Friday, June 22, 2012

an idea

I've started the sports season. Futsal IPT  circuit at UIA (university Islam Antarabangsa) from 21st june to 25th june. Then go to UPM for team Masum (Majlis Sukan University-University Malaysia)<-just for government universities only. I will be playing Softball in the National Open till 1st July. Then head back to UM for centralised softball training for team UM till 12 july. 13 july -19 july would be in UTHM, Johor for Masum phase 2 for Softball under team UM.

Anyway, I had an idea yesterday...maybe in the future I wanna open a Sports Restaurant. The food menu would be strictly Athlete friendly, such as no chili and no ice in beverages. Maybe the menu item can be like "carbo loading for Ultra endurance athletes", "recovery food after high intensity sports", "weightlifting athlete's lunch" and "breakfast for chess players". Then maybe I can even expand to cater for sports events...especially since nowadays the catering for sports events are actually not athlete friendly, it's chili and spicy food like spicy fried meehoon.

To me, it seems ok but maybe the idea is not good in Malaysia since majority of the people LOVE chili and spicy food...maybe I can aim National Sports School and National Sports Institute or even work together to be official partner with Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM).

Of cause I wanna work together with Sports Dietitian so that my food really suits and meets the optimum nutrients and calories needed by sports-specific athletes. Ultimately, taking sports nutrient to a higher level and perhaps making it a healthy food lifestyle in Malaysia and elevating sports performances.

Perhaps normal people would be curious and wanna try out the food and begin to understand how much do athletes actually sacrifice in training and in food and thus having a greater respect for athletes. Of cause, if possible I wanna make sports food also taste good and show athletes that sports food don't have to be boring  and restricted, I wanna show them the variety and creativity too.

But this is a bit funny since my philosophy has always been "FOOD IS FOR EATING, NOT TASTING", so I don't really have an opinion on food whether or not it is tasty or not. I don't even know how to cook fried eggs. In the end, it's just an idea which seems quite interesting and funny but somehow I doubt I would actually do it in the future...cause I don't know how to taste...perhaps I can call some friends who are food lovers to help me with that? LoL

Signing off with Lotsa Love,
-Famous Hilda Hew Mun Foong-

Friday, June 15, 2012

end of sem 4

Exams was quite heavy.

The first paper APK was ok.

Economy and Marketing paper was kind of a stressful paper cause there was section A and B with each section worth 40 marks. In the last 15 minutes, then only I reached section B.

So, I had to write as fast as I could. It was crazy, only managed to write a sentence for each question. So I'm expecting a B for this paper.

Sports Facility paper went quite smooth although there was one panicking part whereby the lecturer uploaded another note for us at 12am when the paper was 8.30am, 8 and half hours later...haha. This time I had like 10 minutes to spare...So I looked around the hall and noticed that Dr Lim Boon Hooi had lied, there's no CCTV in the exam hall la..haha

HR, was the paper I studied the least. I think it was mostly common sense. I liked the exam hall today cause it was cold :)

Financial Management and accounting. We had to study 19 formula for financial analysis, 6 formula for time value of money, 4 formula for capital budgeting technique. On top of that, we had to memorize theories and find our own notes on 2 chapters. I borrowed books from the library, had a short group discussion with Ruhizam and then did my own notes all the way to 3am ish. I was afraid of sleeping during exam so I force myself to sleep although my mind was conscious and worried. hihi

Looking at the sky, I was thinking, is this very bad haze or is it cause I had not much sleep that my eyes are playing tricks on me?

I was waiting for the bus to head to the exam hall and wondered why it was taking so long, and why there was mostly girls only? Then suddenly the roads were alive again with traffic and a male coursemate shouted my name to greet me and he was on the motorbike heading back towards his residential college aka hostel. Looked at him and then i realized, "Oh, it's Friday la...Prayers, Mosque, so no bus till 2.30pm"...

I was thinking of cheating today, but my conscience told me, come on Mun, stop panicking, it'll be ok, you don't want to get caught or kick out of Uni...You can do it without resolving to cheating.

The exam paper looked do-able. I was thinking, should I do the theory first or the computing? Then I thought, I don't quite remember the formulas now, so as I go on, hopefully the formulas will pop in my mind..
I didn't use the table given for time value of money because the numbers were not clear (bad photostat quality) or my eyesight is bad? I used the manual way with my calculator and long working on paper. I sort of remember the formula but forgot what's the function of the formula..and got confused with revenue and income...Argh.. In the last 15 minutes then I had to answer 2 more computing questions, but thank God the computing wasn't too long so I managed to finish it up.

The lecturer was a bit grumpy today. He raised his voice and told me to quickly put the question into the answer booklet. Relax la bro, why the rush that you have to raise your voice? Make me feel like you gonna cut marks only? huhu

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Masum softball selection camp

Last Thursday to Sunday, I went for the softball selection camp to represent MASUM (Majlis Sukan Universiti Malaysia or Malaysia Local Universities Sports council) it's like Local University level of MSSM.
I'm not so good in softball but God grace enabled me to make it to the team. Wow! To tell you the truth I'm the worse one there and somehow God working in mysterious ways allowed me to be in team. This means I will be representing all the local universities in Malaysia in the National Open Softball League.

When they said they had to drop one, no doubt it was me as the gap between me and all the other players is so huge, like a beginner and state players, me being the beginner. 

I was thinking why my captain and my teammates were so worried when they heard that one player would be drop. I mean they were good and shouldn't worry of them being drop, obviously it would be me. 
After the game, the captain explained to me, they were not worrying about them being dropped, but they were actually worrying for me...afraid that I will be dropped out. 

Aww, and here I was thinking why are they so worried about themselves. Gosh, I felt touched, I guess it never crossed my mind that people will actually worry for me. That's what we call team camaraderie (loyalty and warm, friendly feelings that friends have for each other. ) 

Ok, next sports update is Futsal. I'm in the futsal team for UM (University Malaya)
we're having a futsal circuit at UIA soon, That's Universiti Islam Antarabangsa or International Islamic University Malaysia. So we to wear long sleeves or inners and long pants to tutup aurat. Malay girls are compulsory to wear tudung. 

Today I wore a tracksuit and went for futsal training. Woah, my thighs felt like it was on fire and it had a very high fever, my face was red according to coach. All the heat trapped in the tracksuit. The material was light and sort of like a polyester or nylon with nettings inside. But heat trapping!  Just because it's light and looked breathable together with netting material inside and small netting on the side of the pants doesn't mean the pants will not trap heat...meaning it will trap heat. Don't be fooled by the pants appearance and material...hihi

Thank God I didn't face a dehydration or heat stroke...hihi.