Tuesday, April 27, 2010

um interview

ok ok...first i went to Asia Jaya LRT station and Sue May's dad came to pick me and send to to Pusat Sukan UM. Met Fatin Ahmad there...register by signing next to my name and fill up my particulars. The was a questionaire on whether you got any sports injury before or not la...all yes and no, there was a note "IF IN DOUBT, CIRCLE YES"...hahaha.


After that we went inside a dewan kuliah and the....
Dr. Selina Khoo Phaik LinTimbalan Pengarah (Akademik)
Pusat Sukan

She is a chinese young lady..she express her gratitude for choosing this course. Then she said"do u know what you applied for? It's Bachelor of Sports Science in bracket PENGURUSAN SUKAN, so if you are thinking of becoming a dietitian or sports specialist...I'm sorry, this is not the course for you. This is MANAGEMENT, so if you're thinking that there's going to be loads of sports, you are wrong. Management only."

I was shocked...alamak, i was too blinded by the term SPORTS SCIENCE, that I didn't see the bracket..huh? Sports science but not sports science and instead all management only? Aiyo, what if I don't like the course la? Should I quit? Haiya, no wonder la the other University had higher requirements la...totally different couse by itself! Haiz

I was doubting the whole time...should I drop it? This is not what I wanted to apply for? Aiya, i feel tricked....my fault.

Anyway, after that session, we went to the hall for a briefing how to do a blip/beep/bleep test/shuttle run...For more info on the Bleep test, click here.
UM used radio recoding instead of blowing whistle. Oh, rupanya, my coach was listening to the audio through his iphone...neways I got 2nd for girls la...level 6.6, ok la...improve from before ma...last time was Level 5.7. The other girl who got the highest was level 7.1

Rest 5 minutes then rotation of how many repititions you can do in one minute.
My first station was burpee but without jumping la exactly like this :)
2nd station was back extension...it's lie down full body down, hands under chin and push up,
3rd station was pumping aka push up
4th station was sit up.

After that was break to bath and get ready for the written test.
Written test:
-few maths question-->fraction and percentage.
-english question-->synonym and spellings, meaning of words and a "few kind-of-like-MUET reading test"....paragraph given, state yes, no or not enough information given.
-iq test-->shapes, which is in the same catergory, numbers, names, What's next?
-local sports-->SUKMA how frequent? which is not a local athlete(faizal tahir), which sports Valentino Rossi does(F1, motor GP) , which sports Daniel Bego does(Malaysian swimmer), who is the sports minister( Shabery Cheek), in which country is the next winter Olympic going to be held(i forgot paralympic or the winter olympic) Vancouver is it? i dono,
Essay question-how does sports develop a country?Give relevant examples.

whole test 40 minutes...got about 40 questions I think. After the written test, The invigilator gave tips "this interview is not to see how well you can crap but it's to see your confidence level"

after the written test, got 2 hour break for lunch.
2pm is the interview.

I followed Fatin to her dad's house...makan free...haha
Interview started at 2pm and I was candidate number 7...at 3.45pm only was my turn. I was still doubting whether i should continue the course.. Ginee said "go ahead with it first, when confirmed then only decide whether you wanna drop it"
Each room had to Interviewer. Mine was an Indian guy who came from overseas so cannot understand BM and a malay lady la..

(Personally in my heart I thank God that my interviewer was not Mr Azmazi or not I would be thinking whether I got into UM under Mr Muhammad's connection or by my own effort and qualification. Maybe after the interview and in the processing, Mr Asmazi still could influence things but at least the interview was my own influence.)

Thinking in my head, "If the indian guy cannot understand Malay so what's the use of the certificates la...since he cannot understand it...haha. If not much sports science but mainly management only then why the physical test in the first place?"

Waiting, waiting, waiting, so nervous...everyone was nervous. Different rooms got different interviewer, I was feeling nervous and sleepy...waiting so long...Like as though I was in the hospital waiting for my name to be called...haha.

Some tips I got for the peeps who went before me...
"why you want to study sports management?", "what do you understand from sports management?", "rate yourself on the area of management?", "how can sports management in mssd be improved?", what do you think about the mssd sports management?", "what's your highest achievement?", "tell us about yourself and your family", "describe yourself", "what do you understand about the ONE STUDENT ONE SPORT campaign?", and ect...

Ok, back to my turn... At 3.45pm the Indian guy opened the door and called my name, and the malay lady did most of the talking la.
First she asked me to sit and then she checked my cert on spm and stpm
She explained that the Indian guy cannot understand BM so the interview will be in English.

She said "I have to inform you that this is sports management course, not sports science, do you want to continue with it?"

I asked whether can change to other sports science course or not? "NO, cannot!"

