Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sok Sok

Last year my favourite uncle died. I wanted to attend his funeral but couldn't because of many reasons...
So, this year cannot celebrate CNY (Chinese new year). I don't know my uncle's name but among all my uncles he was the one I loved the most. I called him "Sok Sok"...The uncle that let me do anything and the dearest relative to me. I still remember all the memories with him and my younger bro, Prince.

He was there at the back of my classroom when I had art exam in standard 1(Primary school), I even remember he smiling at me while I drew a big apple on my art paper. I was so happy while drawing that apple because I knew after school I was going to have a really fun time. We went to the park where I played and played so much. 

Sok Sok always took me and Prince out to playgrounds, we would play and then eat ice cream and drink really really sweet drinks like LIVITA! LoL, small children drinking Red Bull, can you imagine how active we would transform into?

Sok Sok also frequently brings me and Prince out for JOY RIDES! In the car when he still had both legs, in handicap motorbike and bicycle when he amputated his leg because of Diabetes...I'm not sure about Prince, but I always look forward to CNY every year because I can go cycling and joyrides in Sok Sok's handicap motorbike :)
This year's CNY will be different without Sok Sok...

I remember getting lost with my uncle one CNY! I was traveling with my uncle on a motorbike while Prince traveled with my other relatives by car. Thank God, I recognised a landmark and so we didn't go to the family dinner but had our own dinner elsewhere then headed back home, that night was the night that I found out my younger bro loved me more than i loved him because he actually cried for me. When Prince found out I got lost and didn't make it for the dinner, he shed tears fearing for my safety and all. He then lose his appetite and insist to tapau some food for me.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I n EYE prob

I have EYE problems...
I cannot see far...can't recognize people until they come close.
Always seeing signboards wrongly but luckily i'm quite familiar with the place so i know what the signboard is suppose to say.

Lights...I don't like going out at night because the lights hurt my eyes. Lamp posts, car signal and front light of the car, it all hurts my eyes. I can't see light as a whole(left pic), instead light looks like a star...there's lines coming out all the time(right pic)

Oh, this means, i will not be able to drive at night la...if i ever get a driving license

Friday, January 21, 2011


Apa yang sudah terjadi dengan saya?
Kerana mulut, badan binasa tetapi dalam keadaan saya, badan saya tidak binasa sebaliknya kawan-kawan merajuk lalu beri silent treatment. Kenapa mulut saya terlalu laser? Saya semakin kejam dan jahat, hampir setiap perkataan yang terkeluar dari mulut saya boleh menyakitkan hati dan emosi orang.
Sekarang belum sampai satu bulan lagi tetapi saya telah mencalar dan mengguris perasaan sekurang-kurangnya 2 pelajar UM.

Saya perlu belajar diam, tutup mulut dan hanya bercakap apabila perlu.
Baiklah, itu akan menjadi sasaran saya bermula daripada sekarang sehingga akhir Februari.
Kita akan lihat sama ada perubahan ini mampu memperbaiki keadaan keruh ini atau tidak...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Today's post will be on the Changes in Uni lifestyle or more specifically the changes in my roomies and me...
As time passes, changes takes place...

Akiko is now more aggressive than last year, she hits, slaps and bends people's finger...OUCH!
She thinks she's playing but sometimes it shows lack of manners...and if she doesn't change, someday someone might say to her "Your mom didn't teach you manners ah?"

Last year i said i could fight back but i didn't want to...that was last year. This year things changed, I am no longer able to fight back...i guess i left my fighting spirit behind...I'm a weakling.
This year i sort of developed a habit of reading at night.

Fiona is louder this year...last year her voice was much softer but this year her volume became more higher...

Next thing is my timetable :
monday afternoon and night,
tuesday morning and evening,
wednesday morning, evening and night.

violin class on friday afternoon and sports after that.
saturday and sunday goes for PALAPES LAUT aka reserve navy and softball...

that means my rest day is THURS only! Rugby in the evening...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

0645 to 1900

Palapes aka reserve navy training.

Order: Be in 5th college at 6.45am.
When we reached there, nobody was there even at 7am...muster and waiting patiently while wondering if our senior and junior midshipmen were playing a fool on us. Standing there like dummies till 7.45am then we finally saw our junior midshipmen arrive. Our Senior midshipmen arrived at 8am...

by the way...now we are still cadets officers, when we enter our 3rd semester then we are promoted to Junior midshipmen and on the 5th semester we are promoted to Senior midshipmen. Then after the 6th semester is completed we will graduate into subby or Acting Sub Lieutenant or in malay Leftenan Muda. 
In this post i will refer to Senior Midshipmen as Senior and Junior midshipmen as Junior.

The muslims had aerobics then a ceramah related to their religion.
The non muslims were sent off to the Reserve Officer Training Unit (ROTU) Navy Head-quarter's of UM and help out in the cleaning the office till late afternoon then we had a break of 20 minutes for lunch then we joined the muslims after their ceramah. They or WE were getting punishment for not memorizing all our senior and junior's full name and soldier number...

