Saturday, May 26, 2012

Threaten my peace.

I wanna reason in moral and rational aspects first.

The front of Ms Ambiga's house was used by petty traders who claimed they made a huge loss during Bersih. So they sold BEEF and Chicken burgers as a sign of protest.

What makes things more interesting is that Ms Ambiga is a HINDU and a VEGETARIAN. They sold Meat and even offered the Meat burgers to her and they knew she was a HINDU and a vegetarian. Now that is morally wrong and it shows a very bad image of themselves as Malaysians.

Besides that, the butt exercise by the army veterans in front of her house is actually indecent. Why are our ex-army performing an immature behavior?

When this traders do business in front of Ms Ambiga's house, is the place strategic to gain back profit? Or are they making a bigger loss? Do they have licenses to open a food stall directly in front of a residential house? 

Next, is the burning of her poster and requesting the government to strip her of her citizenship...Is burning her picture acts of a civilized generation? Besides that, what has she done to strip her citizenship?
Gerakan Kebangkitan Rakyat (Gertak) chairman Datuk Razali Idris, who led the peaceful demonstration, said the call was made as Ambiga was responsible for organising the illegal gathering in Kuala Lumpur which turned violent.
"The people cannot accept anyone who threatens national peace and security.
"We condemn Ambiga's action, which has become the source of disunity among the people in the country now.
"She is also a supporter of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) group.
"Therefore, we urge the government to take stern action against her, including stripping her of citizenship. We don't want individuals like her to destroy the country."
Razali said as a follow-up, his group planned to organise a big public gathering if no action was taken against Ambiga.
"What we have done (demonstration) today is just the beginning. The next one will be a big gathering to be participated by various communities to ensure that appropriate action is taken against Ambiga."

Read more: Call to strip Ambiga of citizenship - General - New Straits Times

Did she threaten national peace? She called the public for a Duduk Bantah and requested the crowd to leave about 2.30pm.

 And I do wonder was the gathering still termed as a peaceful gathering if you burn something ? (GERTAK burning  her picture) When Mr Najib's picture was hang outside down, Mr Adam Adli was called by the police and almost expelled from university. This is burning a picture, so should a more serious action be taken? I also am wondering if someone burned Mr Najib's picture, will he/she be expelled from the country or be thrown into jail?

Mr Razali Threatening the authorities that he planned to organise a big public gathering if no action was taken against Ambiga. 
 Who now is destroying the country's image, Mr Datuk Razali?

Perkasa chief saying "If the Bersih rally is not cancelled... I believe the Chinese community will have to stock up on food."

Now that's a racist statement but why the Chinese community only? How about all the other races in Malaysia?

How about Mr Ahmad Ismail? His statement was racist, it caused racial disunity and for me-it threaten my should he also be revoked of his citizenship?
Ahmad Ismail was the Permatang Pauh UMNO division chief. Gerakan’s Acting President  was Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon in September 2008. During a ceramah in Permatang Pauh on Aug 25, 2008 Ahmad Ismail was alleged to have said the Chinese were mere squatters or temporary residents of the nation and therefore, it was impossible to achieve equal rights amongst races in the country. At a meeting after Penang Gerakan’s reaction, Ahmad’s supporters tore up pictures of Koh.

Now, I remember that year..I was doing form (lower) 6 in SMK Sri Pantai whereby in from 1 to form 6, there was 1200 students but only 3 non-muslims (myself , Praveen and Pui Yee). In that school, the prefects purposely ask me "Kenapa tak tudung?" just for the fun of it. Every thursday, we had one whole period of assembly whereby there is a  bacaan ayat yasin. Everyday, there's a bacaan doa before every lesson starts.  And there was one time after school ended, there was reading the whole Al-Quran session which was compulsory even for non-muslims to join. 

That whole week, I was afraid to go to school. Why? 1197 Muslim students and prefects that keep asking me "Kenapa tak pakai tudung", with the school's image of drug addicts, mat rempits and a very unsafe environment whereby your calculator and pencils will be stolen if you're not careful. Even when we enter the library, we fear that our shoes might get stolen. My school was a PAS area and many of the students had a kampung mentality. I always get eve-teased when I go up the stairs. I can't even complain to the discipline teacher as majority of the school boys did the same thing. It's a culture there, everyday as I go up those dreaded stairs to my class, every week without fail I will get teased, be it racist remarks or eve-teasing. Teased because I'm a Chinese, teased because I'm a girl, teased because I don't wear tudung. Walking to anywhere in that school and I would be exposing myself, even while walking out of school when school was over. Wherever there were guys, there could be some sort of teasing happening. The only safe ground for me was in class or in the library. I can't do anything because it was not just 1 boy but it was somewhat like an acceptable practice in SMK SP. Many guys do it all the time. Another example of the kampung mentality was during the sports day, We invited SMK Sri Hartamas and SMK Vivekananda for 4x100m and SMK SH won but  when they came to receive the medals, my school laugh at them because they were wearing shorts and it's "tunjuk aurat" wor. I felt really embarrassed on behalf of my school..
So, that's why I was dead scared to go to school in lower six. 

When I was in Upper school, another incident cause me to be dead hesitant to go to school. The Molotov Bombing on churches in MALAYSIA.

So, should the prefect and boys in SMK SP have their citizenship revoked for threatening female student's peace and security? and causing racial disunity? 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Common Knowledge

I strongly belief that it is common knowledge to do warm up before exercise and cooling down after exercises.
Even if you are not athletic or a sports man you already know it right? I believe even primary school kids know it.

But recently I met a 35+ old lady who said it's not common knowledge, it's something only elite athletes know, and this lady said she used to be a school athlete (super star) in basketball, specialized in scoring 3 pointer shots. But she doesn't really have a sportswomen somatotype(Body Shape).

I'm in the reserve navy while she was in the reserve army. Before any exercise, we would do warm up but according to her, they don't do warm up. Army do more physical activities than the navy wor.

After a while, I thought maybe it's generational gap. For example my generation all know how to use email, it's common knowledge while her generation, it's not common knowledge to know how to use the email.

Just like Singapore primary school mathematics for Primary 3. At first I was like "WHAT" but after that, I use rational and figured how to do it. Pretty easy.

Btw: Just in case you still don't know the solution to the first question. Here's the answer:

Another question was :
Ms Fong bought 12 teacups, 3 teapot and a tray. The price of a teapot is same as 3 teacups. The tray is $15 more than a teapot.
She paid a total of $ 159. How much is the price of 2 teacups and a tray?

Err, just in case you don't know the answer to the 2nd question. (left click after "It's" until the word "Although") It's $45 cause $6 +$6 + (3x $6 +$15)

Although the 2nd question is easy but I feel that it is a bit too high level for primary 3. huhu.

So, yeah, common knowledge changes as time passes. The new generation is in the technology era and is expected to know more. Even the primary school students now know how to operate the Ipad. Therefore we shouldn't insist that the newer generation should lower their level of education. That would be us preventing ourselves from developing. "Just bcoz I dono, so you shouldn't know" type of mentality.

-peace out-