I asked "What is the scope or area of studies?
" She said "a bit of general sports science and then Management"

I said "Oh, so got a bit of general sports science la?" She nodded her head.

I asked "what are my career options?". The guy said "Youth sports officer, manage sports team, work at Majlis Sukan Negara(MSN), work with government"

I ask "Coach can ar?", she said, "erm, management...coaches also need management...can can, so do you want to continue the interview?"

Okla...can please continue...show me your MSSMKL certificate.
What sports do you do? "Rugby"

what is your highest achievements? "Represent Malaysia for Rugby"

Rugby? Malaysia women got rugby? I never heard of it also.

How long have you been playing for the National team? "since Last year?"

How many times? "Twice, Malaysian women rugby team came to existence about last year only"
Oh, quite new, no wonder I never heard of it yet (*I smile*)

What position? "Winger"

Both as main player? "Yes(actually the first time as a utility/reserve player but my second time was as a main player)"

When is your most recent achievement? "Last Saturday, Asian 5 Nations. *shows certificate*"

MALAYSIAN RUGBY UNION? Is it the same one with the GUYS rugby also? (In my head, yala, of coz la...dah state MRU...not Ladies MRU...it says Msian kan...haiz) "Yeah"
[she was quite skeptical] Are you sure it's the same one with the GUYS RUGBY? "Yes"

How long do you plan to play rugby? "As long as I can :)"

silence a mini micro second "I used to play football for the KL women football team in 2003 also"
UM don't have girl's rugby or football. The sports you're involved in are the ones not many girls want to take part in, so maybe not much competition/saingan and easy to get a spot in the team.
(in my heart, "of coz la..not many girls play those sports so got opportunity la...muahahaha")
No doubt, you represent Malaysia and it's quite a high achievement but UM don't have rugby nor football, so what other sports can you contribute in if UM takes you in?What other sports you do?

"Any contact sports? Cause I tried netball before and really struggled because I can't do non contact sports la"...

Hmm, basketball, futsal and hockey? "yeah, I was a hockey captain in form 5"

Why didn't you continue hockey in form 6? "Well, my school didn't let me, they limit the sports that form 6 can join. Form 6 koko is very limited in my school. Form 6 not allowed to join :( "

Tell us what do you think about yourself?
"I think I am more of a decathlonist than a specific sports athlete...I may not be so good in one sports but i can play a lot of sports."

He asked why rugby? "ball shape is unique and interesting and it's one of the only sports in the world where you cannot pass forward :)"

She said so, you're adaptive, what other sports or what you're best in? What do you think is your best sports? "open runs, cross country and lompat jauh"
far jump ( far jump? hahaha...long jump la)
so athletics la. You're first choice is this(sports management), what is your second choice? "Law at UM"

Why don't you want to be a lawyer? "At first i was thinking of law, but when i found out that there's a path in sports science...WHY not? :) Let's go for it. Besides that, now the government is trying to imply the ONE STUDENT ONE SPORTS, so by the time I graduate, job secure"

You see a potential in sports management...good good. Yalor many lawyers already. Any questions? "yeah, erm, when and how will i know the results?"

This interview got no points, we will gather the results of today morning's physical test and the written test and then depends on the standard procedure la...
"so will you send mail/letter or should I check on the website?"
They were not sure...she said "depends on what is the standard procedure now la"

"I will be shifting house soon so address will change." She ask "to where?"
I said "Kuchai lama". She said it's still considered quite near.

She asked him, anything else? He said no.
Then he said i was the right one to have that lady as my interviewer because she also was a law graduate then she changed to sports science. Then he said "I am so proud to meet a lady rugby player"

Oki, thank you and I went home...
Compared to others the interview I went through was quite easy and no hard question la....haha, must be because of my qualification...

Somehow i feel like I am cheating UM...they have high hopes on my representing their Uni...cause she said "What sports can you contribute in UM if we take you in..." and she also wrote down the sports i said I could play...
I mean I am not so good ma....no competition so I auto can get loh...Like KL Football, not many girls wanted to play football so I could join...here Rugby, not many girls interested and only one club in Malaysia ma...so we automaticaly become National...haha. Not much competition to fight for a space on the National squad.

However I did say that I may not be specialised in sports but I can play all...more of a whole, all rounder...

house house

oh ok...first i wanna blog about why i have been missing church recently.
Been super duper busy la...there was UM interview which i had to prepare for...need to arrange certs and try to learn some local sports trivia...find clothes<--i only got shorts and t-shirts ma...haha. Which is finally over la...woohoo..will blog about it later...

