Thursday, December 30, 2010


This year 2010 was a year of guys coming after me. When I reject them they say I jual mahal pula. Then ada pula khabar angin yang I seorang pengkid...

Don't say you love me, You don't even know me...

My status is SINGLE but NOT AVAILABLE ok...

2 principles:
I'm in University to learn! When I was small, my guardian taught me if I want to study, cannot have BF. I don't want a BF yet, University is for studying.

I don't want to get hurt, relationship is not for play-play. If I get into a relationship means I'm serious, I will only get into a relationship if I intend to get married to that person. Don't get into a relationship if you don't intent to make it last.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


My hair is kinda messy now. I'm thinking of cutting it much shorter...maybe like boycut? super short... But don't know how i'll look then..hehe.

I never really liked Long hair...always wanted super short hair...
When i was young i even thought of going bald.

oh well, it's just a thought..too afraid to make it come reality.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

reserve navy A. C. T

19 dec, a day after the last rugby match...7am I received a phone call, QUICKLY come to markas PALAPES LAUT Universiti Malaya. Ok, Ok, journey to Pelabuhan Klang, Pulau Indah. Destination Kapal Diraja Sri Klang aka KD Sri Klang or KDSI. It's not a boat la but something like a HQ i guess.
WE went there to attend our ACT (annual continous training). Palapes Laut UPM, and UiTM Shah Alam were also there. Our status Pegawai Kadet. Officer cadet.

room delegation, 6 ppl in a 4 person bed room. our basin had no water. I'm falling sick cause of the continous previous activeness (12 hour malacca on the 11-12 dec, rugby training on 14 dec, rugby game on 16 dec, rugby match on 18 dec and now reserve navy training from 19th dec to 27 dec)

makan very little for dinner cause the food portion was not enuf for 81 officer cadets.
What we are going to learn in classes are "naval terms and etiquette and ranks" "organization and role of TLDM(Royal Navy of malaysia)" "ceromonies-sunset,color and piping", "semanship-knots and flag" "communication-morse code, flag communication" "marching" "history of tldm".
3 division: Thana, Zain and Wahab. I'm in Zain.
Always muster and go everywhere in troops aka division.
muster (A gathering, especially of troops, for service, inspection, review, or roll call) at 8pm..sing songs and pep talk.
Alpha routine-> meaning whenever we are under the sky, cadets must RUN.

release to sleep at 12am. Where we all clean our room, prepare for the next day. Left shoulder and right arm pain, maybe from carrying bag.
I was the only non muslim girl.

Monday 20th dec.
early morning activity (EMA) at 5.50am.
Jogging, push up, sit up, jumping jacks, star jump, squat jump and many other exercises till 6.50am.
Breakfast at 7am
8am colors aka watches aka raising and lowering the pennant (something like a flag) and morning inspection.
Kawad kaki or Marching class at 9am to 11am with a 30 minutes rest in between.
Different classes for different divisions.
Lunch-mess etiquette (eat square, request permission for every action, speech or song), eat under table. 1pm-2pm
Another Class.
Evening activity(EA) at 5.15pm. Exercises, can be running to the jetty too.
Dinner-mess etiquette at 6pm-7pm
Prepare and clean room, and standardize layout for Night rounds. They check everywhere, even under and behind cupboards, in between door knob, curtain railing, window slides, toilet must be dry, every night no one escapes, everyone also will get pick up on something...It's hard to standardize with 81 officer cadets. Drawers and Cupboards must be empty only can lay out PT (physical training uniform), everything else must be secured (hidden) somewhere else. (Cannot secure in your room)
p/s Secure means hide.
8pm Night rounds.
Punishment and lecturing and OOD(officer of the day) intro and give briefing of the next day, detail of who is in duty the next day: Galley party(kitchen work), DCOD(duty cadet of the day).
Usually Galley party is busy the whole day, cannot enter class, super tired, midnight also not yet done.

UM students got scolding in the room by UPM subby( Acting Sub Lieutenant) for being lurus bendul (too honest).

Today is the open for UM 1st yr students registration for next semester. 20th dec to 26 dec. Unfortunately the PALAPES LAUT ACT is from 19 dec to 27 dec. How to register? Ish ish ish...
Um students get back phone and ask family or friends at 1 am till 5am to ask others to help register for us here. 8am must give back phone. 5.50am is EMA.

TUES 21st dec, I became an LDOD (light duty of the day) meaning I am sick or cannot do normal or heavy duty. LDOD till the camp ended. My right arm hurts and DR Stella's letter of not being able to do push up or weight training.

And So the LDOD club started. When others did heavy exercises, we did marching or dancing or just moving lightly and walking around in a troop. Among the LDOD's membership were paralysed arm, leg bone crack, back bone misposture, waist pain, and so on.

side roll...many boys threw out aka vomit, only 1 girl vomited. Motivation Speeches by high rank officers during classes and scolding for not obeying the "Mark of Respect".
Punishment all the time...

