Saturday, November 19, 2011

tug of war gold

I never thought I'll be one of the main player in tug of war aka tarik tali.
It never cross my mind to join tarik tali for SUKan Mahasiswa Universiti Malaya(SUKMUM) - university sports month.

I registered my name only for Ladies Hockey this year but somehow my name went to softball, handball, tug of war and just yesterday futsal. Will tell you about hockey experience in the next post...back to tarik tali.

Some of you know I'm a yes-man so you ajak me, I go la. You appoint me, I do loh...

Tarik tali was so unexpected one la cause I'm so small and light but they were really desperate and needed numbers so I agreed. I even went to all the training despite having rugby trainings. I learn a lot and no longer think that tarik tali is a sport which requires no skill. So many techniques to learn, body mechanism/bio-mechanics to learn. Our coach is a very calm but knowledgeable man in this area.

In secondary and primary school, we just pull pull pull and "pacak" our heels on the ground, or the cheating skill would be keep turning the tali.

I'm currently in 5th residential college, and I don't know why all the big size girls don't want to enter tug of war until this small and light girl have to play tug of war. As the smallest and lightest in the team, of cause I don't think I can be a main player, I would just be a substitute player. Just to fill in the numbers. We learn a lof of techniques. We only this week on monday, tues and wed,on thurs we had a friendly game with 4th college and friday we had a debrief of our friendly game with a correction and touch up light training session. Then saturday aka today is our competition.

friendly with 4th. Their ladies were very heavy people and reality looked like we can't win a single time, but we were gonna give them a fight before we go down. The first round we were losing and just a but more to lose but they lost their fitness/stamina and so we just pull and won! Yes, we did the impossible! We just have to hold on and wait for the enemy to get tired! Then the second time we lost and we realize previously we might have won because the ground on one of the side is slippery. After a rest we re-matched and it was draw again. This time it confirmed that every team that plays on the particular side lost. After a while, we did the last round and winner takes all, they won.
Haha, so we don't know actually who's stronger, but we do know they have more weight and the place was a winning factor. At least we have the taste of what tomorrow would be like.<-referring to the experience of pulling the tali with opposition.

Kira ask me to join the college ladies Futsal team because there are not enough players. Had a futsal training of 1 hour yesterday night. today is futsal also, This means today I had to rush to 2 places. Futsal at 5th college  court and tarik tali at varsity field. Thank God Kira had a car.

Today 7am we assemble and walk to the field, strap up, team talk, warm up and then me, Kira and Atiq rush back to fifth because the new schedule said futsal first. After futsal, we rush back to the field, sweating and catching our breathe and then straight away had to measure weight(i add on 1 kg) and then tarik the tali. I was surprised because I was a player, not a substitute. (Ok, maybe coach wants me to have game experience so put me in the first game). Looking at all the other colleges, their ladies are bigger and their group weight were much heavier than our team. So we were not medal prospects and we didn't really expect to win any game. But with applying all the technique and knowledge that coach taught us, We Won!
Then after a while, we had to rush back to college for futsal. After futsal, we rush back to the field cause tarik tali coach request me to be one of the main player. We won again! We may not have the weight but we have techniques, strategy and knowledge! :)

Back to college for futsal, then we receive a call to rush back to the field because this is a crucial tarik tali match, It's with the heaviest team (9th college) and I was informed that I'm suppose to play this round too. So after futsal 1st half, we wanted to leave but then the futsal team needed us, so we stayed on the 2nd half. But we couldn't reach in time so a heavier girl played in my place. We expected to lose in this round. It was very tight, 1st round we lost, then 2nd round we won...3rd round we won easily because everyone applied the knowledge properly.

No more futsal.Took our weight again then Tarik tali semi finals, I'm a player again. we won.

measure weight and then Finals with 9th college. Coach wanted to put me in but I was thinking previously when we went against 9th, I wasn't playing. So maybe we won because of the weight? coach sais he wants me in because i got the proper technique. I told coach the other girl that ganti-ed me previously was 20 kg heavier than me so the team would lose 20 kg if I play. Coach reluctantly said, go have a team discussion then tell the manager the team's decision. So I call the girls and I told them "In the game with 9th college I takde, then if I play this time, the team will lose 20kg cause I'm 52kg only. So you all still want me in or you nak letak someone heavier? I tak kisah, I want to win, so let's do what's best for the team. I say put someone heavier to substitute me. Jangan fikir saya, fikir team, kita nak menang!" The team agreed with me.

