Friday, October 29, 2010

silly me

Let me tell you of the silliest mistake i did this year!

My camera was inside the washing machine without me realizing.
It was in from the beginning of the wash all the way to the end. A full wash of 80 minutes. Turbo dry. Medium water pressure. Not to forget that there was Detergent mixture in the wash too.

My camera was full with battery and memory card. Wrapped inside the camera cover.

I guess the fact that the camera was inside the cover, so less damaged by the spinning and less impact on the camera body especially the screen.

How did it get into the washing machine? I left my camera in my laundry bag. I just chuck out all the content of the bag into the washing machine. My camera was the last to be put inside the bag therefore the first to fall inside the washing machine and the weight of the camera help it get to the bottom part of the washing machine.

bottom part means the first to be immersed in water and therefore the longest period to be immersed in water.

Only when i was taking out the clothes to be dried did I see my camera! how?
Take out the battery and memory card... let all 3 dry. Didn't touch it for a week already. Battery sort of rusted. Buy new battery. Luckily i Didn't use rechargeable battery or not really wasteful to throw the battery away loh. Can on but cannot function normal thus meaning not dry enough la. Gonna leave it for 1 more week to dry

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Ptptn money has come in :)
but my account is not fully cleared :(
Ptptn didn't pay rm260.40...
This UM also quite bad one, first say they won't charge if we add and drop course during the add and drop period...see, see, they bluff only. Besides that, Suddenly only UM charge extra for pelarasan and extra tuition fee for the added subject discreetly, no notification.
In the beginning UM charged about RM2400++, then now suddenly UM charging me RM 2600.

Um website also one more thing, one page said i owe nothing, another page said i owe rm1.60, Another page said i owe rm260.40. I also don't know which one to believe but better langsaikan the biggest amount to be safe la.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Today was my first day in University where i was not paying attention in class. I felt so sleepy and didn't want to sleep in class. Fighting the sleepy feeling and trying my best to stay awake meant focusing more on not falling asleep rather than focusing in class. I felt like i was not respecting the lecturer. I feel sad and guilty.

Don't get me wrong, the class was not boring. It was a Wednesday. Palapes day meaning wake up at 5pm and full day of classes till night at 10pm ish. Tired, sleepy.
Fighting the urge to sleep is tough!

There was a fire drill again in University but this time, it was at my faculty: sports centre.

Assignment, assignment. Something to comment about! My group was the last to pass up the assignment and we passed it up LATE! The lecturer asked me why? My group was the first to get the assignment but last and late to pass it up.

My tears in my eyes were so ready to flood down. ;'(

My group is made up of 3 members; me and 2 guys.

My group have not even printed out the assignment! I felt like a really unlucky person.
Do you know why? Well, I already did my part and gave it to my other team members to edit or add pictures or combined with whatever they were to do or come up with. I gave the info last month already! Last month!

Every time I ask them to meet up to discus or find info, they will have fantastic reasons and tell me not to worry la...They are very busy with their own uni life activities...Happening people...haha. So, I just take my own initiative to do whatever I can.

Last week I reminded them that we have to pass up the project today. They didn't seem to care, "Aiyah, still got time lah"

Yesterday, I reminded them to print out. Then one of the guy keep sms-ing me, asking me what to do. I was like,"Hello! I did my part, now it's your turn to do yours. The least you can do is find some pictures. Use your rational la, do whatever you want to do. Please stop asking me what to print and what to do. Every single thing also ask me. Like as though I'm a bossy perfectionist and everything need my permission and it's my masterpiece."

Actually maybe, he wants to be spoon fed or if anything goes wrong, can just say "Hilda suruh"

Today morning in class, when everyone was handing up the project, my group not yet even print out!

You know what? Both the boys didn't do anything! On top of that, one of the guy deleted my document from his pen drive...luckily the other guy and I still had the soft copy in ours. I also thank God the lecturer gave us 20 minutes break. So print the at least 3/4 of the assignment! Didn't print out in color some more! Haiz! Due to the unprinted methodology and front cover, so we still could not hand in the project.

