Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Last Rugby session for this year :(

Yeash, If you didn't know, Today was a quite emo day for me.
I woke up feeling so not refreshed, wondering if I could skip school. Eventually the reminder on my phone rushed me to get ready and reluctantly I went to school. All I did today was read my history notes although nothing seems to make sense...LOL

Recess at 1.30pm and then we read newspaper and story books till 3pm till Prof Madya Koh Soo Ling arrived and lectured about MUET. She enter late and finish early, wasted a lot of time too. So smart of her to do that, she even brought some friends. The school had to give her a token of appreciation aka cheque of a few hundred ringgit la.

I don't mind Koh Soo Ling ending early but I don't understand why my teacher was so "SMART" and made such a big thing of her friend coming too-->so much that my teacher thanked and then asked Koh Soo Ling's friend to give a few words...

WHAT??? What's so special? Koh Soo LIng's friend isn't someone big also! Teacher was just too excited about Koh Soo Ling(a NST journalist, bookwriter, almost professor--> therefore someone of high rank) coming to much that teacher thinks anyone related to Koh Soo Ling is a VIP! That women(Koh Soo Ling's friend) who soppose to "give a word or two" ended up giving the historical background of how Koh Soo Ling and her know each other and then she gave a speech on MUET is important...SOOOOOOOOO DARN LONG!!!!!! Almost half an hour! CRAZY! So, school which suppose to end at 5pm ended up ending at 5.35pm!

I quickly got home as fast as I could and changed and went to RUGBY! :) No matter how late I was going to be today for RUGBY practise, I would not miss it! It was my Last RUGBY session for this year! :(

Next weeks marks the month of NOVEMBER. Nov 23rd is my STPM! so I have about 3 weeks starting next week to cram all my studies. I've gotta Get mentally and physically prepared. STudy all the way! the FINAL PUSH! time to be serious! Practise today was so superly fun. There was jogging and running :) Yeah! I like being the "opposition". Just running all the way. Charging at someone with all my strength and speed. Today after practise and after a bath, we had a briefing. The Malaysian Women 7s Team is going to Borneo aka Sabah.

Sabah have been picked to host the Malaysian leg (Borneo 7s) of the IRB Asian Sevens series at the Likas Stadium in Kota Kinabalu from Oct 31-Nov 1.

The Borneo 7s is a change in format of competition from the annual 10s to make it one of the legs of the Asian series. And there will be competitions for both men and women involving national teams.

A total of 14 Asian countries will compete in the men’s competition – Hong Kong, Guam, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Singapore, China, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Taiwan and Malaysia.

Six teams will feature in the women’s event – Japan, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Singapore, India and Malaysia.

The IRB Asian Sevens Series in Borneo this weekend will feature the four national women’s teams from Malaysia , Thailand, Guam and India. The event is being held at the Likas Stadium in Kota Kinabalu from Oct 31 to November 1.

For Malaysia the competition rounds off a busy year of international action following on from previous appearances in 7s competitions this year including the Asian Women’s Sevens event in Thailand last May.

There, they beat Cambodia and India but lost to Iran and Laos before finishing second overall in the developing division.

Well, It was fun and I'll miss the rugby family loads :P
Today I officially have been striped of the label "Newbie aka Beginner" cause there was a new person today who's going to join the Rugby family...Shima's her name.

BTW: if you have not figured it out--> I'm NOT going to the Borneorugby game...LOL. hafta start studying la.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2 little mice fell in a bucket of cream

From the "Catch me if you can". It's based on a true story. Really interesting and it's a good movie. I like these quotes:

Frank Abagnale Sr.
: Two little mice fell in a bucket of cream. The first mouse quickly gave up and drowned. The second mouse, wouldn't quit. He struggled so hard that eventually he churned that cream into butter and crawled out. Gentlemen, as of this moment, I am that second mouse.

Principal Evans: Mr. and Mrs. Abagnale, this is not a question of your son's attendance. I regret to inform you that, for the past week, Frank has been teaching Mrs. Glasser's French class.
Paula Abagnale: He what?
Principal Evans: Your son has been pretending to be a substitute teacher, lecturing the students, uh, giving out homework, uh. Mrs. Glasser has been ill, there was some confusion with the real sub. Your son held a teacher-parent conference yesterday and was planning a class field trip to a French bread factory in Trenton.

