Monday, September 28, 2009

no mouse la :'(

ok la, it's official~ The mouse died on me. Now my fingers are exercising and soon the Tab button will be exhausted. Haha.

Today the rugby practice was done at "Padang Utara"...haiyo, all I was told was that "Padang Utara" is near Amcorp Mall and A&W. So I thought it was the field beside A&W and infront of Amcorp Mall la...haiz. I reached that field at 6pm but there was no one there...Then I asked a few people if the field was Padang Utara...A few said yes!

I was puzzled and confused la. What, Don't tell me everyone is 20 minutes late. There must be something wrong. I tried to call coach Haflil and I also tried calling Hideko's phone. NO answer-->means they were already training la...

Once again, I ask a few others if there is another field nearby, the people said "got lakes la...I don't think there's a field"
I knew that "Padang Astaka" is quite a distance from that place but I was thinking "It cannot be Padang Astaka la, I knew that it was stated in the email and in the SMS clearly "Padang Utara".
I called coach Wally, he said it's not the field next to A&W...I'm far away from Padang Utara.

One of the man there came to me and ask me where I wanna go cause I look lost and I was standing there for almost 30 minutes already! The man called his MBPJ contractor friend and asked about Padang Utara. Then he offered me a lift.
In his car, he said "Chinese must help Chinese" and he told me it is a very dangerous thing I did, The world is not as good as it was before. I should not be so naive and trusting. He made me make a promise that I won't come out alone looking for a place. If I wanna go out, must be with someone...

Rupa-rupanya Padang Utara is Padang Astaka...hahahahahahaha.

NO mouse la. Everything super slow and really hope I can do what I wanna do...Trial and error but with loads of frustration. Might be lost from the internet soon? Maybe.

Oh ya, There's training daily because we are facing Singapore's National Women Rugby team on Saturday :P Woohooo!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

wed, thurs n fri of d raya hols

Hi hi, So, here's how I spent my last few days of my superb holidays! Yeah, baby!

I read the "Naked Gospel" halfway...although there was many biblical references, but somehow my heart doesn't want to accept it...haha.
I slept over at Amma's house. (Amma is my babysitter/guardian, I grew up in her house)Amma shifted la, the new house is nice :)
We went to the padang and I spent the most of the day with Snow White, Robin Hood, Little John and Tom Thumb.There was some time spent with Tinker Bell and Amma lah. We watched a few movies and walked around...Yeah, we had fun, or least I had fun :P

Rugby training...Yay!
then I went for Young Adults(YA). A psalm of David..63, physically depraved but spiritually healthy... whoa!

I received a letter from SUFES or Scripture Union. Here's some of the content:
...Congratulations! You are chosen as one of the 10 Rosie Cheah's National Postal BK Quiz Award recipients for 2009. You are chosen because of the high total percentage in your scoring for the last 2 years. Thank you for your participation in the Quiz and putting excellent effort into it. We hope that the discipline of studying God's word has benefited you and we hope that you will continue to nurture the habit until it becomes a natural part of your life so that your spiritual foundation will be strengthen as you do so.

The award that you won id not only a special personalized medal but also a free Scripture Union camp available from November 2009 to March 2010. The camps available are listed below:

1. CSI Camp..............23-26 Nov 2009.........SUFES Campsite, Tapah
2. NSCF Leader's Camp..23-28 Nov 2009........STM, Seremban
3. Sports Camp..........14-17 Dec 2009............Ipoh
4. ZMax Camp..........March 2010 school break..Cameron Highland

Thanks for sending in your application for the award. We trust that this will be an encouragement to you to study the word of God further and not just for the Quiz. Call in or email in as soon as you can to let us know whether you have received this letter...

If I'm right, ZMax camp is for children la...
STPM is from 18 NOV 2009 to 10 DEC 2009.
Before this, back in 2005, I wanted to go for Sports Camp la...But now I get to go for it for FREE some more! Fuyoh!

