Friday, July 30, 2010

camera :)

heys all. what have you been up to?

I don't like my 'Anatomy and Physiology' lecturer, he changed the time table! ;'(
Now i got night classes on Tuesdays...7.45pm-11pm...meaning, bye bye tuesday rugby practices...boohoohoo.
btw tuesday rugby prac is at 5.30pm-8pm.

I've been attending the UM CF...fridays 12.30pm at Geology faculty. Met RBS Ruth there.

Apparently everyday at 5pm-7pm the sports management students have to do sports, so our lecturer cannot have classes in the evening loh.

My elder bro Tommy gave me a camera! Yay! Now i have a camera :) BUT erm, what's the use of the camera if i don't use it right? So, i guess i gotta start snapping some pics..err, any idea on what to take pics of?

Guys coming after me..i don't know how to respond...clueless about this sort of stuffs. ATM, just act like normal.

I don't know why Prince has been very supportive and exceptionally kind and good to me...What happened to my younger bro la? Is it cause he sort of misses me? haha, perasan betul! Maybe cause he know's that i'm sort of straying away from my Redeemer?

Something changed in me..Since i entered Uni, i easily tear. I try to conceal it from public view...Why the sudden emo-ness? Cultural shock perhaps?

I'm still sort of like a lone ranger in uni...almost anti-social. Do things alone. suddenly disappear... I've changed! Is it due to ignoring my God?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

report of GZ

I'm back I'm back from Guangzhou..
fun:) tiring and a few things learned.

i found out that i got airsickness...mabuk udara.. headache and feel like vomitting!
haiyo, so pathetic la.

i found out that in 15's we want to receive the kick-off but in a 7s game we want to kick-off. In a 15s game, there's more players and we want to commit and go for tackles but in a 7s game we want to avoid contact and we want the ball to stay alive.

I found out that not everyone in China can speak Cantonese. I also found out that Mandarin is the school medium there.

last year's ranking :
3. Kazakhstan
7. HK
8.Chinese Taipei
9. Singapore
11. Laos
12. Malaysia
13. India

Philippines, Japan, Korea didn't participate in last year's tournament...They are not new teams, they just didn't take part in this competition last year.
This year, some countries didn't take part too, there's why you see some rankings not filled. If i'm not mistaken, last year there was about 16 teams.

this year's ranking
Our target and goal of improving our ranking was achieved. We are now ranked 10th in the Asian Women's 7s 2010 (previously 12th). Whether we're selected for the Asian Games remain unknown until we are informed by the organisers in due course.

Asian Women's 7s 2010 ranking:
13th Korea
12th Laos
11th India
10th Malaysia
9th Philippines
8th Uzbekistan
7th Taiwan
6th Singapore
5th Hong Kong
4th Japan
3rd Thailand
2nd Kazakhstan
1st China

here's part of the tour report. credits to coach Haflil. edited by me.
friday 23rd july 2010.
Met at LCCT at 3am. Reached Guangzhou at 9.35am. We were greeted by our liaison, a really sweet tall young girl, who thought her name was too complicated to us so she decided to give herself an English name the night before so that it would be easier for us... Melody. She proceeded to give us a 2-page essay about herself as an introduction. One of the passages of her essay reads as follows:

"Because of the culture shock, I may unpurposely say something that you think offends you... And I will try my best to avoid it from happening, and have a wonderful time getting alone with you."

The bus took us to an island called the "mega higher learning" island where 7 universities are located in it! The island was populated mostly by students. We reached one of the university hotels, checked-in, had lunch, and slept.

We were given a special room for meals with 2 huge round dining tables and were served with food like you get in a Chinese wedding dinner (around 8 courses) - 3 times a day! Simply awesome...

At 5pm we proceeded to the stadium for acclamatisation training. The stadium was almost a copy perfect of the Hong Kong stadium with super thick grass which was more comfy to sleep on than our hotel beds.

