Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bucks vs Dingoes!

hey hey people, what's up with you all?

erm, no Internet connection so i had not been blogging so frequently d la ;(
Go to Amma's house to use the Internet...when i have to come back late from rugby events also, i will stay over at Amma's house la.

Rugby today against Singapore Bucks team. WE lead in the first half and no scores in the second half at all...

I played full time as a winger...i did my winger job quite bad, mistackled more than 7 times...I also was not observant and loss a ball that Bibi passed to me ;[ , When Nora was running with the ball, i did not support her properly and so she couldn't pass the ball to me loh.
But I joined a many rugs whereby i secured or tried, i did feel a bit productive on the field..hehe.

i did not expect to play on field for the full game...during the second half i was wondering when are the coaches going to substitute me with Tiara? I mean she's a better player than me mah and usually i get sub in the 2nd half la...haha.

Another highlight for me was that when Carmel passed the ball to me, i ran away from being caught, just duck and evade a few Bucks players and then some Bucks players caught me so i pumped my feet and still gained ground, but when a Bucks player in front of me got hold of the ball, i knew that it's no use trying to gain any more ground already cause I'm going to lose the ball, so i tried my best to hold tight to the ball and fall down, it was hard to fall down la...but i managed to do it la...quite fun accomplishing this and it is also my first time pumping successfully! Woohooo!

overall, the results is 12-17...we won.

post game party/celebration...i found out i am so stiff/kayu...cannot dance wan....haha.

ok, next topic work.

Originally i planned to stop work at PappaRich when i get confirmed into Uni la...that is the 3rd week of June.

But after all this rubbish at PappaRich, I told the manager that I'm gonna stop work next month, this month is my last month.


Monday, May 17, 2010

15th may 2010 results

ok ok, the result of my rugby game on Saturday the 15th of may 2010.

Dingoes took a bus to Singapore at 7am on Saturday.

the match was in CCAB (Co-curricular Activities Branch), 21, Evans road. Singapore 259336.

Match was Dingoes against SRC(Singapore Recreational Club). The first try was scored by SRC and then Dingoes scored a try and a conversion kick bringing the first half results to a 7-5.

In the second half, SRC seem to know our calls and read our moves and they scored 2 more tries, failing the conversions. Thus ending the game with SRC 15 and Dingoes 7.

Overall, it was ok la. Better luck next time.


Next work work.

Remember i told you all about the "Love Love issue"?

Crazy la, it is getting worse...

I get sms-es and recently i got a "I love you" message at 2am...and after that a call at 4am just to say "I love you"

I replied, I don't love you.

He replied "Faith dares everything and love bears everything"

then I ignored him and he sms the next day "please can you tell me why you don't love me?"

Another guy keep calling me Darling or Sweetheart. I said I'm not your darling or sweetheart. He replied, I still like you even though you don't like me.

I find it really strange come all the guys in PappaRich are after me?
I mean if it is one or two guys, i understand la but this is all the guys, even the married ones. Seriously, i am not exaggerating...
Is there a bet or a challenge on who can couple with Hilda is it?

BTW, in Papparich, all our phone numbers are displayed...haiz.

Friday, May 14, 2010

i love rugby

recently during rugby trainings, my ankles has been giving me warnings not to overwork it...i mean work standing 6 hours then walk to mom's office and then my legs quite tired..haha. I'm not tired but my legs tired...a few times this week i ALMOST sprain my ankles( means I didn't but ALMOST, got feeling) , so i asked my other fellow winger to play the active winger during trainings.

your body doesn't lie, sometimes you don't know how tired you actually are. Mentally ok but physically not that OK, and sometimes you're in denial or maybe it's just ego that makes you tell yourself that you are not tired.

yesterday during training, i tried to guard-dog but i was too high and so i got hit under my chin and upwards...the path to my ears were pain for a while and also my lips became a bit bengkak/sore.
FIY: guard-dog means you guard the attacking opponent, it'a a defense move la.
Today that part of the lips were purplish color...according to my colleagues it looked like i got into a fight or my BF abused me...haiz...

By the way i'm working as a waitress la, so looks quite important one la...luckily boss didn't see me clearly so i was not sent home...
now i'm thinking, if i get injured and bruised from tomorrow's game, should i go to work the next day?

I'm imagining the conversation with boss on the phone like this:
Boss, I want to come to work and i can come to work, but i'm afraid that you will send me back home because i might scare the customers away....haha.

haiyo, next saturday also got another rugby match la...then how? I mean i will always be in rugby as long as i am eligible la...hehe. Please don't expect me to give up rugby just because of a few bruises or injuries. it's my passion right now la.

my colleague said: this is only bengkak, if break anything then how? STOP rugby la. Please stop playing Rugby la.
I replied: If injured, wait until heal then continue with rugby la..haha.

should i stop work? i mean i already managed to get the amount of money required to sponsor a child's education for a year mah...luckily i am a part timer only, so can suka suka take leave...haha.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

singapore league.

a lot of things i wanted to blog on but the computer was not in my too bad...maybe next time when i'm free la.

erm, still in the midst of shifting, not yet settled...