Girls Christian Camp. A significant part of my life. Loads of friends and experiences to gain...I started in 2007 as assistant to sub leader, 2008 as sub leader. A lot of new situation, always been a close-to-heart camp, impacted me deeply physically, emotionally and spiritually too. Hui Yi, Kai Xuan, Jasmine Chuah, Jo-Anne, Ji-Anne and siblings, Ee Ling, Jo-Yi, Amanda Ho, Jolene n loads of other girls that really draws me to girls' camp.
15-19 Dec 2009

BGC YF camp. Where I found my God. I feel obligated as I'm in the YF committee and I was the assistant leader of my Care Group in YF. YF paid half of the fee to RBS. YF is basically my church background. It groomed and cared for me. Kathryn Gan and Sue May are the ones that draws me to BGC YF camp.
17-21 Dec 2009

hmm, why la all clash? Can't life be simpler?
Decisions and Choices = Kos Lepas yang sangat tinggi.
Kos Lepas: Pilihan atau alternatif kedua terbaik yang terpaksa dilepaskan bagi mendapatkan pilihan atau alternatif pertama.

Now which aspect should I make my choice/s by?
Pengguna/Isi Rumah:
Pilihan berdasarkan KEPUASAN MAKSIMA terhadap sesuatu barang
my heart

Pilihan berdasarkan projek/pengeluaran yang memberikan KEUNTUNGAN MAKSIMA & KOS YANG MINIMUM
Abandon all...prob solved...haha

my mind

Friday, September 25, 2009

this is a shoe

heys, CAn u believe it's a shoe? High Heels u know?
haha. NO kidding wei!

Designed by London architect Julian Hakes, the Mojito shoe is made of carbon fiber—to give it strength and spring—and laminated with rubber on the bottom and leather—from furniture manufacturers in High Wycombe, England—on top. According to Hakes:

With a high heel providing the heel is supported, even by standing on a wooden block the foot naturally 'spans' the gap naturally, with bones and tendons.

Click here to find out more!


Well, Now you see why I don't go after fashion and all? It's so uncomfortable la...It's Crazy. All the pain and sacrifice for the name of "beauty and fashion". Come on?

A random post on fashion from miss MFoong? yeah, haha. Who would have thought I would actually post an entry about shoes? LOL

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

report 4 Mon and Tues Raya.

Well, my Monday went with sleeping at 3am and getting up at 8am.
We went to the waterfall at Sungai Tua. It was fun! :)

Tuesday pula, we sent Grace Chang off to UK. Kaushal pick me up at 6am...whoa, so early! The gang that sent Grace off was Brian Chin, Shu Ming, Kaushal, Rayna, 3guna and me...Grace belanja-ed us McD. :P
I learnt one thing about myself, I don't like coffee. LOL, my mouth still smells of coffee or that's what I think ;D

Bye Grace! we'll Miss you loads...

In the Evening, There was Yumcha session with my siblings...then my mom sent me for rugby practise but it was way to early so we drove to Pusat Sains Negara and parked there.
We saw a mini garden of Dinosours and a hidden "mini playground" siblings and me and my mom took pictures and played there.

Haha, it felt like I was back in the past-->childhood. We are all 18 years and above but today it felt like as though we were back in our childhood. Small children playing and taking photos, joking, talking, laughing, and we owned the whole "park" to our self! Woohoo!

Then I went for rugby practise and we trained with the guys...passing, fall down, blow over..."Frenchie" and "Carrot"...haha. My first practise with Feli and Baby...LOL

Mun Yoke and Mun Yee went off today evening. Mun Yoke is going for 3 of her friend's weddings all over Malaysia, and Mun Yee back to Sabah I guess. Mun Yee's friend, Marcus got married this week too. Wow, it's the wedding season or should I say wedding week?

The day ended with playing chor dai dee with Tommy...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sat and Sun of raya Hols

ok, now onto my report of the holiday so far.

Saturday's dodge ball n Frisbee was canceled due to the horrible weather. Gym was not on because of Raya! But anyway, My family left to Ipoh at 6pm. At 6.30pm, I walked to the LRT Bangsar in the rain...7pm only reach. Took Lrt to Taman Bahagia and saw Ben Phua .Jon Lim and Nigel fetch us to Nigel's house for the RBS BBQ Reunion. It was really nice day. It was really so nice to see a lot of my RBS friends la. Colin Kirton was there.
We had a time of communion sharing and prayer in smaller groups. It was a fun time. We also watched the RBS Grad nite video..haha.