Next reason was shifting house loh...need to pack the things i want and find the heart to get rid of all my treasured rubbish...One thing i learn is When you change house, be prepared to say BYE to most of your useless but sentimental stuffs...
Not only pack the things but load it in the van and carry it out of the van later and unpack all my stuffs...
this is all still in the process la...not done yet completely...tired and busy la. Now i got so many letters to reply back...been quite a while already.

yesterday after the UM interview, i came back around 5pm...then i followed mummy to the new house...did I ever blog about my new house? It's pretty small...one fan in the whole house which is downstairs...there's 3 rooms upstairs, all with no fan...haha. One toilet upstairs and one downstairs...the toilets is as big as the rooms...now u can imagine how small the rooms are...haha. It's ok la...not too bad. My neighbour said our area is a flood prone area and in the past, there was a flood about half a metre high...LoL, that's half of my height...so downstairs thing's all gone la in that flood. My house is near Jln Klang Lama...near Sri Sentosa school, near FGA, near Talipon restaurant(steamboat)...near Tmn Desa la.

ok ok, continue on...after 5pm, i followed my mom to the new house...we unpacked the kitchen stuffs and the toilets things...so tired. Boil water and made maggie mee, then go to sleep.

today afternoon while i was at work, the lorry came and took the cupboards, bed/matresses and other big things to the new house...

so in conclusion, um interview over d...now still got house shifting la..buzy buzy buzy....packing, unloading, sorting stuffs...moving. Owh, so tired..

On the 30th April, the Bangsar house must be kosong/empty...still got many things...must learn how to throw things....

So, even on the 1st of MAY...still not done yet la..must sort out things and unpack and arrange things in the new house la...settling down will take some time...please don't rush us...my mom cannot get kan cheong or not she will get heart pain.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mr Muhammad, adieq macho, esther, myoke

here are the responses/tips/advise of people...

Friday i went to smksp to meet Mr Muhammad...to find out more about sports science la..
he told me to arrange my certs from international to national to zon bangsar to school and so on...
he said :

2. personaliti
-cergas(blip test)

-fitness(2.4km or 1.2km)
-esei(sukan semasa di Malaysia)
-objective(40 soalan)


In anatomy, learn about tubuh badan...which tulang does what and otot also..and the functions of tulang and otot.

in psikologi sukan, got mental and motivasi...what to do when your team is losing and how to make them not give up but get more fired up.

in pemakanan, must learn the food pyramid...the higher and smaller the pyramid, the less beneficial it is to us.

in pemakanan must know about penyakit.

in latihan there's 3 things:
-pemanasan badan(elakkan kecederaan, follow kamampuan and gradually move more intense)
-warm up/warm down
-latihan bebanan(gym)

in injury, there's 3 factors:
-pakaian tidak sesuai(eg wearing worn out shoes to run)
-cuaca(eg rain and then slippery)

sukan semasa tanah air:
squash--nicol and Azlan
badminton-THOMAS and UBER. Thomas cup is for guys and Uber cup is for girls.
bicycle-i cant read his writting...there was 3 names i think.
btw: if boys, sure they will ask about Africa 2010 football.

terms we should know:
-sukan untuk semua
-sukan komuniti
-juara rakyat

Mr Muhammad called mr Asmazi and said he gives me 9/10 and told mr Azmazi that i am Mr Muhammad's anak buah. According to Mr Muhammad, Mr Asmazi is the head interviewer...or so he claims. Only 30-40 only will be chosen.

Then Mr Muhammad told me not to embarrass him(Mr Muhammad) because he(Mr Muhammad) was a top student in sports science.
Adieq macho said lepasan stpm memang senang dapat....
ada 3 test.......
1- physical test - blip test, push up, sit up, and other drills,,,,,,,
2- exam test - mengenai isu2 sukan & about basic sports science
3- interview- in english/malay......meet lecturer face 2 face......
thats all
so...g.luck to u...see u in um...
i in semester 4 now....huhuh....nice to know u....

Written test: isu2 like which country win Olympic game/sukma/commonwealth and etc...
basic sports science- what is sports science?.....it is important?? something like that la...huhuhu...

BTW, Adieq Macho was the random FB guy...LoL
Esther, a girl i met from Girls Camp
Physical test will be on:
daya tahan kardiovaskular, kekuatan, kuasa, daya tahan otot, ketangkasan, kelembutan and kordinasi.
Myoke said : You sure get because you have good english and good stamina. Believe me,"You are their answered prayer. You are what they have been praying for." You meet their quarta. NOt many chinese girls with good english ans as sporty as you. If you know the population...many of our malay friends get band 1,2,3 only...Band 4 is considered very good for local uni. BTW, a lot of the sports science people from my uni(Upsi) failed english ok. So you, good english, chinese girl, sporty...wonderful la...you'll be fine. Just go with the LORD.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

sports scholarships

100 sports scholarships up for grabs


PUTRAJAYA: Over the past three years, the government has awarded RM3 million worth of sports scholarships to 363 students through the Malaysian University Sports Council (Masum).