Well, for the next few days the schedule is the same.

Everyday we were released to sleep after 12am but then we had to prepare for the next day meaning majority only sleep on an average of 2 hours.

Christmas eve the non muslims got a 20 hour leave from after 5pm. Left to ktm Port Klang to KL sentral and back home! Yay1 dinner with family and my best Christmas present 8 HOURS OF SLEEP! KTM back to Pelabuhan Klang, must be back at 4pm. More than 1 hour la, tix less than rm 5.

Post Christmas, EXAM day. Interesting exam condition.
Watch Malaysia vs Indonesia then preparation of presentation, and then Karaoke and then pack up and sleep. Galley had only 1 hour of sleep. Buh byes everyone! miss ya and take care ok!

Go back home! My mummy was so happy that my pointer is 4.o.
I feel like I had a really blessed Christmas and year.
Registration, my faculty(sports centre) registered for me :)

fyi: S means Pass. There's no grade for Kemahiran Maklumat, just pass or fail.

rugby with HK

on the 16th dec, The Dingoes had a friendly match with the Hong Kong Dragons...Rugby Club la. 15s game. It was ok, we played a better game in the second half. We tried our best but their players were fast and strong that we couldn't even score a try. The game ended with 41-0 i think.

On the 18th dec, there was another 15s rugby game with Hong Kong but this time as national team. It was a tough game, and just like before we failed to score a try.Maybe We lack in stamina and fitness...They did a lot of hands off. But i must admit that it wasn't my best performance this year.
The last match of the year.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

1st Malacca 12 hour walk

1st Malacca 12hour walk!
Why did I even enter it? Well, when I was in secondary school, I heard about the 24 hour walk in Genting Highlands and I so wanted to go but tak cukup syarat aka Only 21 years old and above la...I promised myself, when i get the chance, I must go for it. I was really looking forward to that day.registration

Now I'm 20 and I heard about the Malacca 12 hour walk. So what else la? Go for it!
My aim was to finish 50km in 12 hours.
1 round is 1 km.
My first time joining an athletic event outside KL. Thus many first for me.
First time travelling almost alone (prince also came), first time talking to so many strangers (asking how to get to A-Famosa or St Paul's Hill from Melaka sentral)

anyway, it was fun la.
Some pros gave tips like, don't eat or you'll become sleepy and have 2 sets of shoes and ect.

I walked the first round in my normal speed which took me 12 minutes.
The 2nd round was fast, it was 8 minutes.
The roads were not so even, i almost fell and i saw many people fall down.
There were results every 2 hours.
We started the event at 8pm.

at 10pm, I did 15 rounds
at 12am, i did 28 rounds but 3 rounds disqualified (the marshal said i was jogging)

Wah, I was quite sad when i found out that 3 km was lost just like that, so i decided not to go fast anymore. I don't want my effort going to waste so I don't want to risk it by going fast. Normal walk all the way.
2am 36 round (minus 3 = 33)
4am 46 km (minus 3 = 43km)
6am 55km (minus 3 = 52km)
8am 63km (minus 3 = 60km)

Prince walking

I reached my target of 50 valid rounds aka 53km minus 3 disqualified round in 9 hours and 7 minutes.

I really felt happy I didn't get anymore disqualified rounds. Just 3 only for the 12 hours.

Anyway I got 19th position among 216 women. Actually if i didn't get the disqualified for 3 rounds, i would get 18th. Anyways i got rm 70. Ok la it covered the registration form :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

SSP tale goes on

Ah, my second appointment with our Dr Stella. Supraspinatus (SSP) story continues.
You should see her reaction when I told her about Friday's post test.
In the post test, I did machine weight bench press cause we had to find out our maximum repetitive something...basically wanna see what's our max in bench press la. Mine was 46kg.
Compulsory to do it ma...University core subject. Basic Exercise Science.this is a bench press.

Oh...Dr Stella was like...You're not suppose to do that! You cannot do Pumping aka push up and absolutely NO weight training as well till the next appointment.

My next appointment in on the 11th of Jan of 2011.
"Oh, it's 5 one's: 11/1/11, I like this date", She's a really friendly and funny doctor la.

Dr Stella taught me some new exercises to strengthen my SSP...
"Don't push yourself, take it easy. Don't do these exercises that i taught you more than 3 times a week ok!"

seriously, her advise is sooo un-sportish.
Come on, see the tag line of
100+ "Out do yourself"
Nike "Just do it"
Adidas "Impossible is nothing"

My physiotherapist said I must do the exercises that she taught me regularly.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

what LA?

