Thursday, March 31, 2011

hectic week

Been having a hectic weekend...sleep at 2-3am and wake up at 7am. Falling asleep in classes and falling asleep on my laptop during assignment. Handball practise body is not getting enough rest. Not eating on time cause quite busy with the University life.

Yesterday i was So tired that i couldn't hear all my 3 alarms, went to a class late, wanted to set coundown reminder in 10 minutes but instead set it at 10 hours? Gosh, too exhausted already.

Realised that TNC is not the VC. Timbalan Naib Chancellor is the Deputy Vice Chancellor, not the Vice Chancellor. There are a few TNC's.

Realised that I'm not a good team player, I don't like making decision, I hurt people with my words, I'm quite of a last minute girl.

I put all the blame on myself and always thinking negatively of myself and low self esteem.Often don't trust myself. People can read me easily...i'm not good in hiding my emotions.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

college dinner, bleep

Residential college dinner. Cheong sam and make up, high heels killed my toes.
Mascara is heavy la, my eyes lashes was feeling the weight and kept blinking..LOL. so my Muscles around the eye is not strong enough? haha. Here are some pictures:

Recently, one of my coursemate, Chuah Ming Zhe got injured...My other coursemate, Tor Phi Nn bought, belanja and delivered lunch for him but Nn said I was the one who belanja....Haiz? Why pull me in the picture?

I told you last week that i would go for another bleep test, The supplement were in 3 forms.One person only take 1 form of vitamin C. There were 1 vitamin C tablet or 5 imported oranges or 15 local mandarin oranges. Yeah, you didn't hear wrongly, it's 15! I took the 15 was mentally tiring la, eating so many oranges in class. I felt full and felt like i was gonna vomit soon.
As a preparation I went to the bathroom 2 times before the bleep test to clear liquid in my body (I ate 15 mandarin oranges ma...)

During the bleep test, I ran till Level 8.9 then I felt like peeing. Told myself, at least improve 0.1 more then go. So I ran level 8.10 then my bladder just couldn't take it and I immediately rushed to the loo.

After the bleep test, my stomach felt pain like asthough someone was compressing my stomach aka pushing my whole stomach inside. Crazy la...Oh, my other coursemates who took 15 mandarin oranges also felt the pain...

Ok la, if we wanna sabotage anyone, make them eat 15 mandarin oranges then send them for a bleep test almost immediately after they finish eating it...LoL

One of my form 6 friend is gonna get married in May...woah, so fast. I would be able to travel to Kelantan if there's no PALAPES training la. But most probably there would be training.

Friday, March 25, 2011


i went for Um team handball practise cause my senior ask me to go.
after warming up and jogging, we had to do throwing aka passing drill. I never played handball before because in form 5 when my school just established the handball team, the teacher said i'm too old and thus didn't let me enter the club. Discrimination! LoL.
I did hold the handball ball before but don't know nuts about it.

A senior threw the ball to me, my left fingers went hyper-extension as the ball hit my fingers with a strong impact.
Gosh, my first session in handball and already injured? So my left index finger was swollen straight away, i endured the pain and continued the game.

Handball is definitely much more dangerous than rugby.
the game of handball looked easy but it was NOT easy laa.
3 steps before shooting and the jump on which foot if you want to shoot with which hand. Walauweh, soo complicated leh.

Iced it but still swollen. Pain la dei. Tues 9.30pm ish kena, but friday still swollen.
So Friday 11 am-ish, I went to university hospital sports clinic...the nurse said sports clinic closes in the afternoon, next time come at 9am, it opens at 8am.
doctor checked me then sent me for an x-ray, then the doctor examined the pain and sent me for a scan.
apparently i have a PIPJ injury aka Proximal Inter Pharyngeal Joint injury. It's between the 2nd and 3rd bone.
so yeah, dr said I should rest 6 weeks from hand sports. If I am stubborn and still do sports, he threaten to cement my whole left arm.  I must go and see dr every 2 weeks. He placed a splint on finger. It's 30 degrees. On my next appointment it will be 20 degrees for 2 weeks and then 10 degrees for 2 weeks then ok gua.