I tumpang Jon Lee's car to Rach's house...we missed a lot of turning and we got lost...haha, fun la. Reached at 1 am...LOL

Rach slept later than me...Sunday Morning went to Melawati Gospel Center. First to the Chinese Section for worship time and for Lord's Table. After that we went down for English section cause I couldn't understand the Chinese sermon..hehe. Met Veron! :)

I felt offended by the way the speaker(Simon Yap) as though woman are for sale...However, I did learn a bit from his preaching. So, after the preaching, I went to talk to him face-to-face about some part of Scriptures that didn't match my understanding. I really learnt a few things from speaking to him face-to-face la. Interesting :D

Then we went upstairs to the Chinese section again...It was Chinese youth time la, but they spoke in english (I dono was it bcoz I was there of Bcoz they memang speak in English during their thingi)

Makan with Rach's Family...funny siblings, LOL. SO manja..haha. Then we went back to their house. It was some sort of gotong-royong day...was interesting watching them.

In the evening, I played card games with Ben till dinner time...Then dinner and normal life resumes....bla bla bla.

time to go back:
Rachel's dad asked me to stay over, Rach's bro(Ben) and Rach's mom said "see you soon"...LOL, I like the word SOON. Anyway, mummy asked me to come home la. She said she'll pick me up in LRT Bangsar. So, I took the LRT Wangsa Maju to Lrt Bangsar.

When I reached KL Sentral, I called my mom 3 times but no one was picking up the phone, even when I reached Bangsar, she didn't pick up...the phone rang until voice message la, So my phone credit also finish. I even called my eldest sister but she didn't pick up.
I walk home la...Phone no credit. My house only 20 minutes walk ma, only 2000 steps mar, only 1.4km away from the LRT Bangsar mah. Not raining also, plus, I need some exercise...haha.

when I reached home, My mom was watching TV... (o.O)
Later on, My mom and my sis and my bro went to watch a movie. Leaving me home alone! If you know you're going to watch a movie and exclude me, why did you even want me to come home then? Just to make me Home Alone again? Just to make me feel "Left Out"? If you want to go out for a movie which you are not going to invite me and you know I'm going to be home alone--->could you be more compassionate by not letting me know?
You purposely want me to be home alone and feel Left out! (;C)

OK, maybe I'm over-reacting...maybe, I'm too emotional now...

Friday, September 18, 2009

so starts my 1 week holiday!

A pure holiday...haha
uncontaminated by assignments, homework, extra classes nor anything else that relates with school! Woohooo! I'm loving it! Well, it's really a cool la.

Here I am, blogging happily that school is having a week off for the Raya holidays! Yeah!

I plan to listen to more music during this holiday, it's been almost a year with no music for my ears...been too busy with school la. Catch up and see what the "IN" aka Vogue songs nowadays...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My first contact Rugby 7's game->Judy's farewell game

Woah, you know what happened today?
It was my worst and best day...haha, but it ended superbly so it's overall a nice day :) Yay!

worst because I did horribly bad, I think the best I can get is 20% for Pengajian Perniagaan.

Best because
1) today is the last day of the trials exams...Merdeka!
2) today is the first day that I played a real contact Rugby game...7s a side.
Woah, it was super fun la...
Btw: it was Judy's farewell game, Thanks JUDY! :) For my first experience in this contact RUGBY 7s a side and for sending me home...

Coach put me as a "Winger", I'm not sure what it meant but the instruction given to me by my fellow team mate was stand behind the ball, get it and run and play at the side.

I was in the Black Jersey group with Hideko as the captain. Judy was the Yellow Jersey group captain.

The game was basically passing behind, getting the ball and running..hehe. What more can I ask for?

The first half started with Blacks leading with 2 touchdown while the Yellow was not far behind with 1 touchdown. It was 7 minutes a half and I was out of breath.
The Second half ended with Yellows catching up and beat us with another 2 touchdowns.
so in the end of the day, The Yellows won by 3-2 ;P

Looks like my Stamina is not as good as it used to be. Woah, I really respect our Women Rugby Team Captain-->Wei
Her stamina was super and she is really fast. Woah, I want to be like her...Yuan Yu Fang is still my Malaysian athletic rolemodel and Nicol Ann David is still my overall Malaysian Athlete, but Wei is a closer rolemodel which is much more reachable. With enough training and discipline, I'll build my stamina and be able to run as fast as Wei. XD
Add OIL, Mun Foong!