Deputy Higher Education Minister Datuk Dr Hou Kok Chong said Masum would give out 100 more scholarships to students with outstanding sporting skills by the end of the year.

After launching the first ever Asean University Sports Council secretariat here yesterday, he said that Masum also paid allowances from the RM3 million allocation for their tuition fees.

He said the allowances could range from RM500 to RM600 per student, depending on their study courses.

source: http://www.nst.com.my/Current_News/NST/articles/11spot/Article/index_html

Not much info on how to apply for it la...LoL.
Oh wait, I'm not even in Uni yet...hahaha, so excited la
Thanks for the heads up NST :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

got interview la, sorry 4 d mis-post

ok la...now i wanna make a confession...
I wrongly post...actually I got a temu duga(interview) . When I checked the websites, UM website was not yet ready...so I just checked all the other uni first la..the other uni all i din get any interview...remember I told you about the sms thingi? Yeah, i received this on 19th april, Monday "RM0.00 UPU: Semakan Panggilan temu duga lepasan STPM/setaraf boleh dibuat mulai 14/4/2010 di upu.mohe.giv.my"...so the UM website was ok on Monday and i checked la...

Woohoo...I got called for an interview, here's part of the content:
Sukacita dimaklumkan bahawa tuan/puan dijemput menghadiri ujian fizikal, ujian bertulis dan temuduga pada hari Isnin, 26-04-2010 di Pusat Sukan, Universiti Malaya, 50603 Kuala Lumpur, .
Butir-butir adalah seperti berikut:

(i) Pendaftaran : 08:00 pagi

(ii) Taklimat : 08:30 pagi

(iii) Ujian Fizikal : 08:45 pagi

(iv) Ujian Bertulis : 11:00 pagi

(v) Temuduga : 02:00 Petang
3. Tuan/puan adalah diminta:

(1) Hadir dengan berpakaian sukan (t-shirt, track suit dan kasut sukan) untuk menjalani ujian fizikal.

(2) Membawa bersama sepasang pakaian yang bersesuaian untuk menduduki ujian bertulis dan temuduga.

(3) Membawa bersama sijil-sijil asal akademik, slip keputusan ujian MUET serta sijil-sijil lain yang berkaitan dengan penglibatan tuan/puan dalam sukan dan alat tulis.

I also had to call someone to confirm that I am coming for the interview la. By the way, what is considered suitable/appropriate to wear during my written test and interview?
Do i need to photostat my certifictes?

What will be in the written test la? written test if from 11am to 2 pm...(3 hours?)
What to study for the written test? I got no idea nor clue...
What am I going to do in the physical test? it's from 8.45am-11am(2 hours 15 minutes?)

A bit worried la...

do you know what is the craziest thing i did?
I ask all my UM friends to ask their friends for any advise or tips...and I typed UM sports science in Facebook...looked at that groups wall and sent a message to the person who is most active in that group's wall to ask what is in the written test...
I never imagined that i was this desprate...just want to know things so much that i sent a random stranger a message on fb...how crazily desprate can I be?

Haiz Haiz Haiz...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Asian 5 Nation exhibition game

Heys all you people, Did you miss me? I know you did, just admit it lah...haha.

Friday after work, I went to RSC...traveled by bus to Sing apore. All the "tour virgin"( meaning those who are on their first time in a tour with the team) had to wear a headgear. I was one of the tour virgin, during the whole tour we had to wear the head gear and do whatever the senior players or coach ask us to do.
getting my head gear and puttin it on.
the Tour Virgins

We had a few games on the bus, I was in team BEARD.
me in my beard

When everybody was sleeping, coach Haflil took a walk on the bus...I wasn't sleeping la...so I smiled at him...he got shocked...( Can you imagine? Almost everyone sleeping in the bus and suddenly you turn and you see someone smilling at you...haha). Coach Haflil walked around 2x and both times also I smiled at him...hehe.

Anyway, we reached Singapore about 3am-4am, we slept at Value Hotel Thompson
Address: 592 Balestier Road Singapore 329901.

Oh, I have a mouth guard now :) Yay! but everytime I wear it I feel like vomitting, Wei said I need to learn how to breath with the mouth guard.
Saturday: Had brunch and some free time till 11am. Bus to Yio Chu Kang stadium(YCK). Kit up, warm up and practise...Too much pressure on myself( National Team you know...not a club..Representing your country)...I started to fumble, couldn't catch nor passs properly. Coach Mamak said to me, "Just relax, do like you do in practise..Don't pressure yourself. In training I saw you throw beautifully, you can do it.", Coach Mamak also said, "If you are not confident to pick up the ball and you are scared that it's going to be a knock on, then just dive on the ball or gurbble aka kick the ball". Jasmine said, "Have fun". Captain Wei Said,"If you think you cannot, then 50% of the game is lost already".

