Thursday, June 30, 2011


Alright. so after the btar camp, I went to UPM for masum...Majlis Sukan Universiti Malaysia. It's inter local university sports. Handball and softball. 2nd place for handball and 3rd place for softball.

I have no talent in handball...Just a reserve, the last reserve...enter when all the other reserves have been used. I played a bit only. I understand la...It's a team sports so do whatever is best for the team, not the player...we had Zirah, fractured foot but still played-main player...sukma player ma--> Wait for ball and shoot

Softball, we had Anis->fractured left hand because of Sally's ball during practise...LoL. Then one by one got injured and it's like in the whole team, I was the only uninjured person...hehe. N <-one of our main player had an elbow dislocation because 3 uitm softball girls rammed into, with one of our main player gone, we lost the opportunity to reach the final.
My role in the softball team was a runner...I took over Farah after she batt, and brought one point for the team. The next day, coach put me in the first line up and suddenly I was not a reserve liow.

I brought the team 1 point ;P

Well, it's been an interesting MASUM experience...but seriously,playing 2 sports in a competition tears your heart apart, you feel divided loyalty to both your can't serve 2 masters...

Maybe I'll try hockey next year, at least, I know how to play hockey ma...

Softball and handball is a new sports for me...I just got to know these sports in my University life only.
there's no softball nor handball team in my secondary nor primary school. And when my secondary school handball team finally came to existence, I was in my final year at school so the teacher didn't let me join them because she didn't want to waste her effort woh, she said i'm in my last year and next year i won't be in the school so it's a waste of time to let me join the team/training...Gosh, like that also can wan hor...

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Hey all, so this is my little journey about the penilaian diri untuk calon biasiswa yayasan tunku abdul rahman(ytar)
I went to universiti tenaga nasional (uniten) with a senior (pm Mirmo)...everyone in formal attire. Thank you very much to Tan Li Fung for borrowing me your formal blouse :)
With God's grace, we managed to find the place but was half an hour late...aiyak! Kena scolded la.
After we got our room, we had to find bilik musytari for briefing...the room was quite luxurious...quite cool la..

Introduction of important people and program objective.
1.Inspire 2 b good future leaders who r concerned about self, community, and country’s well being at present and in future.
2. Nurture talents to become strength
3. Learn from each other to maintain networking beyond the camp
4. Motivate you 2 become critical n independent learner’s n thinkers who would excel in ur academic and life journey

Ground rules. Natural bridges...don't be fake or artificial bridges because it's not solid or strong.
They are going to treat us like adults, say things once only, find by our self where are rooms and places, we send things by ourselves...

Heart + mind = destiny
Be careful with your thought, it becomes your words
Be careful with your words, it becomes your action,
Be careful with your action,  it becomes your habit,
Be careful with your habit, it becomes your character,
Be careful with your character, it become destiny.

Then motivational talks on how to speak well.
Intensify your life.
Apa khabar? Luar biasa. Always greet selamat pagi even though it's afternoon or evening or night cause in the morning you are refreshed.

multiple choice questionnaire...43 question about various topics like geographical, history, Tunku Abdul Rahman, religion, general knowledge and many others...if correct get 1 mark each answer, if wrong minus 1 mark each wrong answer and there's a safe option which is E. I'm not sure (no marks deducted). So many E loh...

then dinner (quite luxurious, but I had to control myself because it's masum season so no to rendang, curry and chili nor ice)

After dinner, another exam...about 40+ questions, IQ, mathematics, and many other aspects...same concept correct got point, wrong minus and E for safe aka no point.

Presentation skill and ethic talk...wise men always have more questions than answers. Golden rules for presentation, professionalism and effective writing. Emotions play a role when you write so relax and think positive. Writing is not a natural process unlike talking which nobody needs to teach. Writing is artificial skill and need to be learnt because human created it.

Eskimos has 36 words for snow...

3 phases: phase 1 is this evaluation camp...83 people. After this is interview of 50 people only and then only 30 people will get the scholarship. Very tough and tight competition.

Group distributed...I’m in group 4. Whoever stands up voluntarily first when group name is called will be leader. I was too afraid...

