Friday, December 28, 2012


This semester I had an assignment which was quite simple but I felt that if I were to refer to the notes given by the lecturer it would be plagiarism. So, I re-did my assignment about 2 more times till I felt less guilty and to add on to my confidence I uploaded the assignment in TurnItIn and the similarities was only 15 %, 
I'm not sure if that's considered high or not but I was expecting about 80% or more. So, I'm happy.

I searched up some information online which I thought could be relevant, then I was happy with myself for being creative! :)

After that, I incorporated some of my past lecture notes into the assignment and it made me feel much relevant cause I could use the information I have obtained in the past and relate it to my present assignment thus making good use of those information.

I feel great with my assignment...Well, I hope all that hardwork and brainjuice to think of examples, think what would be relevant, think how to link things, think of content and drawing up the skeleton before I did the full assignment will make me have an original and awesome assignment. My thinking effort...LoL

I feel okay if people wanna refer to my notes but I hope they won't take away my originality and brainjuice effort and dump it in their assignment cause then there goes my assignment which has the same example as everybody else and my research become a common point and my linking of past subjects becomes a normal thing. 

I like to refer to other people's work and most of the time I would give them credit by citing the reference. 

Am I jealous because I put so much effort in something but everyone else benefits from it? Am I angry because in the end I'm actually not okay to let people refer to my notes? Does this make me a selfish person? Maybe I would like to be acknowledged that it is I that compiled those information together? Please cite me...LoL, Recognize and Acknowledge me...Or better still, Don't Plagiarize, thank you very much.
It's someone's hardwork and you just take it and claim that it's yours?

I've been caught for copying in primary school standard 1. 
I've been caught for letting others copy in secondary school, Form 5 by my school headmistress.
So, maybe that's why I'm scared of plagiarism?

Saturday, December 22, 2012

everything's there for a purpose.

Hey people, this post is gonna be a bit unsuitable for innocent people but informative for 12 hour sports events athletes.
uncle Oliver and me at the finishing line. :)
12 hour walk is over but the effects of it still isn't over. The chafe (Become or make sore by or as if by rubbing/Tear or wear off the skin or make sore by abrading/Soreness and warmth caused by friction) from the 12 hour walk is still here. Too much friction by skin rubbing against each other.

Last year and previously in Melaka, the chafe was lesser, it was just near the armpit part. Abang Omar taught me to put lotion to decrease the friction, he said vaseline is the best. Sore feet was more intolerable last year compared to this year. 

I thought it was my half sleeveless t-shirt that cause the skin irritation near my armpit so this year i wore full sleeveless but it didn't change anything.

This year, the chafe at the armpit was lesser since I kept applying lotion near my armpit every 4 hours. But there were chafe in other part of my body this year. I had chafe near my inner thigh and bottom and surprisingly under my chest. I experienced less sore feet this year because I changed my shoelace according to which part of my foot felt uncomfortable. Click here for tips on tying shoelaces.

As for the chafe near my chest, it was due to unsuitable sports ladies, if you choose to go for a long period sport, please choose a sports bra which is not too loose nor too tight because the friction of the bra material to your body will create chafe. The effect is not felt during the competition but it is a post-event effect.

After some research on the internet, i found put that the inner tight chafe was due to me shaving my pubic hair. And the chafe near the armpit was due to me shaving my armpit hair. 

So, following this revelation, I found out that the natural things God gives us all has functions. All the hair God gave us is not just decoration but to help prevent chafe, abrasion, lessen friction and of cause more hygienic. In addition to that,  it's our body's first line of defense too.

Pubic hair does have a purpose,  providing cushion against friction that can cause skin abrasion and injury,  protection from bacteria and other unwanted pathogens, and is the visible result of long awaited adolescent hormones, certainly nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. FYI sexual intercourse without pubic hair is more like skin rubbing against skin therefore friction that may bring chafe...

HPV injection. the 1st dose was ok, no pain but numb for a while.
The 2nd dose was pain and the numbness was longer.
Next year i'll take the 3rd injection.

Monday, December 17, 2012

sukmum and putrajaya

it's really been a super duper busy month full of sports.

Hoki SUKMUM first then Putrajaya 12 hour Walk.

Last week I went for the 12 hour walk in Putrajaya. I went there with JohnBen and James.
Met Michelle Chai there too. This year I didn't walk in the style but just a normal walk. My Fastest 1 km was about 8 minutes, while my normal walk was in 12 minutes.
me and JohnBen

The first 2 hours is crucial since it's the when you are the freshest. After that, your time will start to lag. My aim is 18 or 19 place as usual. This year was the first time I didn't feel sleepy. I followed Oliver Ker's pace all the way to reach at least 74km...Oliver's pace was about 9 minutes.

me and Oliver

I rested a few minutes after 2 hours. drank a lot of isotonic drinks, drank a red bull and lotsa water, I also ate while walking. This is the first time I actually ate a lot during the competition.

