dari cross sungai pertama. Kem site berada seberang sungai di bahagian atas air terjun Naning berdekatan dengan sungai. Air sungai dingin dan nyaman tapi awas air sungai akan menjadi begitu deras apabila hujan di hulu. Trek dari air terjun ke agak landai, pendaki tidak perlu menggunakan tangan mahupun dagu untuk memanjat.

3-5 jam trekking dari Air Terjun Nading, pendaki akan tiba puncak satu permatang, jika cuaca baik dan cerah pendaki akan nampak dinding batu yang membentuk formasi gunung Rajah serta puncaknya. Berada diatas puncak bermakna pendaki perlu turun ke lurah sebelum mendaki kembali. Cabaran seterusnya adalah mendaki dinding batu 90 darjah tegak. Tali yang sedia diikat membantu pendakian.

Sumber air terakhir (Last Water Point) berada tidak jauh dari trek, deruan air terjun mini boleh didengari. Hanya beberapa langkah dari trek pendaki boleh pergi mengambil air bekalan. Setengah jam berikutnya pendakian agak mencanak, pendaki perlu menggunakan tangan untuk memanjat dan memaut pada akar-akar yang merentangi trek hingga sampai ke puncak.

Batu sfera di puncak
Puncak G. Rajah
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Air Terjun Chamang - rumah orang asli - 1/2 jam
rumah org asli - kem site pertama - 1 jam
kem site pertama - coss sg pertama 1/2 jam
cross sg pertama - Air Terjun Naning - 1/2 jam
Air Terjun Naning - puncak permatang, 3 jam
puncak permatang - last water point - 1 jam
last water point - puncak Rajah- 1/2 jam.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

silly me

Let me tell you of the silliest mistake i did this year!

My camera was inside the washing machine without me realizing.
It was in from the beginning of the wash all the way to the end. A full wash of 80 minutes. Turbo dry. Medium water pressure. Not to forget that there was Detergent mixture in the wash too.

My camera was full with battery and memory card. Wrapped inside the camera cover.

I guess the fact that the camera was inside the cover, so less damaged by the spinning and less impact on the camera body especially the screen.

How did it get into the washing machine? I left my camera in my laundry bag. I just chuck out all the content of the bag into the washing machine. My camera was the last to be put inside the bag therefore the first to fall inside the washing machine and the weight of the camera help it get to the bottom part of the washing machine.

bottom part means the first to be immersed in water and therefore the longest period to be immersed in water.

Only when i was taking out the clothes to be dried did I see my camera! how?
Take out the battery and memory card... let all 3 dry. Didn't touch it for a week already. Battery sort of rusted. Buy new battery. Luckily i Didn't use rechargeable battery or not really wasteful to throw the battery away loh. Can on but cannot function normal thus meaning not dry enough la. Gonna leave it for 1 more week to dry

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Ptptn money has come in :)
but my account is not fully cleared :(
Ptptn didn't pay rm260.40...
This UM also quite bad one, first say they won't charge if we add and drop course during the add and drop period...see, see, they bluff only. Besides that, Suddenly only UM charge extra for pelarasan and extra tuition fee for the added subject discreetly, no notification.
In the beginning UM charged about RM2400++, then now suddenly UM charging me RM 2600.

Um website also one more thing, one page said i owe nothing, another page said i owe rm1.60, Another page said i owe rm260.40. I also don't know which one to believe but better langsaikan the biggest amount to be safe la.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Today was my first day in University where i was not paying attention in class. I felt so sleepy and didn't want to sleep in class. Fighting the sleepy feeling and trying my best to stay awake meant focusing more on not falling asleep rather than focusing in class. I felt like i was not respecting the lecturer. I feel sad and guilty.

Don't get me wrong, the class was not boring. It was a Wednesday. Palapes day meaning wake up at 5pm and full day of classes till night at 10pm ish. Tired, sleepy.
Fighting the urge to sleep is tough!

There was a fire drill again in University but this time, it was at my faculty: sports centre.

Assignment, assignment. Something to comment about! My group was the last to pass up the assignment and we passed it up LATE! The lecturer asked me why? My group was the first to get the assignment but last and late to pass it up.

My tears in my eyes were so ready to flood down. ;'(

My group is made up of 3 members; me and 2 guys.

My group have not even printed out the assignment! I felt like a really unlucky person.
Do you know why? Well, I already did my part and gave it to my other team members to edit or add pictures or combined with whatever they were to do or come up with. I gave the info last month already! Last month!