Find our own meeting room (titan 5).
Group leader Fast...we went to the room, our facilitators names were Tazz and Raj. Facilitators said get to know each other for 20 min. They will just be watching us. So I took charge and ordered Fast to take lead by introducing himself...wah, like as though I’m the facilitator or leader. My team members were Fast, Hisyam, Mat G, Maisarah, Fatihah, Chan, Asma, Hui and Cam...
Then after the intro, Fast took lead of ice breaking by a game of your name together with action...

Asma is from UM too( API), Martin from titas class, Mirmo, Pei Mei and me from UM.

After the whole thing, Raj asked me why I ask Fast to lead and not I myself lead?
I said Fast is the leader ma. Raj asked did we choose leader already? I explained what happened downstairs, we didn't have time to discuss, whoever stood up first would be the leader.

Day 2 ( red tshirt-sports attire)
Motivational talk, be grateful to God for being alive and having limbs that work, appreciate every day. Praise yourself and build confidence. Hugging is good for health because heart meets heart. The climb by Miley Cyrus is our theme song. One representative to go up and sing..I went.

Monster treasure hunt. Each monster got profile and must be approached properly, free flow of arrangement which monster you want to meet first. Collect magic parchment and treasure, find the last monster. 2 hours to complete. Strategies, there's early ending bonus, so you can just choose to complete the hunt or choose to end early...
Fill up form for all group activity (who is the major contributor/leader till last person)
I kept counting my team members to make sure that no one is left behind. Tazz asked me if I was a cadet in secondary, no la, I was a scout and St John ambulance n now I’m in Palapes Laut (reserve navy)
No rules but watch your ethics...

After lunch, we had to build a tower. 2 bottle of glue, 100 straws, 1 meter of raffia string, 2 scissors, 2 blades, 4 A4 paper were given...the tower has to hold an egg for 20 sec. It must be tall, strong, and unique. We can use other materials that are collected from around the hotel. Aiyah, thinking and building is not my strength.

Raj told me to keep up what I’m doing and do it much more...I feel like we've been here for 1 week already, so bonded.

Next activity: Role play of Mari Villagers, are you against or for development? During discussion I can be passionate and all but when we had to present I chickened out.

Fast was for development but once the New East Company gave bribery, and then Fast changed his mind.

Next activity was disabled people. Blind, mute and hand paralyzed. Mute can touch the person. Hand paralyzed can only talk but cannot hold people. Bomb everywhere. Guide everyone to get to the other side.
Mute is the most helpful because can have contact, raise someone's leg and guide it. Paralyzed could speak but sometimes their instruction are not so clear. The person who gets bombed then becomes a bomb at the place he/she died. Blind could speak but did not because wanted to focus and listen.

Debrief of disabled: In life we got to have friends to help us. Even though everyone has a weakness but we can work together to finish the journey...sama-sama melengkapi.
Stick to your principles, be sure of what you want to do, who do you want to follow/listen to...recognize who's your friend or foe. The choices you make will affect your life. Don't be on top by standing on others. You are telling people about yourself by what you do. Keep on improving.
Don't do silly mistakes, it can be avoided. Don't do things at bare minimum ( cukup syarat, sudahlah...not good).

Tazz read our resume and told us that we must spend time with people, everyone also is busy, not only you. If you don't want to spend time with people then people also won't want to spend time with you. If you feel they are not important then they too will feel that you are not important. When you got friends you feel good. People always use BUSY as an excuse. How are people going to remember you when you die?

Kejayaan datang dari doa dan restu ibu bapa.
Kita kalah bukan kerana musuh hebat tetapi kerana tiada perpaduan.

Talent showcase.
Like American idol, enter into room one by one...I entered wrong room, then I said I don't know how to do this, my talent is writing not speaking...then Tazz ask me to read my poem, I said can you read it yourself?...Then Tazz ask which is my best, favourite and why and explain a bit about it. After coming out I felt like a loser, where got people say "can you read it yourself?" to the interviewer? So dumb!
Group 4 had so much fun, singing, taking picture and talking...we can't believe that it's only day 2 but we feel like we knew each other for so long.

3rd day: Blue t-shirt day.
Avoid self doubt, choose friend, friend are reflection of who we are..
Celebrate your achievement. Nick Vujicic hands or legs...