Captain Wei scored a hat trick and I like the way she scored, So super la...Whoa, I look up to Wei la.

It's been a long time since I respected someone this way...previously was Iphin Rangson(all rounder, super Athletic and super in Academic), but turns out I was better runner...there's still respect but not as high as it was.

I scored 2 touchdown but it was pure luck. I also carried a player..fuyoh! so FUN la! But I kena elbow on my shoulders..haha
Tiara tackled me...that was funny la.

I really enjoy Rugby...I'm floating in CLoud 9 now..LOL

Monday, September 14, 2009

Top Gear 1991: Proton Saga (Proton as UK's fastest growing car company)

Top Gear thinks the Proton Saga is value for Money!
Malaysia Boleh...haha

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rugby->RSC Dingoes

Bye Ran! Btw yesterday was nice day :)

Oh ya, Ranjini is flying off to India today to further her studies...Bye Ran, see u when I see you, That's when I see you.

Yesterday was a really nice day and I really enjoyed it a lot.
The day started with helping out at the (Royal Selangor Club)RSC's Junior programme.
started yesterday and every Saturday till Christmas. 11.30am-1pm.

Over 120 children between 5-16 years old running with mini rugby balls all around the field.
The girls are called chihuahuas and are potential Dingoes(women Rugby)
Among them are orphans and under privilege children from a charity home called Rumah Hope.

Free jerseys and training kit and fees paid for under the "Play For Kids" programme started by Joe Dolcetti. They get free pizza after training ^^

Then was super fun gym time and then I went to church for "WE ARE SOLDIERS" drama.

I really get excited about rugby la...I can't wait to actually play a game. First I need to learn the rules and basics :P

P/S: I don't know if there's something wrong with my computer or something wrong with my mouse...So, don't be surprised if I suddenly MIA in the Blogger sphere for a period of time.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rugby-->Malaysian barbarians :)

above: I'm standing 3rd from the right in the team photo and the second photo was a few of us chilling out after the game :)
yeah, we had a game on Saturday 5th Sept 2009 at Royal Selangor Club, Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I didn't really play la cause I am new. I just only started on the first Tuesday of the Fasting period so I went to watch and support la

It was Malaysian Barbarians vs Singapore's A-Team
we lost la.. 10-7 but it was fun, fun, fun!

we are not the Malaysian national team but we are Malaysia's ONLY WOMEN rugby team. Rugby is not a recognized sports in Malaysia so there's no "National" status...LOL
There are boxing, weightlifting and football national athletes in the Malaysian Barbarian team :)

Singapore Women's rugby team is ranked in the Top 4 countries in Asia.
The Singapore A-Team is not Singapore's National team but instead, it's their reserve team

We(Malaysian Barbarians) would be having a game with the Singapore national team on October 3rd, 2009 in Singapore.


Friday, September 4, 2009

Blur, Unaware & not Assuming things

Heys all, how are things going on for you? I hope things are going good with you all :P

oh ya...inside today's post [ ] would be my thoughts...example I almost scratched a car[that was close! ]

I'm not sure why today I was so blur and unaware and innocent and today I didn't just ASSUME things which normal people who are above 15 years old usually do.

Here's why I said the sentence above- BLUR is the whole summary of the sentence la.
Fridays is usually passing up MUET(Malaysia University English Test) Journal day, I knew that Fridays I must pass up our journals and I knew today was Friday BUT I was so blur that it didn't click in my head that today was BOTH...LOL

I made a promise with my friend Justina that "I'll go out with her on a Friday" and the Friday she chose so happened to be today...I was a bit reluctant la but a promise is a promise :) I keep my promises! We were to go for a movie at Mid Valley at 6.40pm. The outing was between Justina, me and whoever Justina wanted to bring or whoever wanted to come along--> Kee Ken and E(<--My friends also). I was there about 5.40pm cause Justina was on her way already. I was waiting when a person suddenly call me, it took me a couple of seconds then only I realised it was Cheng Jin. Wasn't that blur? He was bombarding me with questions and then I was saved by E...She arrived in time :)

