Tuesday, September 18, 2012

full time student

This year my parents have been showing signs of old age...

My father went about 8 rounds around mont kiara to find the way out...he didn't want to listen to me so we ended going around mont kiara 8 times...Argh! Waste time and petrol.

My mom have been sewing wrongly.
When she drives, her logic is not really working. At the toll area, she asks me where to go while she drives to the red-lighted toll booth (the toll booth with a cross). Many times, there is only one way that is allowed while other paths are closed with either signboards, red trafficlight or cones...but my mom still drives that way...Even road signboards and U-turns, she drives confidently and we end up missing the turn or going somewhere else.

I feel afraid to let my mom drive around. Either she can't see the road signsboards and toll booth lights but don't want to admit or her logic is not working?

Therefore I finally decided that I must take up driving license for the sake of my mom(maybe next sem).I use to think I don't need to take my driving lisence yet because I can walk or take lrt and I don't really need to drive around...

Next topic...Full Time Student and I mean it...
I'm a full time student in UM...Originally Tuesdays is a crazy long day cause I have 13 hours of studies with no break in between. 8am all the way to 9pm.

8am-10am info technology management in sports
10am-12pm sports marketing
12pm-2pm sport tourism
2pm-4pm sports finance
4pm-6pm gender and sexuality
6pm-9pm mandarin class

mon, tues and thurs all start with 8am class and goes straight until 6pm on mp
mon, wed, fri got futsal training from 8.30pm-10.45pm
tues and thurs got mandarin class at 6pm-9pm

that means every night i'm back after 9pm...wah, exhausting.

Stock up buns in my bag and eat in class? LoL...today, some of us curi masa to eat lunch cause cannot tahan.

This week is the add and drop week so we talk to the lecturers and try to change the timings.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

palapes promo

Promosi palapes UM during minggu haluansiswa (freshie orientation week)

We came in on 1st September 2012, a day before the freshies entered university...only 5 senior navy(including me), about 12 senior army.
Jamuan Raya at markas palapes UM (UM Palapes headquarters) then meeting.

I was under the statistic department. Palapes Laut (navy) and Palapes Darat (army) combined.
Army target 600 freshies while Navy just targeted 70 freshies. Navy can only take a maximum of 40 recruits per intake or year because only Navy's training is combined with a few other university and a Ship can only take so much.

We'll be campaigning or promoting the whole minggu haluansiswa...

Just found out that PM's (Pembantu Mahasiswa, the facilitators) don't like PALAPES cause palapes is seen as a threat to their residential colleges...because the active, smart, sportive students will leave their colleges to join 5th residential college in the freshies 2nd year. 5th college has won the SUKan Mahasiswa Universiti Malaya aka SUKMUM 20 years in a row without failure.
Therefore PM's would try their level best to avoid the freshies from being exposed to Palapes.
We even heard last year stories of PM sabotaging the PA system when palapes were to promote at the college.
We thought of leaving a box for the freshies to hand in the forms but there is a huge possibility that the PM's would take away the forms. So, we emphasized on registration through SMS.

This year HEP (hal ehwal pelajar) decided that Palapes slot at the RC is to be shared with Suksis(Police) with only 30 minutes time slot and same time in all the college. 8pm-8.30pm at all colleges. Previous years, the time slot was different so palapes could have full force about 50 palapes promoters at the colleges, but this year only 3-5 palapes promoters per college...

we are to speak only of the good things and do anything to bring in new recruits.

3rd sep, Promotion at the colleges had a low response, only 26 freshies filled in the forms.

The next day, we went to the faculties to promote...Whenever PM saw us, they used another way to reach their destination or not they made the freshies run. It was like we are in a mini war with the PM...2879 freshies to reach out to.

We are promoting to 10 out of 12 colleges because 6th college is senior medicine students only, and 10th college is foreigner students. Palapes is for local students with a minimum of 3 remaining studying years.

5th Sep, pameran palapes inside and outside the DTC(dewan Tunku Chancellor) but PM's did not allow freshies to come near the booth. They were asked to run or totally avoid us by using other doors and the PM even asked the freshies to go away from the booth...Woah!
Anyway, Palapes talk at DTC and we got 281 (including 26) forms.

6th Sep, statistic department detected multiple registrations therefore 229 only. Promote palapes at KPS(kompleks perdana siswa) to 3rd college because they didn't let us promote on 3th sep. this time full force of 50 promoters and we got about 60 recruits from 3rd college alone...Woah! After that, promote to other colleges that were resting before sports time.
Statistic 295 recruits. Majority choose Navy.

7th sep, promote at DTC or KPS to colleges before sports time. Senior army were there for 7 minutes then all went missing in action. Navy senior only 5 person all went promoting. No wonder majority of the freshies choose Navy because Navy was promoting while Army was missing in action. Navy already reached our target long time ago but we are still promoting while Army have not reached their target and they are lazing around. They are hoping that Navy do all the job and then the freshies that fail will be absorbed into the Army.

In the markas palapes, the senior Army always hide and the senior navy always have to do things. Only 5 senior navy and more than 10 senior army but it's the navy that always get the scolding and do all the job.
The Senior Navy were the only ones that didn't have transport and therefore had to walk to the markas palapes while all the others had vehicles.

Any job, 5 of us will be called eventhough there are about 10 army around. It's like the senior navy is lower rank than the senior army. Our Subby doesn't stand up for us, they also join in the YO and bully us. In our Subby's eyes we are Cadet forever! :'(

Subby is Sub lieutenant Navy and YO is Young Officer Army. Both is just a rank above senior navy and senior army.

Navy finish their job already but we still had to go to the markas palapes and do the Army's unfinished job. Cleaning up the Army storeroom is nothing to do with us, navy has their own storeroom also...Senior Army's attitude made me feel disappointed in them and made me feel proud that I am a Navy in terms of attitude.

Because in the navy, each person is important and will impact the whole team so we have respect and share burden and teamwork such as If one person doesn't come the whole team will be punished. But the army has a huge population that when one member doesn't come it doesn't really make a difference.

8 Sep to 12 sep still got promosi palapes...ARGH! we heard that all the senior army is not going to markas so we call our subby and told them that we also don't want to promote because firstly, we already reach our target and secondly we haven't even got ready for university, we are uni students first then only Palapes.

Our allowance is lesser compared to the army, we don't even reach RM2000 a year, our bonus is RM 300 a year only but the Army always have more than RM3000 a year with a bonus of RM 500.

The Army has 2 pairs of a same uniform and most of the things are issued or provided by the government but the navy has only one pair of the same uniform and we have to buy with our money...so, the army is a better choice as you can skip training, and get a lot of perks but if you want to acquire better attitude then the navy would be one...