I got my salary and banked in rm360 into Care Channels account and RM 200 from my salary was graciously given to my mom to "shop for free" session at Mid Valley Megamall...She bought house stuffs la: 2 wardrobes, 1 tv Ariel, a fan and some other stuffs.

Happy Mom's day! Mummy. Kiss and hugs...n "I love you"

btw: care channels (sponsor a child's education for a year), clickon the link to know more about education sponsorship through care channels

yesterday was the "Singapore League", a rugby competition between clubs in singapore and the DINGOES la cause we don't have another malaysia female rugby club started yesterday and will end on 5th june 2010. there's a match almost every saturday. every alternate saturdays the match will be in singapore!

yesterday was against the best singapore club, the "Blacks",
first half score was 12-0, "blacks" had 2 try and 1 conversion
full game score was 22-5, Blacks with all together 4 try and 1 conversion where else Malaysia's club, the DINGOES only managed to get a try.

anyway, good effort, we were good but they were just better la...

FYI: u can click on the link on my blog under the sports link at the right side of the blog on Singapore women rugby union for more info or news about this SINGAPORE LEAGUE.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

end april begin may

YF care groups had a CG outing for the 1st of May. each caregroup were suppose to go bonding on their own la...My cg AGAPE went to Sungai Choh, near Rawang on Friday to stayover and organize the Kids Church Family day the next day akaa SATURDAY.

On the 30th of April(Friday) after work, I met up with Beatrice and we went to my house to wait for Terence. Terence also picked up Kathryn Gan, Nic Liew, Chris Hew...We had loads of lame jokes on the car and some fellowship as well as for some word games in the car...oh ya, not to forget PIZZA! woohoo...thanks you Kathryn and her mom :)
It was quite jammed day Labour day everyone also going somewhere...but anyway, it was fun.

when we reached out destination, we grilled BarBeQued...there was honey, bread n butter, chicken, pork, ribs, beef and lamb, potatoes and chiffon cake :), eat, grill, grill, talk, crap, fellowship, lame jokes. silly games...bully, and then we change and went swimming! Woohoo! so fun, funny and relaxing. Played a ball game in the pool, sat and gossip in the small pool. played in the water till 1am.

went to our chalet, bath and then go to hall for meeting/brainstorming/preparing,/plannig, assigning/creating new games/clues and all for tomorrow's treasure hunt aka Kid's church Family day. Meeting end at 3am.

went back chalet, saw the girls sleeping in air-cond room but no blanket...i was thinking, "haiya, these girls ah, sleep without blanket wan r? So i took the blanket and covered them then i went to sleep in my sleeping bag. Whenever i go to camps, i sleep in my sleeping bag because
1. I lazy to fold the blankets
2. I can't stand cold

Camp tips: always bring slippers, shorts and sleeping bag. haha.

I woke up next day at 8.30am for breakfast and last meeting aka final preparation...Parents arrived, we went to our stations... everything was fun, funny and most things went according to plan. A very big CONGRATULATIONS to CJ for arranging and organizing everything...all AGAPE had to do was to be present! :) We really appreciate all CHENG JIN's efforts.

after the treasure hunt was lunch and then we lepak la...listening music, sleeping, talking, ect. Then after parents gone, we went to the pool again...till 5pm. Enjoyed ourselves a lot.

took group picture and then go home...I reached home at 6pm.

Next event! :) RBS reunion! Residential Bible School 2008.
6.40pm, i walked to the LRT under the rain and then took it to Kelana Jaya station. A station before Kelana jaya was Taman Bahagia, the train stopped/jammed at Taman Bahagia for 7 minutes...malfuntion...haiz...Malaysian Transport System...anyway at kelana jaya, i crossed over and Kee Ken picked me up to Adrian's house.
Grilled there...BBQ again :) haha, then we took the food and drinks to the CLUB and there was a pool there. XD AGAIN!
fellowship, fun, talked about our memories, embarrassing moments and first impressions...all the sweet sweet history which will always remain in our thoughts. REally NIce la...So Fun also...

BUT the sad thing was I missed to see myself on TV la..
Majalah 3, 1st of MAY, Saturday, 9 pm, TV 3
TV3 will be running an exclusive on Women's Rugby in Malaysia at 9pm on Majalah 3.
it was the first section which ran about 15 minutes la :P

Suddenly so famous, people calling and sms-ing me that they saw me on TV...haha. FAMOUS HILDA HEW MUN FOONG.

quite eventful la...LAst day of April till 1st day of MAy was so full with activities and plans...really fun way to start a new month...So, i really enjoyed LABOR DAY!

I give thanks to GOD who enabled me to enjoy all these blessings and I also wanna extend my appreciations for HIM providence ;)