Every time I ask them to meet up to discus or find info, they will have fantastic reasons and tell me not to worry la...They are very busy with their own uni life activities...Happening people...haha. So, I just take my own initiative to do whatever I can.

Last week I reminded them that we have to pass up the project today. They didn't seem to care, "Aiyah, still got time lah"

Yesterday, I reminded them to print out. Then one of the guy keep sms-ing me, asking me what to do. I was like,"Hello! I did my part, now it's your turn to do yours. The least you can do is find some pictures. Use your rational la, do whatever you want to do. Please stop asking me what to print and what to do. Every single thing also ask me. Like as though I'm a bossy perfectionist and everything need my permission and it's my masterpiece."

Actually maybe, he wants to be spoon fed or if anything goes wrong, can just say "Hilda suruh"

Today morning in class, when everyone was handing up the project, my group not yet even print out!

You know what? Both the boys didn't do anything! On top of that, one of the guy deleted my document from his pen drive...luckily the other guy and I still had the soft copy in ours. I also thank God the lecturer gave us 20 minutes break. So print the at least 3/4 of the assignment! Didn't print out in color some more! Haiz! Due to the unprinted methodology and front cover, so we still could not hand in the project.

During the break, they kept asking me what to do and what to print...I feel frustrated inside but outwardly i kept my cool and didn't show it.

After everyone except us handed in their assignment, they had to do presentation verbally and I was so ready for it but the lecturer didn't let our group, because we did not pass up the assignment yet and most probably my fellow group mates would not be able to answer any question or explain anything about our presentation since they didn't do anything...I felt really down ;( :( XC

after a few hours when the class was over, we handed in everything i did. What they did? Last second(not even minute) of Finding UM logo, writing our names on the front cover and pay for the project printing!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

life is like rugby

Either you play as a team or you will die as individuals!
This is from a sky sports advertistment for rugby, it's based on a speech by Al pachino from any given sunday and adapted for rugby.

Monday, October 18, 2010

softball vs rugby

heys all, UM's internet has been quite bad. Anyways, I played softball for my college on Saturday n sunday (16,17 oct 2010). We got third place.
To be honest, i was the worst in catching balls and throwing balls in my team. Not enough people, so I was selected loh.

I came out with my theory that softball is more dangerous than rugby. I sprain both my ankle, and scape my right knee...sliding to home base when opponent standing or sitting on the home base without the ball. So, terseliuh ankle n terkikis skin...

Another incident is the flyball landed on a pitcher's head. OUCH! tears all flooded out.

Softball ball is hard and small. It is often hit by the bat or thrown by hand, in both cases the fast traveling of the ball increases the pain level if one gets in contact with the ball with no protection.

Whereas in rugby, the ball is bigger and even if thrown or kick at a high speed, the pain caused by direct contact without protection is less compared to the softball ball.
Ok, rugby is a lot of contact with people...i think people contact is still less dangerous than a hardball hitting you at a high speed lor.

so here's the question,
which is more dangerous?
A small hard ball flying at you at a high speed or people trying to make you fall to the ground?

Monday, October 11, 2010

nike 10 km city run

Nike 10km city run.
KL vs Singapore.i was a volunteer.Arrived at KLCC area at 10.30pm.registration.Given a crew card. Must keep it properly cause use that card to collect pay later after the whole event is over!
Got supper and free flow of drinks. Free pastry too.
there was songs, movie and
some people slept, too tired i guess...

Fireworks because 10.10.2010

Sher Ai briefing us...
Briefing was funny. Universal language is smile. Don't simply answer if you don't know. If you don't know just smile, say you are a volunteer and you don't know. Don't shout to the police or RELA people even though they don't know much because they are always mesra, cepat dan BETUL! ^^
The gathering into group part was a bit unorganized. anyway, get into groups, distribute breakfast and shirt and crew passes. Disorganized but running out of time so just accept what is given...wrong crew pass..hehecrew pass

I was under water station 3. Move towards the station.It was at the 4km route so both 10km runners and 5 km runners also we met although we were specially located at the 5km route runners.
arrive at water station...Open ice and arrange cups and pour 100 +.waiting for first...everyone had a short nap.

There were pom pom girls there too.

wait for runners and pass them drinks. Cheer them too.

walk back to volunteer gathering area, wait for everyone and then collect money! RM60
rest while waiting for volunteers to come back
lining up to collect RM60 and get this nike icon! XD