My jersey was number 11 and my position was a winger. Most of the time I was a blind winger.

The weather was hot. In the first half of the game, Singapore A scored a try but failed the conversion and therefore leading the game with 5-0. There was many critical moments where Singapore almost scored.

Second half, it started raining. In the first 10 minutes we scored 2 tries, but failed the conversion kick, so it was 10-5. Then lighting started and the game was halted...the thunder and lightning was quite loud and we waited for lightining to stop but it didn't. So, game just stop there loh. I think it was just 11 minutes or 13 minutes in the second half. So all together we played about 40min(first half) plus 13 minutes(second half) therefore 53 minutes. Still got about 30 minutes more to play but weather didn't allow us...anything could have happened.

Personally I think the rain helped us....cause during our daily trainings before this match, our practises was in the evening and usually after rain...so, kinda similar playing condition...LoL.

Clean up and watched the Asian 5 Nation Games...Malaysia Men vs Chinese Taipei...it was a pretty interesting game...the chinese taipei were quite good in wheeling the scrum, Malaysia men won 35-8. Sri Lanka men vs Singapore, Sri Langka won by 23-16. The SIngapore and Sri Lanka game was a bit funny...a lot of kicking going around. Singapore kick, Sri Langka kick back, Singapore catch the ball n kick back, Sri lanka catch ball and kick back...Sri Lanka played a better game la.

After the matches, we makan(ate) at the YCK hall...while waiting for the makan time, the Malaysian Women rugby team played "007 bang", loser had to drink.
After makan, the Malaysian women rugby team had a "Kangaroo court" (A court that ignores principles of justice; a court characterized by incompetence and dishonesty. This expression is thought to liken the jumping ability of kangaroos to a court that jumps to conclusions on an invalid basis. [Mid-1800s] . P/s it's a idiom-->Kangaroo court)

All the tour virgins were found guilty in the Kangaroo court except Ooni...The guilty ones had to snort(suck up the drinkthrough nose n them let the drink come out through the nose...pain la) or drink. First all rise for the honorable judge, then one by one, each virgin had to stand on the chair and get judged. I was guilty for scaring Coach HAflil on the bus...hahaha. BTW, i was also the best tour virgin...Yay!-->but it was bcoz I was picked on the most la..carry Tiara's, Wei's and Jef's bag, take drinks for Sarah and Nora and Aki, take food for Wally and stuff like that. I laugh till tears came out during the Kangaroo Court session, it was really funny! We had to state our name then state our position/title for ourself and then agree whether we are guilty and if we plead not guilt, we can ask someone to defend us...but then again, it's a Kangaroo court, so whatever also, we would get guilty except in rare cases like Ooni...haha

Time for best player and Ayam award. Brenda had best player award while I had the AYAM award. Ayam award is something like the silliest mistake award. I let an opposition player run with the ball when I could snatch the ball from her...

Then we travelled by bus back to the hotel and watched the video of our game. It was really funny too...I always guard dog(defending) even when we are attacking...so silly...LoL.
I remember in the game vs SRC at Garden International School, coach Wally told me to stick to the opposition winger mah. And I also remember in training, Coach Jef told us to guard dog, point and shout "Mine,mine, mine!". I guard dog the winger all the way in the Malaysia vs SIngapore A match loh... Funny part was also even when one of our players was injured and it was rest time...i was still on guard dog position, so ready for the game to continue...hahaha :P
All my team mates who watch the video laugh at me, even i laugh at myself. It was really funny.

On sunday morning, we had breakfast. Hideko had Singapore 6 Dollars to finish up, we entered a convenience store in singapore named "CHEER" and the things came up to 6.20 Sing Dollars, so Hideko put away one item but the retail assistant said it's ok and paid the 20 cents for her, Whoa, that was really amazing. Whoever said that Singaporeans are Kiamsap(Hokkien for stingy), they are very generous OK!
FYI: there's a saying Singaporeans are Kiasu, Kiasi and Kiamsap( fear of losing, fear of dying, and stingy) .

ON the way back home from Singapore, Jasmine got lost in the Malaysian Immigration and went down to the wrong side of the road, she went to the one heading back to Woodlands Singapore. So Me, Hideko and Shima was sent on a rescue mission, we did an illegal thing by tracing our way backwards on a one way path..LoL. Finally a guard stopped us and talked on his walkie talkie(he said something like "Another group of people lost from the same team"), then another guard came and gave us directions how to get back..which were the wrong directions which took us down to the same place Jasmine went...apparently Jasmine found her way back before we could rescue her...Anyway, a Malay lady official saw that we were also lost and she let us use the official gate to go back to our bus which is on the other side...Haiz, this proves that Malaysians just are not good in directions...haha. All the 3 officers were also the same one Jasmine bump into.
It was really funny la...getting lost in the Malaysian Immigration...what an adventure!