"Thank God my parents didn't know (quadriplegic) until I was born. Doctors would recommend abortion.
When people cheer me up, I say how do you know, you are not in my shoes. 
You can only tell me something if you've been through it.

Perspective: how you see your life? Who are you? Where are you in life?

Disability is something that will hinder you to do something.
No hand and no legs do not mean disability...not if it does not hinder me from doing something.

See what you do have, is it constructive, you can't turn back time.
Daily agenda determine how successful you are. I'm not the only one with something bad in my life.

The doctor said I cannot stand..It’s just their opinion.
Obstacles can become opportunity ...
I got no limbs but it's not impossible. Don’t give up. Find your strength to get up. Finish strong."

Campus Proposal activity. Solve national problem, nurturing community practical, enhance leadership skill, creative and fun, and generate income, unique and catchy tagline....
Pack up and then present...

Exam: how to fulfil TAR’s mandate addressed to the youth, Leadership Action plan for 5 years..write in English your action plan and then in BM what or how you are going to make sure your plan come to reality in 5 years.

Conquer yourself, not the mountain...Event + Response = Outcome.
Emotional decision is not successful. Everyone has a choice.
Softball vs. Hardball...will you bounce back after you are pushed/fall? Conquer your fear, move on positively.
Hati kita menerangi perjalanan hidup. Many people regret for not following their hunches/intuition. 
Lagi tenang hati, lebih banyak penunjuk. Always ask for forgiveness and forgive people.
Marble n tile story moral: terima kesakitan of diukur n the outcome is good...painful journey but end product is beautiful. When you fall and terima the pukulan hebat, endure pain and learn n grow. This makes you greater n more successful.
Emperor and twin story: A twin served an emperor, the younger one an advisor while the elder one a boat paddler. The elder got jealous and the emperor hear of it, the emperor called in the elder bro then asked the elder bro if he heard something. Elder bro said yes, then the emperor asked the elder bro to go n see what is it. The elder bro paddled hard and saw a dog delivering puppies. Then he paddles back and hurried to tell the emperor. Then the emperor asked how many puppies were delivered? The elder bro paddled again and saw 6 puppies and came back to tell the emperor. The emperor asked how many male pups? The elder bro paddled again and went back to report that 4 male pups were born. Emperor asked what color is the pups. The elder bro once again went to paddle and came back saying there's 5 brown and 1 black. Then the emperor said you must be tired, rest here. Then the emperor called the younger bro and asked if he heard something. Yes, he answered and then the emperor asked him to find out. The younger bro hired someone to paddle the boat and then after sometime, he came back and told the emperor that a dog was giving birth, there's 4 male and 2 female, 5 brown and 1 black, and the father looked very excited...
Moral of the story: See the whole picture before making decision, take time and don't rush. There's a difference between someone who is a leader and someone who thinks he/she can be a leader...

Hui, Mai, Hilda, Kam, Asma
picture credits to Lim Shu Hui, our team photographer :)
she's on the left :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

bleep week 2

today's bleep test with the softball team was level 8.8
i'm amazed by the big improvement of the handball team...from level 5 to level 7 in just one week. that's huge leh...and it's not just one person but majority of the team improved their bleep test results...that's really great.
my improvement was not so dramatic...of cause i'm disappointed la.
Our softball training period is longer but at a lower intensity. Softball trains 4 times a day. 6am jog and fitness which i am in charge of. After breakfast about 8.45am, we go to the field and practice then go for lunch. In the evening about 3.30pm we have training till 6pm, then dinner. Night training at 8pm-11.30pm. less running, more twisting and technical skill.

but handball training is just in the morning after breakfast about 9am-11am. evening 5pm-6.30pm. night 9pm-10.30pm...higher intensity and more running.

so my conclusion is that it's the quality and not the quantity.

at the moment i join handball in the evening only and softball for early morning, morning and night.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

bleep week 1 handball masum

aiya, bleep test result saya turun la...
before this level 8.10, today level 8.4 only...that's 6 runs...haiz so lousy la u Hilda.
Today's bleep test was for the Masum Handball team's latihan berpusat. Every week, each team must do bleep test as our centralized training content.