Then it was dinner and off to bed... except for the Team Manager, "Couch" and Team Doctor who waited for the last player, Tasha, to arrive from Bali.

Game face on, 8-course breakfast eaten, off to the field!

We were informed that this tournament was the trial run of the ASIAN GAMES 2010 in Guangzhou to be held in November. So we were actually using the facilities of the actual ASIAN GAMES!... and watched part of the opening/closing ceremonies. Dr. Choong had a good time taking videos of the rehearsals.

With a bit of logistical issues, we managed to settle down and get ready for our first game.

Malaysia vs Japan
We were not expecting much from this game except to serve as a warm-up game, to settle our nerves and to keep the scoreline as low as we can. Japan was a much better outfit of course and had ball possession around 90% of the time. When he had possession, we lost most of it in our lineouts and scrums. Final score 52-00. Japan won.

Malaysia vs Uzbekistan
On the management side, we thought that this game was one of our best game of the tournament in terms of how 7s should be played. The Uzbeks were of course like giants and wanted to play in close quarters. We kept the ball flowing out wide all the time, and when we saw space, we went for it. But we couldn't convert our breaks into points as they were fast enough to provide cover defence. Possession was 50-50 in this game! Our defence was up in their faces and we collected a lot of fumbles from the pressure. 34-00. Uzbekistan won.

Malaysia vs Laos (Grudge Match)
We lost to Laos twice last year in Pattaya. It was time to exact revenge. Last game of the day and the players were all fired up.Overall, everyone played really well as a TEAM in this game. Great runs, great support and great passes. 19-00. Malaysia won.

In the evening, Aki suggested that all of us grab a 2-seater bicycle and cycle around the island for an hour... which we all did... but it was more a race and almost got knocked down by cars, lorries and other bicycles... the amount of noise created by us got everyone there out of their hostels... everyone slept happy after that.

Since we were ranked the top of the bottom qualifiers, we did not have to play the play-offs games in the morning. Our first game was at 2pm. We did not know who we were going to play against until 12pm. When we were told it would be India, everyone's game face turned on immediately... as we knew we had to win this one... no matter what.

Malaysia vs India (Super Grudge Match)
Not much was spoken in the bus trip to the stadium, in the changing room and during warm-up. Everyone was super serious. A bit of history: we beat them twice in Pattaya, they beat us twice in Borneo. All 4 games had some ugly violence in them.

We kicked off to India. Our defence was up quick and smashed every India player as soon as she had the ball. Final score was 17-07. Malaysia won.

Malaysia vs Philippines (Bowl Finals)
Unbeknownst to the team, Philippines had earlier trashed Laos 40-00. This only the management knew. The players were all ready to play in the finals and were all fired up once again.

Philippines posed a bigger challenge than Laos or India. They were more structured, bigger and faster. Nonetheless, we maintained good strong pressure at kick off and Philippines was forced to play a kicking game which they outran us at times. Some lapses of concentration on our part created gaps between the our centre and winger which they exploited and scored from.Final score 22-00. Philippines won.

After the bowl finals, we watched the rest of the remaining finals, and more photo taking with the other teams of the tournament (except India). Then dinner, video session, Kangaroo Court.

MONDAY 26th JULY 2010
We hit the streets of Guangzhou. More tiring than the 2 tournament days! Flight was delayed so we took more photos of ourselves... we arrived safely back at LCCT on Tuesday 27th July 2.35am.

Monday, July 19, 2010

basic info

heys people, especially you! Yeaps i mean you, my super big fan Mellisa Wong :)

I have 3 roommates. One is Ru Shan a bio med student who is a year younger and don't talk much.
Another is Fiona aka Yen Ping who's a music student...piano and violin, she has mood swings almost everyday..haha.
Next is Akiko, she's taking computer science. Half Japanese and half Melanau, very interesting girl...almost as crazy as me..hehe.

My nick name that my room mates gave me is "Smelly Girl"...
Why? It's a very simple explanation. I am taking a degree in sports management...SPoRTs = SwEaT...and I don't really like to bath...hehe.