Aiyah, how to qualify for Masum? MAjlis Sukan Universiti's inter uni sports.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

lousy me

Ok, so I've been reflecting and you know what? I came into realization that I am a really horrid girl.
Really rude and always talking before thinking thus saying hurtful things and causing grief to people around me. Lousy me...
I'm always sarcastic and arrogant and lame. 
Too many sorrows i have brought into the lives of people around me. I wanna say I'm sorry, will try to control myself. Need to change. Need to be aware that others have feelings too.

proverbs 17:28 Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues. 

james 1:26  Those who consider themselves religious and yet do not keep a tight rein on their tongues deceive themselves, and their religion is worthless.

Yeah, so words can really hurt people. Did you know that in singapore, verbal abuse is just as horrific as domestic violence.

Ads from the Aware Helpline in Singapore showing that domestic violence include verbal abuse also.
Their tag line: Verbal abuse can be just as horrific. But you don’t have to suffer in silence

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

EPL, bleep n shooting

i'm sure some of you thought i abandoned my blog...Nope, that wasn't the case.
What happened was that my laptop went for a repair and since it's still under warranty, so i didn't have to pay the "hospital fee' :) It just checked out from the hospital yesterday night.

well, many things were going on and it was kind of hard to blog cause the sports centre computer lab was closed or i don't like blogging on the computer in the library.

I started joining Mr Lian's Bible study class on Tues Nights. Mr Lian was Francis Dunn's sifu, so the style is quite similar. Mr Lian got annoyed with me and said I got a crook mind as in I keep finding loop holes and think too much, I make simple things complicated. He said I should try to understand what he is saying rather than looking for faults and loop holes. He told me, this habit might get me into trouble. The questions I ask are usually real as in I really don't know mah, but people think I'm trying to be funny or keep challenging people, people might also think i'm irritating and because of me the teachers are just at the sidelines and not getting any chance to enter the main topic or syllabus. One thing i admire about Mr Lian is that he is straight to the point, not afraid to say things church keep taboo. Maybe a bit like John the Baptist.

Yeap, I think too much...this is not GOOD. It's our Asian Culture to just accept words that comes out from elder people as a sign of respect. I'm rude when I challenge the belief system or think too much or ask questions. Haiya, Hilda Hew Mun Foong, you gotta stop thinking too much ok....

Volunteering in the EPL masters football was kind of exhausting and really a bad experience, not just for me but for other UM volunteers too. I never knew Malaysians can be so rude, stubborn and really OKU, they have brains but refuse to think, eyes and ears but choose not to obey the rules...I am Really sad and ashamed that these are my fellow countrymen and this is how they behaved.  Much shocking was the guards who just watched me enforcing the law but did not do anything to help me, instead they just told me, think of your safety first, just let those stubborn thugs in. Come on, they are  GUARDS but they advised me this kind of things? I really felt disappointed and lost my confidence in security guards.

Bleep test again :)
level 8.9, I could go on but no mental strength.
history of my bleep tests:
My first bleep test result was  level 5.7 during rugby training
2nd bleep test during UM interview for sports management course was level 6.6
3rd bleep test for rugby national team to the qualifying round to Asian Games at Guangzhou 2010, level 8.3
4th, program Wellness by Pusat Sukan UM...for fun and fitness...level 8.3 again! :'(
so this is my 5th, exercise pre-test for senior. Level 8.9

there will be one more bleep test next week, we'll take vitamin c then do the bleep test as the senior wanted to find out the correlation between vitamin c and bleep test. So stay tuned next week for my next bleep test result ya...

assignments were piling up and presentations were really filling up our whole schedules.

Oh ya, did I mention that we got our reserve soldier number already? So, last week we had shooting exposure, we used vector pistol, glock  17 pistol, m16 and aug steyr. The guns are really heavy. Pistols weigh about 2 kgs while the aug steyr a1 weight almost 4kg, the m16 weight about 3kg, all these weight are without the bullets...wah, heavy. The sound that comes out when the trigger is pulled is so loud and deafening. It's louder than fire crackers, like asthough a fire crackers right next to your ears...the force after the gun is fired is quite strong also. The AUG stands for Army Universal Gun. It was heavy but the binocular scope gave good accurate shots. M16 was lighter but harder to focus on as there was no telescope.
aug steyr a1. exactly the one we used

glock 17

vector pistol

yeah,another thing that happened was Swee Kit taking me out for lunch, it's part of her job scope to meet up with students and encourage them in their spiritual walk. I wasn't expecting that though.