E came with a friend "This is my friend, H." I hug E but no response [hmm, E memang no emotions wan]. E said she just came from college and so I asked her "You go to college with that small bag?". She answered that the bag was just the bag she brings to class, then H lifted the bags he was holding and said it's hers and bla bla bla and it was so heavy [wah, what a nice friend carrying his friends bags. Usually boys will say 'carry yourself la']. H's friends came and they went upstairs McD. H came down and told me that one of his friend says she know me [Huh? who?]. When H mention his friends name then only i realized his friend's face was someone I knew...SO blur! Then me and E sat on a table for 2 in McD while waiting for Kee Ken and Justina. H sat close to E [H's so thoughtful, he didn't want to sit in the middle cause he would be blocking the walking path]. H was talking about his new pencil box and E said she also should have bought one too [err, do boys go shopping for a pencil box? with a friend some more!]

Justina called and asked us to buy the tickets(District 9). When E and I was buying the tix, E bought 5 tix. So I asked E whether Justina was bringing another mutual friend [who is the 5th person?] E said H was the 5th person [Huh? really? your friend watching with us? I thought he just accompany you to Mid Valley]. Kee Ken and Justina was coming late because the KTM was so crowded and the traffic jam was crazy. They were at KL Sentral. They decided to take a cab...the 3 of us went into the Cinema first, we left the tix at the attenders under Justina's name. In the cinema, H sat in the middle of us, then E told him to sit at the side [of cause la, E and I should sit together mah. I'm not H's friend also]

The movie was documentary style and a lot of guns, fight, explosion and almost every 5 minutes the word "FU*K" will flow out like water. It was like as though the whole script was filled with that word. [the scriptwriter must have been angry or having hormonal imbalance]. Justina and Kee Ken arrived about 15 minutes before the movie ended! [what a terrible jam...more than 1 hour to get from KL Sentral to Mid Valley]. After movie, as all 5 of us were walking out I saw E and H holding hands [Err, do friends hold hand?]. I quietly asked Kee Ken if E and H were couples, he laugh and said he thought I already knew that! Then things begin to make more sense..haha

We walked to the food court and suddenly H and E went missing. After a few minutes we saw E alone. She said H went home...We all didn't say a proper good bye to H...LOL. After 10 minutes E went home. I had dinner with Justina and Kee Ken, we were catching up and chit-chatting la. Walked together and said our good byes. As I was walking to South Court, a figure in front of me who was walking the opposite way shouted my name "MFOONG" Then it took me a few second and I realised it was Jerome. SO blur la! anyway I took the free shuttle to Bangsar LRT and walked home. As I was walking home at the traffic light, I saw a car and in it was a girl looking at me [why is that girl looking at me?] and as the car drove by when the light turn green, the girl waved at me. I stared and after a few seconds I realise it was Carmen Tan. SO blur!

Wasn't that all so BLUR? LOL...
Well, I was too innocent and naive that I believed it was E's "friend". Actually this fact must be because of Liang and Colin Kirton and YA(Young Adults). Recently during YA in church, Liang and Colin Kirton spoke. Both of them shared about struggles as being Christian artists. One of it was people just simply ASSUME things...For example if you walk pass a bar and someone happens to see you just at the moment you walked pass the bar, people will automatically ASSUME that you went to a bar. OR if people see you with a girl, they will ASSUME that it's your special girlfriend. People don't ask you the truth anymore, they believe what they see and assume!

To me, it's normal for a boy and a girl to be best friends or childhood friends.
To me, the word Boyfriend just means a friend who is a boy and a Girlfriend means a friend who is a girl. BUT the word Special Bf or Gf means couples la...where there is attraction and so on...
So, yeah! :)

For me, today's outing was not about watching a movie. To me, the main aim was to spend time with my friends. I didn't care what we did, all I cared was the fellowship.
So, I was always looking out for Justina and Kee Ken during the movie. And I really, sincerely, truly appreciate the fact the Justina and Kee Ken still came to Mid Valley...They persevered and did not give up nor go home because of the transportation problem they faced 0.o

KTM sucks, Traffic jam sucks, Malaysian transportation SUCKS!