The subjects under my course for this semester is
1. Sejarah dan Falsafah Sukan
2. Teori² Pengurusan dan Organisasi
3. Asas Sains Eksesais
4. Fungsi Anatomi dan Fisiologi.
5. Kemahiran Maklumat.

My earliest class is at 9am and my latest class is at 10pm.

Almost every evening, there's sports activity.

The washing machine here eats money. is normal for the washing machine to be spoilt.
So, take home and wash or you hand wash everyday. Sometimes, after your clothes are washed, you got no place to hang/dry the clothes...haha, who ask you to wash your clothes on the day that everyone else also wash their clothes!
When it rains, all the clothes get wet...hahahahahahahaha.

Food is all on our own...each time makan must pay la...wah, now every sen also important. Suddenly we learn how to appreciate money :P
I thank God that we don't have to buy water..there's a water :)

There's a common bathroom in each level/floor, there's about 4 toilet cubicle and 8 bathrooms only. Each floor/aras/level got 20 rooms, each room 4 person so that means 80 people share 4 toilet cubicle and 8 bathrooms...haha.There's a common iron and electrical kettle..we are not allowed to bring our own iron nor kettle.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Getting on9 is a bit time is limited to office hours in Pusat Sukan. There's a Cyber cafe at only rm2 in my kolej kediaman 11...i don't use very important now ma...most of my seniors said ptptn is not enough and if your parent's income is higher than rm2000, you can only get half loan or quarter loan from ptptn la.

Classes has started and assignments are given already. No more handwritten paperwork now. Everything is typed and printed so a notebook will make life easier la. Unlucky me, i don't own one yet. So, it's time to fight to use the computer at our faculty la. My faculty is called Pusat Sukan and fortunately it is just right in front of my college :)
Another place to fight for computer is the main library which is about 30 minutes away from my college.
Of cause for people who don't mind paying to use the computer, they can go straight to the Cyber cafe loh.

I like my lecturers cause the classes is not boring. but they talk too fast la...

Not many people take comprehensive notes in class, so it will be a bit tough for me if i do miss a class.

I applied to enrol into the Reserve Navy(PALAPES Laut). today was my fitness test.
there was filling up forms, something like static chin up but body placed diagonal so it was arm muscle job la( i did 4 minutes), after that was as many sit ups in 1 minutes( 53 in 60seconds), then was static long jump( i did 2.1meter only), after that was 10m run repeatedly 4times...i dono what's the time. Next was run 2.4km( i did 9.49 minutes la)

This is just the first level, next will be medical checkup, interview and many many more process before i will finally find out if i got into the reserve navy.

fyi: i always wanted to be in the army( tv influence..haha), but since my elder bro is in the army so i choose the navy.

btw, i'm selected into the women rugby 7s national team la..i'll be flying to Guangzhou on 23.7.10(fri) 5am la and returning on 27.7.10 at 12.45am.

wish me the best.

i would like to express my gratitude to all those who secretly sponsored me so that i can go to GZ, china.

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.

i would also wanna thank those who taught me and believed in me.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

she lives

hey hey people~
it almost seems like I'm back from the dead!
here's some short update...

i'm now a student at Universiti Malaya doing sports science(sports management). I'm staying in the hostel there. In UM, we called our hostel Kolej Kediaman(KK). At the moment i'm at KK 11 aka Kolej Ungku Aziz(KUAZ). There's 20 rooms a floor/level and in each room there's 4 students la.

Orientation week was crazy tiring..activity finish around 12/12.30am and activity starts at 5.30am. There was a lot of sports and not much info or tour around the uni.

Life in Uni is a bit different. will tell you about it next time.

BTW, i got into the rugby 7's national team...going for KEJOHANAN RAGBI ASIA 7'S in Guangzhao, China on 23-27th july 2010.
My recent bleep test is 8.3 :)