THE FINALS: first round we almost won, just a bit more but suddenly a lot of girls fell down and so we lost it.When we lost, coach look at me, "sebab u la kita kalah, sebab u tak masuk"  Second time we won (or is it the other way around?). 3rd round we won! YES, We are the Champions! we did it! UNDERDOGS! DARK HORSES! WILD CARD!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

exhibition match at Cobra 10s

Sunday 13th Nov, The Dingoes did an exhibition match at the Cobra 10s. It was ok la... 7s a side. My team was mostly backline while the other team were mostly forwards.
What I remember during this match was I pancit after the first 4 minutes. Usually I can last 7 minutes but this time really no more stamina. WHY? My hypothesis is that ICE and CHILLI really affects our stamina. I started eating chilli food and having drinks with ice since tuesday 8 nov. Test number 1 conclusion accepted. Maybe somewhere in the future, I'll conduct test 2 and 3 to see if the research is replicable or maybe ask people who usually drink ice and take chilli to stop ice and chilli for 6 days and see whether their stamina/fitness is affected?

After I got home, my elder bro and elder sis decided to play rain...ya, I join them lo.

yesterday I had a test and today I had a test.
Yesterday's test was a surprise cause only when I went to class did I find out that there's a test. Aiyoh, so my marks also low la.. 29/40. Meaning to get an A in my finals I need full marks...Haiz...there goes one A.

Second test was today morning. 1 hour to do 5 subjective questions. Quite direct but I messed up the explanation at least 3 marks gone out of the 20 marks...

A senior called me an old auntie like a recording tape, All I meant was to remind but I guess maybe she didn't need it so maybe next time I'll try not to remind people...I felt a bit insulted...

As many of you know, I moved to a new residential college (will be known as college after this), so I don't know anybody except my course mates and a few masum players. Somehow my name was spread to Tarik Tali...haha and just yesterday I received news that I am the girls hockey captain. I have to find more players and arrange training and find a manager. How am I gonna do that? I don't know people in 5th because I'm anti-social and I don't know much about 5th college. I only know my room, the dewan makan, office and that's about it. Aiyo,why don't u ask a local to be captain? Argh!!!!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011


yesterday my elder bro asked me, how much do expect to earn after I grad? I said 2k.
Then he told me, as a degree holder I should at least expect 2.5k, that's the market price for us.

Then I told him, if I even get a job, I'd be very grateful already loh, nowadays the news is so many graduates no job because they are too choosy/picky.

My bro said...can you accept if your bosses or colleagues earn higher than us,  but their education level  is just PMR/SPM. They don't even OWE the government (PTPTN). We learn so hard, and have assignment, studying, exam, use so much money/owe the government, so much time and energy in studying, how many years we study<-is it worth it to come out and work for less than 2.5k? Their money earn use for self but we have to pay back gov... Sort of like a LOSE-LOSE to continue studies in higher level. What we learn in University is most of the time not applicable in real life living/working situation.

Well, I guess that explains why graduates are picky?

I'm a very simple girl, always grateful and mindful that I don't deserve anything, and that there's always someone better than me, get anything kira very lucky already loh...Names is another problem in Uni...

Those of you know knows Mun Foong would be very surprised...What happen to the girl who was very brave, proud and stubborn? Very confident and everything is hers/her right? The very cool senior that knew all her juniors...

People, I think she died after 2007.

I'm sure some of you can recall an incident in 2007 where everything was pointing towards her getting something but out of the blue, everything went wrong and that seriously broke her confidence, self esteem, self worth and push her to the verge of demoralized. Something that really meant the whole world to her was taken away by unacceptable reasons; "Girls cannot be leaders" and "because you are not a prefect"...??