Frank Abagnale Sr.: She's so stubborn, your mother - Don't worry I won't let her go without a fight. - I've been fighting for her since the day we met.
Frank Abagnale, Jr.: Dad, out of all those men - You were the one who took her home, remember that.
Frank Abagnale Sr.: Two hundred men sitting in that tiny social hall watching her dance. What was the name of that town?
Frank Abagnale, Jr.: Montrichard, dad.
Frank Abagnale Sr.: I didn't speak a word of French, six weeks later she was my wife.

Frank Abagnale, Jr.: [In a letter] Dear Dad, you told me an honest man has no fear, so I'm trying hard not to be afraid.

Carl Hanratty:Hey, know what I could never figure out? How did you do it Frank? How did you cheat on the bar exam in Louisiana?
Frank Abagnale, Jr.: Why? What's the difference?
Carl Hanratty: Someone else took the test for you, didn't they?
(at the end of the movie Frank revealed)
Frank Abagnale, Jr.:I didn't cheat. I studied for 2 weeks and I passed

Yeah, the one about Frank studying just 2 weeks and pass really encourages me. STPM is really feeling so near. I mean next week is already NOVEMBER! ARGH, need to start being serious now! This weeks is kinda my last week for rugby cause I want to start studying!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

d month of TRICKs?

"Trick or treat!" is the Halloween tag line. Since October is the month of it, I want to share some things about Tricks. One just happened only today.

As we all know, Sundays are usually my economy extra class day by Mr Nanda. Yesterday I asked Hazizah(my classmate) "What time is class tomorrow?"
Hazizah replied "I and Pui Yee is not going for economy class tomorrow. 8.30am. If anything, I copy notes from you ok?"
Then later on in the night she sms "Hilda, morow u going eco claz? i go. u also go yea. c ya moro"

Today morning I went to school, I didn't see Farahin's car(teacher's pet and my classmate) nor did I see any other classmates, the school gate was locked. It seemed weird. "Takkan everyone also's 8.30am already and even teacher is not here yet."
The school guard asked me why I came and told me to call the teacher or my friend because he wasn't informed about any activity in school today.
I called Mr Nanda...he didn't pick up.
I called Hazizah...she didn't pick up.
so I called Farahin..."Kelas Ekon batal hari ini la, Zizah tak beritahu ke?"

yeah, so I was pranked! LOL. Luckily for me I brought my wallet so I took the LRT home, or else I would have to walk home (-->one joke, I walked home a few times already)

Now let me tell you of a similar incident that happened to me way back in 2007.

It was Thriguna's birthday and Rayna said that there's a party tonight at Thri's house. That night when I went to Thri's house. I was the only one there and her family were just about to go out for dinner...Yeah, so what happened next? The family asked me to follow them la. Went to the temple and then ate with the family lor...

Rites, Here are more Tricks/pranks that me or my mom encountered. Below are just the tip of the iceberg as there are a lot more la But nevertheless, Here are some common ones!

1. on my birthday back in 2006. Basically, a plain clothes malay couple came to my street on a SUNDAY conning me that they were working for the government and have to spray something for Aedes and compulsory to pay RM60, Their company number was a mobile phone number. You can read more about it at
Government workers won't work on Sundays and Government workers must wear uniform!

2. My mom got a phone call by our house phone. A lady's voice was crying and said she was hurt(bleeding on the lips). Then the "kidnapper" said I've got your friend...(and says my mom's friend's name) and then demanded for RM 10 000. Gave some instruction about put the money at a traffic light and something else.
My mom said when she heard the lady's voice, she knew it wasn't THAT friend plus my mom never gave THAT friend our house phone number. My mom just said yes and ok all the way. After putting down the phone, my mom rang THAT friend and THAT friend picked up the phone, THAT friend was safely at home :P

3. My mom got a phone call by our house phone. He asked "Who is this?". My mom didn't answer him, instead she asked him back who is he? He said he's from the EPF and he asked what's the company name and wanted to know how many workers and their EPF numbers and then he said he wants to speak to the boss.
Firstly EPF won't ask "who is this" cause they would know, I mean how can you call and you don't know who you are looking for?...Secondly EPF will not call la(they do letters). Thirdly my mom is the boss...LOL, so obvious it's a bluff. My mom didn't reveal anything to him la.