After that, we travelled by bus back to Malaysia.We played a few other games in the bus and overall my team won! Yay!

It was really fun and interesting and super cool experience to be with the women rugby team of Malaysia.

My second "cap" aka my second time playing rugby in the Malaysia Women Rugby team la.

"This afternoon also witnessed another A5N milestone in the first ever women’s test match played as a curtain-raiser to an A5N event with Singapore hosting their Malaysian counterparts. An entertaining match that saw Singapore take an early lead into halftime (5-0) but then concede two quick tries to Malaysia in the second half, had to be abandoned due to a lightning storm. Under the tournament’s abandonment procedure, the match score stands as it was in the second half, giving Malaysia a 10-5 win."
Credits: this paragraph is taken from http://www.heavensgame.com/asian-5-nations/sri-lanka-is-asias-newest-top-5-team-after-winning-hsbc-a5n-di-final

Rugby Glossary: http://www.scrum.com/scrum/rugby/page/97263.html
Cap - anytime a player plays in a match he/she is technically awarded a cap but the term is mostly used to note the number of official games a player has appeared for his/her national team against another national team. A cap is an honour, there is typically no physical item awarded, although originally there was.

Friday, April 16, 2010

no temuduga

I checked and all the Uni online and it said I got no temuduga...
Oh well, so now Gotta wait till I get letter of Offer saying which Uni and which Course I got la...
I sent an sms to UPU la... "UPU MOHON 90020514****" and sent to 15888. reply back was " RM0.20 UPU:90020514**** Permohonan anda telah diterima dan sedang diproses. Terima Kasih."

Hmm, onto a diff thing. Friday night(16 april) we'll be travelling by bus to the

"Value Hotel Thompson"

Address: 592 Balestier Road Singapore 329901


Then on saturday(17 April), we will be going to YCK stadium as the match venue is Yio Chu Kang Stadium. It will be an exhibition match between Singapore A team and Malaysia National womens rugby team during the Asian 5 Nations rugby tournament. Our Kick off or match time is at 3pm. For those who wanna watch the match at YCK stadium, must buy tickets...it's 15 Sing Dollars.

We're the opener for the Asian 5 Nations (First Division) Men's final game. There'll be thousands at the stadium!

All Unions of Malaysian, Singapore, Chinese Taipei and Sri Lanka will be there.

First Division means the best pool of groups la..like match between the best. This is the first time the Malaysian MEN's rugby team is in the 1st division...usually we are in the 2nd division.

We will be back in Malaysia on Sunday(18 april) early evening la, woohooo, team MALAYSIA!
I feel a bit nervous because my ball handling skills really sucks...and I'm in the NATIONAL team...whoa, butterflies in stomach la...Last time, all the other games we played, there was not many people watching our matches...Now It's people from Malaysia, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, and Sri Lanka...Can u imagine that? SO many people will be watching us la. BTW, it's a 15s game...so 40 minutes per half.

Today in practice, we did many game plan and positions la...I hope I don't screw up.

On another diff topic...Work work...it reminds me of one song "Don't say you love me, you don't even know me, if you really want me then give me some time" M2M sang this song..REally Nice song. :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Here's a shocker...I didn't tell anyone yet.

The Famous Hilda Hew Mun Foong and her family is going to move house at the end of APRIL! Yes, u heard me correctly! Shifting home on 30th April.
From Bangsar BARU in to Kuchai LAMA.(LoL)
The shifting house thingi will be a temporary thing too, next year most probably will shift house again to a more long term place to stay. Yeah, I blame the RECESSION!

OK, this is the first time I will be LIVING out of the BB's
Bangsar Baru and Bukit Bandaraya.
I'm a little afraid, dono wat to expect and of cause my whole life rhythm will change.
I really hope there's LRT there.

On to a different topic.

Best Friend Manners tip number 2:
Tell your friend where you are going and what you are doing!

Ok, here's what happened: my junior, Beatrice from SMKBB...emailed me "Hey,munfoong!! where did you go with the youth fellowship??You didn't even let me know about it also??You are so mean,you know thatwhen did you go therewhy i do not know bout itI'm so sad coz what a friend that don't even tell me or call me to let me know the event at Youth Fellowship........It's oklah..I don't mind if you don't let me know also coz sometimes I'm busy with studies,you know that right??"

Once again i was thinking: What's me going to the YA prayer retreat gotta do with her? tak pasal-pasal I kena marah...Some more she said I was SO MEAN, I am not a FRIEND just because I didn't tell her about it?

First time was Kathryn Gan whom scolded me for not letting her know that I had a hair cut and now, Beatrice scolding me for not letting her know that I went to a prayer retreat?