Since that, Mun Foong ceased to exist bits by bits into this pathetic, everything goes, I'll be lucky if I even get...
In the past I could remember and knew all my juniors but starting in form 6, I no longer wanted to know everyone, I just wanted to be by myself, living in my own world, minding my own business and couldn't care less about knowing people or remembering names.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Singapore Cricket Club organizes rugby 7s tournament each year.
This year SCC 7s started on a Friday so we had to travel to Singapore on a thursday.
Usually we travel together or by a bus but this time it was not that organized as many problems arose since the tournament was on Hari Raya Haji. Anyway, only 4 women teams this year: Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Singapore Barbarians. Singapore Barbarians were the development team. (<--click for results in pool stage)
Our first game with Singapore national. Not too bad, we defended ok, lost 3 tries in 14 minutes.
Second game was the best game so far that we ever played. We were so close the try line but unfortunately some clumsy mistake brought Singapore Barbarians to steal the ball and score. Our own mistakes and they utilised it wisely. I managed to grab a singaporean winger's shirt and tackle her so to say prevent a try. (my only achievement). But I got confused with the calls because there's a normal bola satu move and the backline's bola satu move. So I didn't know which bola satu Bibi was calling for. Bibi got really irritated and hit my head.
Third game against Indonesia, was a really bad play. We had a kelam-kabut game and couldn't score anything. A lousy draw...
We had  a few crappy referees and many knock ons, holding on the ball, not coming from channel, not proper ball tapping, forward, playing ball on ground but ref didn't call. Even knock on near the try line. Aish, so terrible...
A few prominent members did some grave mistakes too, maybe due to lack of attending training that they forgot how to utilise the rules.
Coach Mamak said don't be too predictable...

Aiyo, the emo personality came onto me...beating myself up for getting confused over bola satu and being a liability to the team. I changed the team dynamics of the great 2nd game into a worse 3rd game. Of cause I try to hide the tears but it just trickled down...
We stayed at POW backpackers. Prince of Wales backpackers. Quite canggih door system but no internet connection. We had captain session.
Why I always cry? Ish!

Su fractured her hand. Bibi apologized but I don't blame her cause it really was my fault and it's normal to get scolding in team sport.

Shima's son born.
(click for result in competition stage)
Next day we were up against Singapore Barbarians. First half just defending. Second half we manage to score a try. we were leading 5-0 but a few clumsy mistakes they drew with us 5-5. Then time finished but ball still in play and the Barbarians managed to steal a try so it's 12-5...Eventhough time over but if ball still not out a team can lose...SO close to the final but tough luck...

Liyana didn't play cause the injured her foot...need to x-ray it soon...

I was disappointed when our team were so tired that they didn't chase the girl running to score a try. No doubt that girl passed all our defense but as long as the ball is not grounded yet, we have an opportunity to push her out or at least block her from grounding the ball under the H so that they have lesser chance of getting a successful conversion kick.

Finals in the plate against Indonesia. Game with Indonesia. We didn't play to our potential and they somehow got to score a try. Once again nobody block the girl from scoring under the H, luckily the conversion kick didn't enter even though it was under the H. Anyway, we scored and got a successful conversion so it was a 7-5. When time was over, we were just 3 meters near the try line but Bibi kick the ball out just to be safe. The risk was that if we continued, the previous game with Barbarians might repeat... opposition scored although time over because ball still in play.

The indonesia team were actually the national basketball team O.o, so fitness and speed is good.

We just received our new balls ( 2 balls) today but we left it on the field when we went to collect out silverware..then the ballboys said it is the clubs ball and we have no proof that those balls were ours...Aiyoyo.

Walked to MRT city hall and MRT-ed to Kranji.About $3 Singapore dollars. Took bus 170 to JB checkpoint at $1.30 Sing dollars. Followed someone's car all the way back...journey by car from JB took 5 hours.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

miraculous knee

Psalm 100

A psalm. For giving grateful praise.
 1 Shout for joy to the LORD, all the earth.
 2 Worship the LORD with gladness;
   come before him with joyful songs.
3 Know that the LORD is God.
   It is he who made us, and we are his[a];
   we are his people, the sheep of his pasture.
 4 Enter his gates with thanksgiving
   and his courts with praise;
   give thanks to him and praise his name.
5 For the LORD is good and his love endures forever;
   his faithfulness continues through all generations.

miracle? Healed but doctor surprised....
A month ago, my knee gave problem...On the 26th sep, the sports clinic doctor said something like patella cartilage slightly injured. If not treated may lead to arthritis then if very serious must do operation...
Crazy! Anyway she showed me 6 exercises to do daily 60 repetition...

I didn't complete 60...even reaching 30 repetition is tiring. And I didn't do it everyday

So anyway today's check up,a different doctor examined me cause the previous doctor does not work on Wednesday. Back to the story...the doctor examined me and did a few simple test and there was no sign or pain or injury...Huhu..This doc was surprised and had a surprised facial expression...she kept rechecking the previous doctor's note on me...She said I'm ok (her tone was very surprised)...I guess she was expecting me to still have pain...(i guess she must be thinking, did the previous doctor diagnose me properly?)

I'm sure it's a miracle...It is like as though I wasn't even injured on my knee...

 God is Good ALL the time. Not when God feel like it. Being good is God's nature.

matthew 5:45 He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous