Sunday, August 12, 2012

culture or scam?

Cole said he wanted to meet up with me, "I really need your attention, at least 2 hours. Please make time for me"...Oki, might be something related to his I set up an appointment. Not wanting to meet this guy alone, I tried to ask my ex-roomate who's staying in UM to accompany me but she didn't respond.

Finally I met up with Cole, he wanted to buy me lunch but I lied and said I already ate...then he said he wants to open a business in Malaysia and just needs my IC.
Err, what? But that's not all, then he said he dream that I would be in the next Olympic and he told me he also prayed for me...After that, he said from the start he knew it was me and started all the praising and sweet talk which I didn't really pay attention to, but the last sentence caught me off guard. He said "I want you to be my girlfriend" and his eyes was kinda teary...

Huh? Er, I don't plan to be in a relationship until I get my degree..
he said "I can wait"

His business plan is a recycling machine, whereby people put recycled stuffs in there and they get back money...I asked how is that profitable if you give money out?

He said he feels God wants him to do something good for Malaysia...

Why don't you open the company in your own country?
Then I couldn't really understand what he was saying...either he was speaking too soft or I couldn't understand his accent...

He asked when can we meet again? I said monday I'll be helping out... When he heard that there will be a group of people he declined...

He said he wants my personal email so that he can email me the proposal for the business. I said just use the university email. He said no.

He asked where do I stay and all...I gave general answers.
He said why are Malaysians so untrusting, negative and think he is scheming...


Ok, Cole is a UM Masters student...I try to help out UM -ers by answering surveys and questionaires and Cole happen to be one of them. The first time he contacted me I felt really weird cause he was very inquisive of my biodata and personal life, before things went over, I realised this is too much and not related to his Masters at all. He said he just want to know me better...he kept wanting to meet me and buy me lunch or dinner but I tried to avoid it. Then he went on to ask for Facebook or Yahoo ID or my personal email. No way...

I asked my Malaysian friend who was brought up in the overseas, is it weird or it is their culture to be so inquisive...she told me not to worry, it's their culture...

This is only his second time meeting me but already asking me to be his girlfriend?
At a first thought, I feel like it's a scam...this black guy from Canada, asking personal questions, asks me to be gf, wants my IC for business? Doesn't want to use UM email and doesn't want to meet up if there is a group of people?

But then again, maybe Westerners are memang like that?

My old school friend warn me of foreigners using and cheating Malaysians to open a company...

Before this, I prayed to God to give me a boyfriend that will bring me closer to God.
Hmm, is this an answered prayer?

When I was born, my parents dream for me was to be travelling, therefore my chinese name means "maple leaf" the one in the Canada Flag...My mom also hoped for me to marry a mat-salleh

Friday, August 10, 2012

saying No to dad

I don't know why but I feel weird when I see my father wearing my shirt...yeah, I know I don't want the shirt but seeing my father wear it, I start getting upset "Why is he wearing my shirt?"

My father wanted to use my laptop to watch youtube. Actually I don't want to let him but it wouldn't be nice to decline...unwillingly I let him use it but under my brother's supervision.

I guess I just don't feel comfortable letting my father use anything that's mine or used to be mine. I'm totally okay if my mom, or siblings wants to use my things...but when it comes to my father, I really feel reluctant and uncomfortable.

LoL, perhaps not a good advice, I might hurt his feelings...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

baskin robbins n media prima

The Olympics in London 2012
Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan for mens' badminton finals was the most watched match in the whole Malaysia for it would be Malaysia's 1st Olympic gold if Lee Chong Wei were to win.

Besides that, Media Prima and Baskin Robbins would give out free ice cream to celebrate Impian Emas Negara.

Notice the title "IF msia get GOLD in Olympic"

It was a very close match first Chong Wei won, then Lin Dan and the 3rd round was crazy 19-21. So close, both very tired. Lin Dan won.
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

So, anyway after that, a lot of Malaysians somehow just chose the paragraphs they like to read.

original statement


words people miss out
  I feel so weird that people all misinterpreting and misreading la. This is a conversation with a dear friend.

 LoL, u all really need to read an article as a WHOLE and not just pick the lines that are nice...the article u shared is recent and the message is still the same that there is HIGH HOPES on REMAINING msian athletes for GOLD.
 i think its the way the writer wrote it. i did read the whole thing then the last para kinda confuse me then i thought oh maybe they r still giving since he was so close to gold. haaahaa..ok la nevermind.. its just one scoop.,the best part is just that we get to go out with friends and chill~!haha"

  if u read properly, it says gold waiting for other malaysian athletes to bring a GOLD medal then only the deal is on...
But whats with the last paragraph thn?? im confuse now -.-
 the last paragraph is to be read with the paragraph before the last paragraph
 how bout the 3rd paragraph, in quotes ..
"still have high hopes for the REMAINING MSIAN ATHLETES" to bring the GOLD ...Dream of GOLD
 urr.but they confirm wanna give it 8th august 8pm-10pm.
its like in any contract u have the terms n conditions if this happens, this is how the plan will be carried the writer actually assumed ppl understood this format
 confirm will give it out if and only if our DREAM of GOLD direalisasikan by any msian athletes. purpose of the free ice cream is to celebrate Msia's 1st Olympic gold medal..
sigh..guess i get too excited 

 So, anyway...
1st people misinterpret therefore people would feel "cheated" even though it's the people's fault for misunderstanding the writers ENGLISH. So in order to protect company image, the company succumb to the misinterpretation of the mass...tadaa, today we have free Ice Cream.
Hence displaying the Power and Influence of People. This is what we call "Consumer is King"!/photo.php?fbid=389263187807834&set=a.127809167286572.22307.127549293979226&type=1&theater

In view of the valiant efforts of our Olympian heroes who have united us all and made the country proud, Impian Emas Negara Media Prima and Baskin Robbins have decided to STILL give out free ice-cream to all Malaysians! 61 outlets nationwide. 8th August 8-10pm! (excluding two kiosks at Pantai Hospital, Bangsar and Genting Theme Park)