Everyone said i grew thinner and thus lost my broad shoulders that i don't look like an athlete anymore...

A friend of mine said losing weight because of stress can be distinguished from losing weight because of dieting. Then she asked me what is happening because it looks like I am losing wight because of stress?

What to do? I got high metabolism, My food not balanced diet, sometimes no appetite to eat but when i eat i gobble up huge amounts of food. Plus I'm an endurance athlete so it is hard to be huge as my output is more than my input...

muthuku muthaga is a family movie, really nice ending. I think it's a great show. It's a tamil movie and can be watched at Lotus 5 star cinema, PJ or Sentul Cineplax. There are subtitles but the subtitles are not clearly visible and not always showed but just by watching the characters, one can know what is going on.

alright, that's kind of enough for now right? ; D

Monday, March 7, 2011

blacks b.

I got another haircut because of was as Sunway Pyramid orange concourse. It looked happening, about 20 hair stylist on the go, I had a handsome hairstylist but he wasn't really pro. He said my hair's too short for a boy cut? LoL, then he said he never thought doing a boy cut on a girl is so tough (shows that he never did a boy cut on a girl before), he didn't cut properly as there was a spot he missed...LoL. Still think it's ugly.
He didn't want to give me a shorter hair cut...oh, well, whatever la...if i could, i would just go Britney spears and shave it all...kakaka.

rights, last Saturday we had a rugby match with Singapore's Blacks B...
It was our first home ground game, the first time we had a full complete team. We were all pumped and hyped up, really looking forward to this game.
Rain, rain, rain but we still played. After their kick off, we had a penalty and i was so ready to run if Bibi decides to pass the ball to me...aiyak, only 3 minutes but it started thundering and lightning flashed across the sky.
The game was stopped while we were doing great.

Waited for the rain to stop, then at least it went to drizzling only and so we continued on...not knowing that it's only gonna be a one half game, Dingoes paced herself...It was nice to play in their territory, Blacks liked to kick. Tiara had a cat-fight with one of the blacks...a Blacks girl pulled Tiara's hair...Aiyak, menjatuhkan rugby's image la.
we played 45 minutes then found out that the game was over as Blacks had a plane to catch...Wah, like that also can? Ish, we were so pumped up half only? Ish, rain ar, why la you kacau us? see, see, we draw with Blacks B...I think there was a chance of us scoring in the second half, but we'll never know.
Aki did a great penetration when we did bola 2 move....
forwards did a great job,
back-line performed good set piece.

I was a bit confused in this game. At the beginning, coach Mamak said to do close defense so don't care about the wing. Just before the game started, coach Mamak said to do zone defense so care about the winger. during the game, Aki asked me to watch their number 8 in defense.On thurday during training, coach Mamak said watch Aki, if she goes up then I as a blind winger should fill in her position.
Aiyak, so what i wanna do? Go zone? Go Close? Go for number 8? watch Aki if she decides to do a move?
Oh wait, This is silly, i should only watch Aki if we got the ball...LoL. Therefore 3 options only.
I kept asking Aki who to defend? Wei said i put too much pressure on Aki that's why Aki couldn't perform well.

Aiyah, I gotta learn how to read  the game and make my own decisions...

anyway, this marks the end of the Singapore league...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

asgnmt n presentation time of d year

It has come to that time of the semester where everyone is busy and stressed. Nope, not the exam yet, but it's the assignment and presentation week with a sprinkle of mid term test.

Arh, what a stressful time, being in the same group with people who say "Ok, no prob, I can do it" but ending up not doing anything? How stressful it is to be in the same group with people who give up, they say "I don't know how to do it, so ask someone else to do" or those who say "I don't know how to use a computer" or "I don't have a computer".

reluctant team mates who just prefer to be free riders...
Whoa, Life is so WONDERFUL for them.
It's all because lecturers don't want to mark so many assignments so they give group assignments.
Well, that's gotta learn how to work with people from various character.
It all comes down to the art of Management: The art of getting something done with and through people.
Keeping your cool and being patient otherwise you'll get neck pain and back pain. Stress affects your sternocleidomastoid muscles which gives neck pain and then when the stress builds up, the pain will go down to your back and thus having a back pain.

Be cool, relax, chill and try your best to not hit someone and try to avoid swearing XP