Wah, being friends takes a lot of effort ya? Everything also must tell or not they feel hurt and think that you don't consider them as friends.

click to revisit Tip number one: http://atticblabbing.blogspot.com/2009/12/plan.html


the ugly truth about Work.

A lot of flirting and sexual harassment...I love you, call you "Sayang" or "Darling", I miss you, will you be my girl friend, can I have your phone number, stand so close to you that if you turn you would almost kiss him, keep touching you, give you something and actually trying to hold your hand, blocking your path, and ect--> All for fun and jokingly la...
I guess my colleagues are too OPEN and I am too NARROW minded?
Not so serious la but even though it's jokingly, for fun, I still find it a bit disturbing. I'm too shallow and a bit caught off guard, I'm a little cultural shock la I think. They do it like it's normal and to everyone, not just me...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Prayer Retreat

hey yo,
Friday after work, I went up to Fraisers Hill. Some of the YF leaders was there, including YA people. All we knew was that it was a YA retreat in Fraisers and it was gonna be based on the road to Emmaus la...Luke 24:13-35 and the speaker is Alvin Ung.

When we arrived, Mr Alvin welcomed us and told us the schedule aka rhythm. Then only we found out it was a prayer retreat.

The schedule was interesting. We learnt and gain super loads from this retreat. Very enriching. Here are some of the things we did there.

Our camp Goal was R.E.S.T. Reflect Energize Savour(means Appreciate/ menghayati) Trust
The camp tools of transformation were for Reflect was JOURNAL for Energize was SABBATH BAG for Savour was TABLE OF BLESSING for Trust was CONVERSATION SHACK.

Sabbath bag was a bag where u put all the things that reminds u of work and it is "taken away" for 24 hours. Table of blessing was a table where u put all the things that u find beautiful on it. For example if I see a very beautiful rock, i put it on the table loh..Appreciate God's CREATION.

There was sessions called "Little Silence" and one session called "GRAND SILENCE" Little silence was at night and we were discouraged from talking...only talk when necessary...So, through this we also have to learn how to decide what and when is necessary to talk.

Grand Silence was 2 hours of Silence, No talking. Just time spent alone with God and with God's creation while looking for a tree that represented us. Some of us found a tree and for some of us, it's the tree that found us...For others, they didn't find a tree but they still gained a lot from this session...Everyone benefited from this spiritual exercise of just being still in God's presence...slow walk, prayer, journal, using our 5 senses, savoring God's creation...just taking time off and appreciating everything...spending it with God.

For most of us, the best part of this retreat was the Grand Silence.

It was really a different type of retreat and very interesting. Spiritually enriching. Learning to be aware of God's presence and the God moments in our life.

I also really enjoyed the jamming aka singing songs during our free time :)

We also learn that just sitting in His presence is enough. Sometimes, we serve God too much that we have no time to be with Him.

One more interesting thing i realized was as I gazed upon nature , I acknowledged God the MOst HIgh God, the maker and creator of heaven and earth. Nature was so beautiful and My God is really a CREative God. I'm sure the Life and Plans HE has for me is a Creative and Interesting one too :)

Experiences fades with memory cause didn't savour or reflect it. Keep remembering so that that experience will become part of our life and not fade away.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Koh Tsu Koon

oh...it's pay day today! I wasn't expecting it but my boss, Danny Phoon called me and payed me RM99...cause I work 3 days in March ma...

BTW, Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon came and makan at PappaRich Bangsar today! Fuyoh!
My First day of my First week was Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
Today, the Second day of my Second week is Koh Tsu Koon.

PappaRich Bangsar still needs part time and full time workers la..the time is quite flexible, the pay is ok la...rm5.50 per hour. So, people who need extra money, don't be shy shy to come to PappaRich and ask about working part time OK?

Oh ya, this weekend the YF leaders will be going somewhere la...but there's still YF on ok?

Rugby was fun today! The Backs practised "scissors" and we ended the day with "Pyramid" fitness.

I cannot run straight and I was the last among the Backs... :'(

Monday, April 5, 2010


today was my first time late to work. One hour late! Crazy right? Second week and already late! haiz..luckily i am only a part time worker....
I work 11am-5pm weekdays.
I set my alarm at 11am...LoL...how silly of me! Work at 11am, go and put alarm at 11am. How stupid right?
I woke up, got ready, everything and happily thinking, "hmm, still got 15 more minutes before I start working" until my mom said, "You work at 11am u know?"

me, "Ya, I know...why?"

Mom: It's passed 11am u know? Gonna be 12 pm already!

Me: oh no! alamak, I thought i put my alarm at 10 am....oh no, oh no, late already....

So, i went 1 hour late and came back 1 hour late loh...today i work 12pm to 6pm. After work time over, i punch in my card wrongly pula...haiz...betul betul sial la hari ini.