Soldier number or nombor tentera is like their 2nd IC...a bit senseless right? asking people to memorize your ic number?

anyways, after that, we cleaned the HQ storerooms till 6pm then walk back to 5th college and "played" volleyball till 7pm. Thank God that it started to drizzle so they had to stop or not the event will go till dark.

Tomorrow we still got PALAPES...we're gonna do sports training from the morning, I wonder what time will it end? Then after that I got softball practise at 3pm. Giler tak gila?

Friday, January 14, 2011

bleep test

My first bleep test result was  level 5.7 during rugby training
2nd bleep test during UM interview for sports management course was level 6.6
3rd bleep test for rugby national team to the qualifying round to Asian Games at Guangzhou 2010, level 8.3
4th, programme Wellness by Pusat Sukan UM...for fun and fitness...level 8.3 again! :'(
No improvement loh XC

Today I went for UM's FREE violin class. We learnt how to hold the violin bow today. Lecturer was Dr Lee, she said I need to learn to relax my hand...If I wanna continue then i must buy Violin wor...about rm300. I got another choice, fill in a form and loan a violin for a few months then buy one...Err, I don't know la whether wanna continue or not...should I?

clayton kashuba's designs rocks!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

new n first

 Hey hey, here I am.
New Year, New Semester, New Hope, New Beginning, New Chapter and New Day, New Experiences, New Relationships, New Subjects...

so what's been up lately? It's once again the starts of NEW experiences...First times...
Shima got married...Shima from the Dingoes...
Walking by faith to her cocktail party at Ritz Carlton KL..I just took the monorail to Jalan Imbi and then just jalan-jalan by following my feelings then I reached Jalan Imbi Chapel...it was behind Ritz Carlton. Cool!
My first time going for a cocktail party. Secondly, My first time dancing.

Next is My first time going out with my Chinese course mates for a movie.
Birthday girl in the middle, she's also a 4 flat student. Tor Phi Nn. Next to her is Lai Kai Yan.
Fourth is My first time going out to celebrate my course mate's birthday! We went to the Garden's to celebrate, karaoke! Oh, meaning it's also my Fifth First: My first time going Karaoke.
Sixth,  My first time sitting in a different seat in class
which is also my first time sitting on the other side of class!

Seventh, today's gonna be my first time ponteng class...
Not really ponteng if the lecturer don't come right? So far only 1 subject that we have not met the lecturer yet.
I mean we got the timetable but there's no lecturer's name and so far all 3 class, he or she hasn't entered class, maybe it's because in the first week usually our seniors don't enter class and on the second week, it's add and drop week or maybe we really don't have any lecturer for this subject yet? By the way, the subject is Injury in Sports and First Aid.

OH NO! I have number 8 because The day that I decided not to come was the day the LECTURER finally decided to turn up and the lecturer was none other than our very own PENGARAH PUSAT SUKAN aka DIRECTOR of SPORTS CENTER! Haiz, so anyway number 8 is My First time skipping class intentionally!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

joke went wrong

ah, i meant to tease Akiko and Jodie but it turned out as a joke that went wrong.
I was quite surprised to find out that they didn't know what it meant...and when they finally found out through another person, the moment was gone so they misunderstood. Haiz.

What is the best known American Sign Language sign? The I Love You sign is probably the best known sign. It is an easily recognized sign

The ILY is a sign from American Sign Language which, as a gesture, has moved into the mainstream. It is used in the United States and other Americanized countries. It originated in American Sign Language as a combination of the letters I, L and Y (I Love You). The sign is a very informal way of expressing a number of positive emotions ranging from general esteem to love for the recipient of the sign.

this is "I"

this is "L"

this is "Y"

therefore combination looks like spiderman or a sign rockers use...

Monday, January 3, 2011

roomies day out

Ahh, a new year and a new semester in UM...

On the 30th dec 2010,
My room-mates...Akiko and Fiona aka Yen Ping...they came up with a plan to check-in our hostel aka residential college together as roomies on sunday(2nd Jan) at 3pm.

1st jan 2010
I sms-ed Fiona, "So, can we check-in and put our stuffs in the room first then come down and wait for Akiko tomorrow?"
The reply I got was "NO, we meet in-front of the office with our bags then we check in together, all 3 of us."
In my mind I was like, haiz, so mafan la..

And so on sunday, 2nd Jan 2010 as mentioned, we met at 3pm in front of the college office and guess what?

The OFFICE closed at 3pm sharp! How efficient la, our college staffs, really on time and disciplined...

All 3 of us with No KEY at all...so, what else la? Illegal squatters loh. Throw away our pride and ask friends if we can tumpang in their room for the night. Host number 1 agreed to put up with us and our laptops.
We put our important things in their room and then went out. People cleaning their room mah. Fiona felt like going out somewhere and coming back only at night, Spontaneously we decided to go out loh. Room-mates day out together.

We took lrt putra and monorail, ate outside and walked around and bought stationery then took a joyride on the lrt: Went all the way to Kelana Jaya and all the way to Gombak and then back to Universiti...That's like at least 2 hours of chatting in the train. LoL.We had yum cha session then reached college about 1am. By that time, host number 1 were sleeping already and so Host number 2 agreed to host us for a night.
What a way to start college life.

Sorry, none of us brought a camera and we are not cam-whores so no picture/s were taken...