My dear friend, Melissa Wong said I always use the word "La" LAH...haha
so i decided to do a post with almost no "la" just like this LOH.
AIYAH, you think I cannot MEH? I very the clever OLEDY...
You see, like this also can WAN MAH!
Malaysians don't only use "LAH", we have many other MANGLISH word to use LEH...
By the way HOR, Manglish means Malaysian English LIAO.
NAH, like this OK WHAT!
HA I so TERRER right? You can or not?
Who said I ACTSY? I'm not trying to ACTION here WEI so please don't KANTOI me ONE,
BEST or not this post? so SYOK right?
FUYOH, so SLUMBER only right?
ALAMAK..too many Manglish words to include LE, so just make here KAW-KAW but not all manglish word got inside this post YA!
GILER AH, macam ni pun boleh KAH? You tak tau KER?
CHUN LEH? You see HOR, I even put the words capitalized for all the BLUR-BLUR people.

WALAUWEH, did you know that OUTSTATION is a Manglish Word AR?
WOI, Don't say WHERE GOT? Try GOOGLING it if you don't believe
you know AH, other language words with -ING, -ATION, -IED also manglish WAN you know? Like CAKAPING, BODOHFIED and MALUATION
FUYOH, you GOSTAN and check LAH, I'm not TIPUING you WOH, sure don't have LA WAN DEH!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


We played an exhibition game in the National 7s rugby at Seremban, negeri 9 today.
I was on the blue team and coach Mamak made me captain...
I was like WHAT?? ME, captain?
I don't know what to do nor do I know what to say.
Failed in confidence and self esteem la.
Anyways today I was playing in the centre position.

I'm so used to train as a winger that I keep forgetting that today I have to look at the sides cause I'm not a winger today. Thus not passing the ball to the winger even though we had extra...
Besides that, my fitness level had gone so low that my team mates asked me why i ran in slow motion?
I also was out of breath so many time even though the game was 7-1-7. 7 minutes play, 1 min rest n 7 min play.
Some of my team mates was disappointed with me because I reacted quite slow and not observant.
I got ankle-tap by the opponent and fell down...ish ish ish. Ankle tap is my nemesis, I also fall down whenever someone ankle taps me.

I managed to bring the people I tackled down la. Just missed a few tackles la...

Things i learnt today:
When opponent chasing, run zig zag, learn to control your pace. In 7s rugby its ok to run backwards.
If you are not a winger, then DON'T RUN WIDE, just run STRAIGHT because you will be taking the wingers space then she will have less space to run. STAY in your ZONE.
Don't simply throw ball away when you get tackled. REMEMBER TO PUMP legs, don't immediately fall down! It's better to fall with the ball in our hand than to simply throw it away and lose possession!

Friday, December 3, 2010

end of bintang D 4 dis Semester

Right after the completion of "Management and Organizational Theories" exam and blogging, I started the preparation for the final Paper: FUNCTIONAL ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY.
the KiLLeR paper, toughest paper yet.

Wah, last paper's preparation was intense. Staring at the presentation notes on my laptop for so long and trying to summarize all 10 chapters. Focusing on tutorials and notes. Only manage to summarise 4 chapters the first day....worried sick about the subject, turning antisocial cause no talking or interactions, just looking at the laptop and scribbling intensely on the many blank sheet of paper. So Lifeless oh!

Woke up early the next day, continuing the crazy routine...all the way into 1am where i finally gave up on doing the summary notes, i wrote "Too many, i give up la"
Resolved to just memorise what I think will most likely come out.
Sleep at 3am. Not enough time leh, the exam is in the morning at 8.30am.

Exam paper 9 questions, all short essay and listing. Confidently did about 4 questions, lost on the other 5. Just write some crap there la, as long as i don't leave the paper blank.

At last the paper is done and no need to bintang D (study) for this semester liao :P
p/s: Panda eyes la...not euf sleep ma..but really happy the exams are over! XD

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

not enuf time

From the easiest paper to the toughest paper. The difficulty level keep increasing oh, but I really thank God that my papers are not back to back on the same day :)
The schedule is OK la, got enough time to study! Yes!

Today was the 2nd last paper. Management and Organizational theory.

The hall was quite empty...
Paper was not that hard but quite tricky with a lot of thinking or give your opinion type of questions.
7 long essay questions with only 2 hours to answer? That's what i call CRAZY! IF i got leaked answers also I got not enough time to finish writing it la.

NOT ENOUGH TIME: too many words to write... WORD Clock...lols

I felt like i was going round and round a bush. I think my lecturer will get a headache by just marking my paper alone.

I already know I pass this paper la...over 60% i got 51. Coming from presentation, assignments, class participation and mid sem test. Mid sem test i got 17/20 marks.

Therefore this paper is just 40% but the lecturer put it as 100% and after she marks it, then the results times 0.4. Next, sum up the answer with 51 and tadaaaaaa the Results.