About 4 am, there was no judges, all went to rest. This is my first time no Disqualified of any rounds...WooHoO!

At about 4.30am I could follow the professional walker pace, maybe cause they were tired. Once I follow their pace, my mental told me don't even think of resting cause you will lose the rhythm..their slow pace was about 7 minutes.

I did 76km with the "angels" and motivaters God sent to encourage me to walk fast....everytime I want to stop/slow down or rest, there was some sort of motivator to push me on so I outdid myself and very surprising I got 9th position instead of 19th or 18th position. That's double of what I expected. WoW!

Sukmum Olahraga...Hidayat was the manager and he never sms or called me for any training. He just put my name in 800m and relay...Wah, so wasted many other acara but he let 5th kosong. I wanted lompat jauh but he said full already. Last year I got medal for 1500m but he choose to put 2 juniors.

On Sukmum day, i found out the girl who he enter for lompat jauh never lompat jauh before and she didn't even practise lompat jauh...Argh!!!!

Then the two girls who ran 1500m, one got 3rd place and another got 7th place... The girl who got 7th place if It was me, I think I can get medal lorh...

4x100m relay. SO rugi la...we got 2nd place but disqualified since we pass before the changing zone...Come on, I'm running, so the next runner has the responsibility of looking at the zone ma...first I thought maybe she gonna run that's why she stand behind yellow line. But she didn't run at all, just stand at the line...Just move one feet then can pass the line edy but she didn't and I as runner who overtook and gain so much advantage cannot think edy whether that yellow line is the starting line or the ending line of the interchange zone....Adui.

4x400m, I just jog all the way and slowly cut everybody. For the heats our time was the fastest. Maybe cause Sarah Choong and Mei Yee didn't run. But in the finals, we got 3rd...Maybe cause I couldn't bring my mind to sprint at the end.
my 4x400m team

4x400 relay champs

800m. I wasn't really expecting anything but I got 3rd place. I was just 1 foot behind Mei Yee. If the length was 801meters then sure I win. But I'm really surprised that I could catch up with Mei Yee so I can imagine that if 1500meter, Can I beat Mei Yip?

When I saw the 400m, I was so angry with Hidayat, Come on, even I can run faster than all of them...Gosh!

This year no walking so no gold medal for me...argh! Walking was cancelled because of time and money constrains from HEP since this year HEP is handling SUKMUM instead of Pusat Sukan.

My new friend Pui Kwan from 9th college, business student

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

silat,MASPS, ASCoN, softball

Silat friendly competition at UKM...
Me and Fast

My first time playing silat olahraga. I couldn't predict which opponent leg will attack/kick so I couldn't block. I was too emotional so I played a very lousy game...

First impression was good- the opponent was scared of me but after seeing my punching and kicking skills can know that I'm a first timer. LoL.
Rewatching my match, I feel so ashamed of my kicks and punches it looked so ridiculous like a sissy punching and kicking.

Malam Anugerah Sukan Pusat Sukan

Montaj included sukipt..10 gold where 5 gold from swimming but no picture or mention of swimming. Wah, swimmers terasa doh! The gimmick was done fully in dark room that we all couldn't see the gimmick. I got anugerah...yay! Lencana Penuh.

Masum Sukan Pantai, I wanna go but the opportunity cost is my wheelchair rugby experience. So I choose to sacrifice masum sukan pantai, Larian Pantai. UM girls group got 4th. All new people. UM guys group got 3rd but Amirul was individual champion. All new guys, if Amirul got 1st but overall get 3rd...means the new guys are really lousy or the other uni can run really fast as a team.
For the girls so rugi because 4th placing out of 4 university. Last year we were quite lousy but out of about 10 teams we got 3rd placing overall.
Click ->result to see last year's result

ASCoN volunteer. Asian Spinal Cord Network Games...Active Camp and Skills. Morning learn how to choose a proper wheelchair.Then as warm up go around the basketball court in circles.Fast and slow. Then played TAG then played Catch the tail, catch the tail caterpillar, then wheelchair race, then moving skills-front, back, side. Balance and jump. how to bounce up when falling backwards. jumping obstacles, going through cones. Going up and down stairs. play ping pong.
Playing basketball on wheelchair means u are lower, so need more strength to score. Moving with wheelchair is very tiring. Hands must be strong.
Suppose to have wheelchair rugby but changed into wheelchair basketball...

Softball Sukmum
Best Umpire :)
clean catch :)

I can't really catch Saly's ball. I'm too slow and I can't see when the ball goes behind. Not many clean catch and very lousy throwing skills gave the opportunity to other teams to steal base and come home...Argh!!!

A new umpire thin dark malay guy...he was a lousy umpire. all the teams that he refereed didn't like him..his judgement is very terrible. Ball call strikes, strikes as ball, safe and die, die as safe, illegal pitch don't call, good pitch call illegal pitch, ask behind whether ball or strike, foul ball and ball dead don't know...Adoi!