During the break, they kept asking me what to do and what to print...I feel frustrated inside but outwardly i kept my cool and didn't show it.

After everyone except us handed in their assignment, they had to do presentation verbally and I was so ready for it but the lecturer didn't let our group, because we did not pass up the assignment yet and most probably my fellow group mates would not be able to answer any question or explain anything about our presentation since they didn't do anything...I felt really down ;( :( XC

after a few hours when the class was over, we handed in everything i did. What they did? Last second(not even minute) of Finding UM logo, writing our names on the front cover and pay for the project printing!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

life is like rugby

Either you play as a team or you will die as individuals!
This is from a sky sports advertistment for rugby, it's based on a speech by Al pachino from any given sunday and adapted for rugby.

Monday, October 18, 2010

softball vs rugby

heys all, UM's internet has been quite bad. Anyways, I played softball for my college on Saturday n sunday (16,17 oct 2010). We got third place.
To be honest, i was the worst in catching balls and throwing balls in my team. Not enough people, so I was selected loh.

I came out with my theory that softball is more dangerous than rugby. I sprain both my ankle, and scape my right knee...sliding to home base when opponent standing or sitting on the home base without the ball. So, terseliuh ankle n terkikis skin...

Another incident is the flyball landed on a pitcher's head. OUCH! tears all flooded out.

Softball ball is hard and small. It is often hit by the bat or thrown by hand, in both cases the fast traveling of the ball increases the pain level if one gets in contact with the ball with no protection.

Whereas in rugby, the ball is bigger and even if thrown or kick at a high speed, the pain caused by direct contact without protection is less compared to the softball ball.
Ok, rugby is a lot of contact with people...i think people contact is still less dangerous than a hardball hitting you at a high speed lor.

so here's the question,
which is more dangerous?
A small hard ball flying at you at a high speed or people trying to make you fall to the ground?

Monday, October 11, 2010

nike 10 km city run

Nike 10km city run.
KL vs Singapore.i was a volunteer.Arrived at KLCC area at 10.30pm.registration.Given a crew card. Must keep it properly cause use that card to collect pay later after the whole event is over!
Got supper and free flow of drinks. Free pastry too.
there was songs, movie and
some people slept, too tired i guess...

Fireworks because 10.10.2010

Sher Ai briefing us...
Briefing was funny. Universal language is smile. Don't simply answer if you don't know. If you don't know just smile, say you are a volunteer and you don't know. Don't shout to the police or RELA people even though they don't know much because they are always mesra, cepat dan BETUL! ^^
The gathering into group part was a bit unorganized. anyway, get into groups, distribute breakfast and shirt and crew passes. Disorganized but running out of time so just accept what is given...wrong crew pass..hehecrew pass

I was under water station 3. Move towards the station.It was at the 4km route so both 10km runners and 5 km runners also we met although we were specially located at the 5km route runners.
arrive at water station...Open ice and arrange cups and pour 100 +.waiting for first...everyone had a short nap.

There were pom pom girls there too.

wait for runners and pass them drinks. Cheer them too.

walk back to volunteer gathering area, wait for everyone and then collect money! RM60
rest while waiting for volunteers to come back
lining up to collect RM60 and get this nike icon! XD

Friday, October 8, 2010

I Promise

Test time has come, so far i pass ngam ngam la, now waiting for a few more results then if i do fail as in less than half marks, I will have to go back to Amma's house and run 10x up n down d road with no rest. Because i made a promise with Robin that if I fail any test or exam, i will run 10x up n down the jalan Jejawi non stop. Same goes to Robin if he fails any test or exam he will have to run 10x up and down the whole jalan Jejawi non stop, no rest.

