Sunday, July 14, 2013

Scenary through the phone at UMS

During my commissioning as an Acting Sub Lieutenant (Leftenan Muda Pegawai Simpanan Sukarela Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia) Royal Navy Reserves Officer at University Malaysia Sabah, I captured some pictures with my mobile phone. So I just wanna share it here.

Handphone photography..a view from University Malaysia Sabah examination Hall, near the Male's Surau on 5th july 2013 at 5:44am

same place at 6:15am

Here are other photos I took in UMS as well...all with my handphone so the quality is not so good.

Friday, July 12, 2013

tauliah, sem 6

So, I have been missing from the blogosphere. Yeah, it started with my laptop loss and the poor university internet line and of cause the 3rd year that was really packed for me. I audited a subject this semester and I also took an outside faculty elective course. On top of that, Palapes preparation for the royal commissioning (Pentauliahan Diraja) which was supposed to be attended by the Agong.
my intake

miss Dee Dee's Class
Challenges Buddy Club Program

I faced a lot of issues this semester, it was a crazy one. I was more interested and committed in the subject I audited rather than the subject which grades would be counted. In the audited class, there was only 3 students but 1 Malaysia (Aro Malay, Prasad Indian and me Chinese), At first everything was ok but when Prasad did not do what he said he would do and lied to the lecturer about us not informing him, then we started anti-ing Prasad. To make things worse, the lecturer seems to show obvious favouritism to Prasad, so lagilah Aro and me anti-Prasad.
Floorball Faceoff Event organised by our class
floorball event and clinic
Next was the core subjects, it was mainly teamwork so I feel like my marks was dragged down. Maybe I'm just too kiasu? Perhaps I do not know what is team work and I do not trust people enough or everybody is waiting for instruction and someone to keep pushing them? Maybe people just don't really care and so do nothing as only those who really care about their marks (super kiasu) take effort and do everything in the end... I feel like people are taking advantage, laying back easy and just hoping marks will be generously given by lecturers.
seminar organized by my class

YTAR camp where I felt super betrayed, I learn not to trust or rely on others, I just need to rely on my own self.
YTAR camp
After the 14 weeks of this semester, I was so fed up and gave up on trusting on people. If you want something done, do it yourself. BUT God had another plan in HIS mind, He taught me that I am looking at things the wrong way and you know what happened? I trusted my own self, I put 3 alarm clocks, 2 reminders and yet didn't wake up in time for my exam paper. I called the Dean and he told me to go to the hall and talked like I still could take the paper. Somehow in God's arrangement communication went wrong and I was not allowed to take the exam paper. If I didn't go to the exam hall, I might stand a chance to re-sit the paper but too bad. I wanted to enter the hall but somehow the exam facilitators were going elsewhere and keep saying my lecturer wasn't there when in fact the lecturer was there. That paper was a confirmed A paper, I was so confident...
Final Day of EXAM

After that I was very sad, so heart broken and feeling super down. I was contemplating on suicide but then again I remembered all the miraculous suicides where people didn't die just because It wasn't their time. So, I just cried and cried and then decided to fast for 2 days.
exam hall
In Palapes, I wasn't allowed to join the kawad since we came late due to examination. So Half my intake didn't kawad. The marching parade infront of the King/Agong. So the short and tall, fat and thin, all the unique shape people were not allowed to march, only the same size and height, with good marching skills were in the parade. I feel like the main point was missed. The marching was suppose to be us being celebrated and having the honour of marching infront of our king after 3 years of enduring the PALAPES training. But the side event of kawad competition made Universities focused so much on the side event that they forgot the main purpose of the event. Army discriminated Navy and Airforce since Army are the majority and for uniformity so the Navy and Airforce were kicked out of the kawad. Universities had 2 whole detachment of Army instead of 1 detachment army and the other detachment mixed. Our Navy officer was not given a ticket to Sabah and so we had no one to stand up for us. In University Malaya, the Navy was really bullied by our own university and other universities despite us being the seniors. All these because we had no officer. We did have one "officer" who was not the least bothered about us as he just came to be in the picture and he prefer to mind his own business even though his anak buah was bullied right in front of him unjustly. Why this officer? Argh!!

UM didn't go for commissioning ball (COMBALL) because UM bought tix early and the information from UMS was last minute. I rather go to comball than messnight. Comball is for all the navy and we know everyone and it would be our last time together but messnight is boring cause it's just UM students that we meet almost everyday of our semester and we already had pre-messnight. And messnight is done by us even though we paid rm150 per head means rm300 including partner, the food sucks and we are the one who decorate, arrange table and do all the preparation.
Plus in MessNight, best academic goes to those with rank eventhough their academic is not the best.

I thank God I'm not in the army because I don't like their style, suka-suka buly Navy, well, maybe in UM only la...