Saturday, January 31, 2015

1st JOB

Heys All,

I apologize for being away for such a long time.

I've started working. I'm now a freight executive at a shipping company in Klang. Pegawai Pengangkutan..huhu

Work has been really nice so far. I really love my work environment. I guess this year has been so exciting as it is a new phase of life, a new chapter kan? :)

I stay about 10 minutes walk away from my work place. It's almost 2km. First night in my rented room. Some funny neighbour keep doing ghost noise "ooOOhhhHH"

My view from my apartment
7am morning


7pm sundown


night view

raining there. evening

My first day of work.
I had to wait for people to enter the office cause I don't have the access key..hihi.. new bha.
There was another new person Miss CC. Both of us waited for someone to enter the office baru we can enter the office...hahah.. then we has to wait for HR people to come to work. So we talked and clicked like almost instantly. She's younger than me.
HR people came and brought us to our mentors and our table where we spent some about 10 minutes with our mentors. My mentor was really nice, she tried to make me feel welcome and kept smiling and laughing.
Later on the HR lady Reen called me n CC n told us not to bring anything, she gave us the tour of the office and then said there's about 90++ employees in our office. She brought us to meet each and everyone-we had to introduce ourself and say which department we were from. I was a bit worried that after this orientation, we have to remember everyone (just like Uni orientation.huhu). Luckily no need quiz on people's name.
I had to fill up the EPF form since this is my first job. It was kind of funny cause there's a box and our thumbprints cannot come out of the box. I stamped my thumbprints 8 times, that's 16 thumb prints and 8 forms..LOL.
We were given a set of alat tulis and I put all my stuff into my top drawer which was quite small. Later on when I had to use it, I tried opening the drawer and it was stuck. about 4 girls tried helping me open my drawer for about 10 minutes. huhu, it was funny, I was like Gosh, just my first day but I already spoil a drawer kah? Then my mentor called Reen and she came to the rescue, she fixed the drawer and said in a serious tone something like jangan buat bukan-bukan or something like that..
Lunch time I followed my mentor and we went to our Big boss favourite restaurant where we had a lot of dishes and Big boss paid for lunch, Thanks Boss.
Miss CC and I are in the same department Sales but different sub department.
My mentor said, "5pm. faster leave or you can't leave early anymore, hahaha"

2nd Night in my room, Some funny neighbour crying in the middle of the night. I hear people but there's no one there, I hear a person knocking on my gate or banging my door but when I look outside...It must be neighbour from a level above or below my room..oh, btw I stay in an apartment. I'm too sensitive to noise

2nd day of work:
It seems like everyday we have meeting in the morning, It's like MUET listening class, a person reads numbers and we have to write down. Daily record of bookings and rates. After the meeting, our boss Benny, the Head of Sales Department, the 2nd guy who interviewed me had an introduction class for me and Ms CC. He told us what we do and how important our departments are. He said everything also involves shipping (The ikea clock, the raw materials to make an office chair & etc). He also encouraged us to join after office activities cause it helps in teamwork bonding. He kept saying, if you don't understand anything, please ask, there's no such thing as stupid question, please ask because I cannot read your mind.
Lunch time, he belanja us makan Nandos, By the way kan, the way Benny spoke to us during our induction, he said we should absorb and learn as much as we can, this is good for our future jobs also. (err, why he say like that? gonna fire us soon kah? don't expect us to be here long? Company can give 24 hour notice and fire us just like that without the need to give any reason. Or is he just being realistic, he knows we wont be here till retirement..LoL)

3rd Day work:
My Sub-Department had a welcome lunch for me. New person had to choose where to makan wor. Nasi kukus ayam rempah near i-City.
Anyway my mentor gave me a test today but I faileddddd...Oh nooo, boohooho..

3rd night-4th morning.
About 1 am, I was asleep. I dream that someone was banging and knocking the door then I woke up and realised it was real...huhu.. My hse mate didn't bring her key. It was like a movie kan? U dream then you wake up and it was something real that made you dream that...

4th work day
My colleagues offer to pick me up in the morning and give me a lift to the office,
I realise that in my office, besides the bosses, nobody uses their mobile phones to answer calls. If they use, just in silent mode only. No one uses it openly. Super disciplined culture kan? Unwritten rule?
Today Mr Benny encouraged us to read books. Any kind of books. So when we buy books,give the receipt to him and he will reimburse. Hahahaha. Apparently, reading books make us more creative.
I had lunch with the girls today.

Anyway, every Thursday got badminton in the evening if I'm not mistaken. Got Yoga activity also but I don't wanna join yet kot.

I love my colleagues and my work environment.

Look at the positive and bright side of life :)

Based on the information I read online about my company, this is a good place to grow and learn but the salary does not compensate much, The software used are quite outdated too.