After work, i went home and change into my rugby kit and took LRT putra to taman jaya and walk to Astaka field...

Training was ok only la cause not many people came today...if enough people came, training would be FUN! XD

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dingoes vs SRC

Game Game Game today. Coach Jef brought me to Garden International School, around Mont Kiara...the Dingoes warm up and practice moves.

Game started. First half we were leading 7-5. Second half we lost, and therefore my team losing the game with the overall score of 10-7. Singapore Recreational Club(SRC) won loh.

Somehow i didn't feel like the game was 40 minutes per half at all, I played both halves.
But on my first time playing a 15s game last year, I was crazy tired on the first half itself.

I'm so stupid, i miss 2 Crucial Balls.
1. Nobody guarding me, Captain Wei pass the ball to me but I wasn't looking and then SRC stole the ball :(

2. BiBi kick the ball to my side and it was my responsibility to chase after to ball, but I was a bit too slow and the opponent got the ball. Actually if I push a bit more and ran a bit faster and caught the ball, I could have scored a try!

Today I got my Dingo Sarong...My tail was burnt...Unvirgin tail already :'(
It's a black and white Sarong with a tail sewn behind...The TAIL is like a "AMANAH" thingi, where u hav to jaga ur tail from being burnt or torn out by other people including your coach and team members. Your team members will try to burn your tail...haha, and when the tail is damaged, it's called an unvirgin tail...LOL

First day only and the tail became unvirgin....LoL. I really didn't expect anyone to burn the tails so early...haha. Coach Jef's tail also got burnt today...hehe.

Overall it was a fun day. Ok wan la.

James sent me home. He tried to speak Malay a lot...Good effort la. btw, James is a mat salleh, got accent wan...so his BM quite baku la.
Will post some pics on the blog when Dingoes post it up on FB...haha.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Rugby update

Tomorrow's the 15's rugby game between Dingoes and SRC(Singapore Recreational Club) at Garden International School, Sri Hartamas. Kick off at 3pm.
Come and watch la, if u are free.

In a 15's rugby game, each half will be 40 minutes...haha...I dono whether got stamina or not...But it's ok la, cause 15's is more of the Forwards' game...7s is more of a Backs game...
Like Football and Futsal, The lesser number of player is more of a skill game...

7s game is 7 minute per half and 15s game is 40 minutes per half
Forwards and Backs is a rugby term of the positioning la...Erm Forwards are the Big and Strong people who tackle, while Backs are the fast and small people la...

If I am not mistaken, number 1 to 8 is Fowards and then 9 to 15 is Backs la...

I'm actually quite bad in Rugby la..My passing and catching aka Ball Handling skills sucks!
Somehow I keep throwing the ball in the wrong method and I find it difficult to turn while running and my body is so so stiff...haiz.

Btw, the HK7's game right, err, Pool B was China, Malaysia and Papa New Guinea.

Malaysia 20

Malaysia 0
China 46

Overall we got 8th out of 12 women rugby team la...Superb right? To be frank, I was seriously afraid that we will get last...This is our First time ma and it's INTERNATIONAL level competition ma.
For Hong Kong 7s, in the FINAL
China loss to Australia.
China 0
Aussie 26

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I was waiting for work to finish today and then I enthusiastic reached home and found out that I had no transport to go to Royal Selangor Club, Kiara Sports Annexe for rugby training :(

No Transport? What a sucky reason of not getting to attend rugby practise? Haiz. I was all gear-ed up and then...nobody home...No one to bring me to RSC.

There's a match this Saturday and I really wanna train for it.

Why don't I take a taxi? well, i have no allowance... Yeah, I just started working...therefore, No income yet la people. Most probably in May only will I receive my first salary for April la...LoL.

Kam kam, ManiKam...faster la ManiKam...I waiting for MoneyCome! cause I wanna buy some kit for Rugby.

Oh, I wanna continue to sponsor a child's education in Philippines through CareChannels...
You see, I sponsored Rochelle Manalo last year but this year I thought I couldn't cause I didn't have any money coming in...Then all of a sudden, I find a job where the timing is as I wanted and the pay is okay.It's God's Amazing Grace that I got the job, near to home and beautiful timing!
So, i'm pretty sure that the reason I got the job was God's doing in order for me to share God's wealth with His children. Thus, It's not really me sponsoring but God...haha.

Desmond asked me why I didn't work at Prince's old place in BSC...Desmond and Theaa is working there and the rate is higher-->RM 7 per hour.

First of all, I don't want to be under Prince's shadow. I wanna be Known as myself, I don't want to always been only known as Prince's sister...I wanna be a separate entity and not a shadow.

Secondly, the timing was not so good la from me observing Prince's worktime and besides that, I was a bit shy to enter Prince's workplace.