Sunday, August 29, 2010

come back

emails, letters from RBS friends and RBS mentor, chats with U.KK...Meeting up with Sheng, sms-es from siblings...reminds me of these 3 songs...

Hearts Courageous:

Stubborn Love:

Find Us Faithful:

God bless you all...
Lotsa Love,
-Famous Hilda Hew Mun Foong-

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

fire drill

Today...opps, i mean yesterday i kena labeled by my college mate named Jodie who is a Jehovah Witness(JW) as a "still confused girl".
First she asked me "Why you like to talk about religion? I think you are confused. Convert from Buddhist to atheist to Christian!"

So, just because a person talks about religion so much therefore the person is still confused? Just because someone come out from their religion they are considered confused? Interesting opinion...

Apparently, i'm always touching on sensitive issues..aka religion, race, races(kaum), believes and so on.
I don't critic these topics but i just talk about it...normal conversation, open talk la..wanna understand other culture and believes. I don't insult but just exchange knowledge...

Then i kena scolding wor...Jodie is from Sarawak...apparently in Semenanjung Malaysia only got 3 races but in Sabah n Sarawak there was more 40 races, so they don't really touch or talk openly on these topics wor...

Ok, oki, next topic...
I thought I'm gonna be a background girl, neutral normal student...
aiya, today i kena elected as Floor Representative Assistant...

Meeting at 12am today and then 1.40am was the fire drill.
My job as a assistant floor rep is to be the first to be at the EMERGENCY GATHERING compound and direct my floor mates and take a head count...So, I'll be the first one saved..hehe

The floor rep pula has to make sure each n every one has gone down loh..check room, toilet, study room then when they are sure there are no one left, then only the floor rep goes down...haha, so floor rep has to deal with stubborn students especially senior and karenah floor mates..hehe. Therefore, floor rep confirm die wan la...last to come down mah. Knock door and tell people to go down...
Akiko is my floor rep ;D

In my kolej kediaman, there's 4 blocks, each blok got 4 floors, each floor got 20 rooms. each room 4 person.

I'm in Block C, level 3. So 20 rooms of 4 head per room resulting 80 minus me n floor rep therefore 78 people to direct and control.
Fire alarm rang and then blackout...
Fire drill start at 1.40 am, evacuation and waiting for stubborn people ended at 3.30am. Then a talk by Kerinchi fire fighter and the fire extinguishing session. All in all, the whole fire drill ended at 4.30am.

I wanted to be dramatic by bringing my laptop..haha, but tak sempat cause I must be down doing my Duty as a assistant floor rep ma. But i sempat lock my door la...this is the best time for stealing laptops, camera and things ma...this type of events, evacuation, blackout is the best time to pick pocket and steal.
I purposely wear short short pants...people sleeping ma..hehe. Takkan people wanna wear nice nice baju to sleep or takkan people wanna find nice baju, pakai then only go down?

Something i learned from the firefighter is,
The rational is to prevent short circuit and prevent fire from spreading or growing...

People usually don't die from fire but are suffocated by the smoke. Don't run and panic, be calm and walk in an orderly fashion wor...

One thing i'm wondering la, let's say we're sleeping n tak pakai bra la...when the fire alarm goes on, do we take time to find bra n pakai or we just turun or we find a jacket and cover? LoL.

by the way, I got a NEW Umbrella :) Woohoo, thank you SHENG TENG...I don't mind of how kiddish it long as it serves it's purpose la...The more kiddish it looks the less likely for it to be stolen..hehe. Thank you very much, SHENG!

Monday, August 23, 2010


blogging :)

i wonder if people ever read every single word written or they just skim through a blog post?

Here I am in my college room, blogging from my laptop in University of Malaya.

We have wifi access here but the connection isn't reasonable la. I mean most the time, there is only 1 bar...if you're lucky there's 2 bars...sometimes the connection is quite terrible that i cannot even go online even with 2 bars.

I'm so happy i had free dinner today..woohoo,Thank you Sheng Teng ;) and of cause not forgetting the host, Mrs Teoh.

this whole week is my test week till the RAYA, it's studying time.

My appetite has gone back to what it used be...makan 2 to 3x more than normal portions.I got 4 stomachs mah.But now is not the right time la, No money...try puasa to save $...waiting for PTPTN money to come in la...faster la...i already owe the college and Uni more than Rm22oo already. Ptptn money in Oct only ;'(

Friday, August 20, 2010

sick sick

heys all, first of all, i really wanna apologize.
pusat sukan bilik komputer was closed, the person in charge was on break resulting no internet access loh.

Yesterday i just only got my new laptop :) Yay!

have loads of assignments now, next week is test week...

everyone is getting sick, maybe cause the water from the water fountain is dirty water?
maybe's the rain?...kena rain mah on the way to classes.
maybe not enough sleep or water?

we qualified for the Asian games but MRU(malaysia rugby union) took too long to sad.
so must wait another 4 more years to play in the Asian games...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


i'm not sure what to post...
maybe a bit about my room mates.

Ru Shan doesn't like uncleanliness.
She can't stand the room being dirty, she can't stand me not folding my clothes.
I don't get it, i mean even though things don't disturb her like my unfolded clothes just chucked on my bed, she feels responsible to do something. She BEGS and PLEADS me to fold my clothes.
She begs me to not recycle my clothes( I re-use my clothes, takkan one time use then you send to wash?), she instructs me to wash my clothes...she's like a mom..hehe

Akiko, a bit rude sometimes and hits people...a bit like who i used to be la, brings back memory of who i was before i converted. Very social and funny and someone you can easily talk to, happy go lucky type of person. Nice and interesting person la. She's like a younger sis.

Yen Ping aka Fiona, she's ok la, She's like an elder sis. If you talk to her then she will talk a lot, But You have to take the first step la.

OK la, got assignment to finish. Ciow :)
Maybe somewhere this month I will post a pic of my room mates la.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Lucky Me

hey alls,

yesterday Shima organized a Dingoes party(Dingoes are Royal Selangor Club women rugby section)...there was a badminton competition..where i found out that i really suck at badminton..19-2 in only 5 minutes. Only 2 points...haha.Crazily lousy.
There was food and swimming too, Lucky draw where the main prize was a Nikon Coolpix camera. Side prizes were radio, hair curler, hair straightener and dvd players.

Anyone wanna guess who won the Lucky draw main prize? YEah, ME! Unbelievable, I wasn't expecting that to happen.

Oh, so now I got 2 cameras...will give one to Prince. Maybe it's a sign that i should really start to take pictures..haha.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

bagdiction :)

A new discovery about myself:
i love bags..not handbags but schoolpack bags, sports bag, travelling bags...
bag addiction...

Recently i bought a few bags in less than a month...
oh, no what's going on with me? I gotta get a hold of myself. Ask someone to hold my wallet.

Yesterday was my first lesson on Functional Anatomy and Physiology...I was really lost.
Shed a few fast and too much to take in. Crazy la...I'm almost very sure that I might fail this subject. Aiyoh...

Come, faster notebook...i need you, i need to read the notes in my pen drive and i need to use the internet access to do my homework. The time to use the computer is limited to 30 minutes only if there are many students who want to use the computer.

ok ok, time to ciow...
see you next time amigoes.