What a promise right? Robin is now 10 years old. He's super confident that he will not fail any subject in his whole life. While I on the other hand do think that I will fail some test in Uni.

this is a picture of Robin Hood

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

uplifting day

Today i received many encouragement and support from my friends through Facebook, they all just tanya khabar but end up telling me not to give up on God.
"When you fall down, get back up smooth like a hero, not like an elephant..LoL."
"Dunno where you are right now, but whatever it is, don't let yourself burnout okay.
i'm not sure what the cause is, but yeah, if you're going through a period of 'dryness'... I'm sure you know, God is still with you, just as He is in other times, and He definitely loves you just the same.

don't let yourself slip away from spending time with the person that loves you most. but don't let yourself feel guilty over not spending enough time with Him etc. He's not a slave driver as far as i know, otherwise I'd be a total failure as well :).

hope things work out for you, and that you'll feel His love for you even at this moment. He loves you unconditionally!"

then today i suddenly felt like going to visit my old blog, i mean my form 6 blog. I was really surprised to see so many comments on one of my blog post and it was mostly in Chinese...all giving me morale support, supporting me. Yen Ping translated the comments for me.thank you.

I feel so terharu that got so many strangers uplifting me and giving me encouragement.

Besides that, the blogpost was written on march 3rd, 2010 but the comments were still flowing till august 20th.

there was some comments that said they feel happy reading my post and can't wait for my next post.

however there were 2-4 comments which were not relevant...the comments on my post were too many that these certain people thought it's a chatbox..LoL.

So, should i revive my form 6 blog by continuing it with Uni life? I motive of the form 6 blog was to condemn my school wor...

Monday, October 4, 2010


Palapes Navy kem induksi was great. Not as teruk as i imagined but turns out my body was not as strong as i imagined it to be.

As i enter Uni life, many things changed.
I don't like to smile anymore...
No semangat anymore..
much thin and less appetite..
easily tear,
almost don't seem to care about things,
Feel like giving up and letting go easily but the voice inside my head tells me, "Come on, you're better than that, you know you still can carry on, Don't give up just because of little things."

To be serious, I wanted to Keluar baris aka Quit Palapes Laut...NOt because of the rigouros activity but simply because of the fact they are trying to Malay-ized me. Must put hand up when they pray, must wear long sleeve, must wear innerwear aka the hand sleeve to cover aurat....maybe next time, they will tell me to wear tudung! Besides that, i also wanted to quit Navy because it really takes away my sports time...Sukmum-->SUKan Mahasiswa UM and rugby trainings or rugby competitions la.

By the way, SUKMUM started already. It's like a month long of sports day...inter college sports la...when i say college i mean the hostel in UM aka Kolej Kediaman(KK). There are 12 KK in UM, I'm living in the 11th. The whole month of October is SUKMUM

People are telling me that I changed and most often these changes they refer to are negative. They said Kecewa, disappointed and sad with me.

I tell you, I'm also kecewa with myself.

I never knew I can change so negative so fast.

Deep inside i know that The main cause of this negative changed is the JOY of my Heart has gone, I neglected HIM.

Friday, October 1, 2010

halau some1 4rm their own room

Wednesday is the most busiest day of my week. The program starts at 6am-->Palapes Watches. There's a bit of kawad and then sing patriotic songs and accouncement, some what like perhimpunan but just PALAPES only...both the army(darat) and the navy(laut).

Then it's followed by a series of class/lectures. Lunch break and then lectures till evening. Break for dinner and then class till 10pm.

Now that's what you call full time student! LoL

So, by the time the day ends, i feel cranky...recently one of my room mate was chatting with her friend through some chat application like skype on a wednesday night all the way to Thurday 3am...About 3am, I told her to go to the study room and chat cause there's no one there. I wanted to sleep la, if she did it on a friday or weekends I really wouldnt mind.

After that, i felt really bad's like I halau-ing a person out of her own room! Maybe I'm selfish and don't know how to tolerate? After all, it is her room, she should be allowed to do whatever she wants.
Now I know that i don't have enough patience...feel really sad and a bit of regret that I did what i did. Need to learn to control myself more.