4.My mom got a call by her mobile phone. A man said he's from the ***bank and he mentioned my sister's name. He said that there's something wrong with my sister's bank account so he needed the bank account details such as account number and pin code.He also mentioned that my sister was doing a transaction to somewhere and it is having a problem. He also asked for my sister's phone number
Now this is definitely another trick. I don't think Banks would call and ask for personal information loh. My mom didn't reveal anything la. After putting down the phone, my mom called my sister and my sister said she didn't do any transaction and that everything(-->account) was OK. Furthermore, if you have problem with my sister's account, go call my sister la, why call my mom's handphone(kan my sis is not underaged) and why don't have my sister's number? If something wrong with customer's account, go call the customer la, not the customer's mother...handphone some more...LOL

MY mom said...Government don't work individually, Sure got 2 or 3 other people. Beside that, government will have document-->black and white. They will send letter first, not call!

Don't stupidly just give out your name or information when people on the phone ask for it, OK?!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Revelation: One Litre of tears

Revelation: An enlightening or astonishing disclosure

Last Friday was Deepavali holiday what did I do? I watched "1 litre of tears" a Japanese drama/series...It was a really sad movie but I didn't cry 1 litre la...haha, maybe just 50ml of tears. It was based on a true story, 11 episodes. Finally finished it on Sunday.
The movie really made me realize some things or shall I say it opened my eyes to see reality.

STPM is really very close. A month more...30 days! ARGH...

Ako chan, Asou kun and Aya chan's character opened my eyes that I must start studying already, no more time for saying "Aiya, still a long way more" nor "Aiyoh, not enough time already one la, sure die one. So, study or no study won't make a difference"

Aya chan wants to study(further her studies but her situation doesn't allow her to do so)

Asou kun didn't want to take the exam but circumstances forced him to take the exam and he managed to pass and get into the school

I see myself in Ako chan. She's not smart and then she finally decides to study really hard although it seemed impossible for her to get into that particular school. Only a miracle would let that happen, but somehow she manages to pass the exam and get into that reknown school. This really encourages me that it's never too late. Better late than never and the fact that Ako chan manage to get into the school also really teaches me to not give up hope.

I have decided to start studying! ^^
Arigato, Aya Kito!

here are some memorable quotes:

"People shouldn't dwell on the past. It's enough to try your best in all that you're doing now"

"Be strong, go forward, move ahead"

"Reality is too cruel, too brutal. I don't even have the right to dream. As I think about the future, the tears will come out again."

"Hope that whatever your walk in life, you leave here with a little more warmth in your heart and a little more courage to face another day. Next time you see your loved one, tell them how special they are. Next time you meet a friend, thank them for always being there for you. Life is what you can make of it. Treasure it."

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sentence 1

Today was one of those random days...My sentence of the day is:

have a great and blessed b'day bcoz a'day has past and c'day is not yet here but b'day is always once in a year :)

Lotsa love,
-Hilda Hew Mun Foong

Saturday, October 17, 2009


A very Happy Deepavali to all those who celebrates it.

Diwali or Dīpāvali (Sanskrit: a row of lamps), the most colourful Indian festival, is celebrated on the Kartika Amavasya or New Moon, which falls during October/November. This year it is on the 17th October, 2009

Diwali as we call it today comes from the Sanskrit word Deepavali meaning garland of lights. There are many legends and important events associated with this highly auspicious day. Hence it is said that any Pooja, mantra japa or stotra recital on this day gives 100 times more benefits. Actually it is a 5 day festival with each day having its own legend, customes and rituals.

Religiously celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains. Other Indians celebrate the cultural aspects.

Diwali marks the end of the harvest season in most of India and Nepal

The story of Diwali for the Sikhs is a story of the Sikh struggle for freedom.

Mahavira is responsible for establishing the Dharma followed by Jains even today. According to tradition, the chief disciple of Mahavira, Ganadhara Gautam Swami also attained complete knowledge (Kevalgyana) on this day, thus making Diwali one of the most important Jain festivals.

For more info about Deepavali:

Anyways, there's so many legends but basically most of it got something to do about Victory and Lights.

While Diwali is popularly known as the "festival of lights", the most significant spiritual meaning is "the awareness of the inner light".

Random thoughts now:
OK anyways, this sort of reminded me of how Christians are called to be salt and LIGHT and I also am reminded that Jesus Christ is the LIGHT of the world.

The word LIGHT has a variety of meaning but basically Light reveals something and LIGHT is a positive character...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rugby...Bali 7's :)

OK, the girls went for a 7's rugby tournament in Bali on the 10th-11th oct 2009.

(if u were wondering...yeah, I didn't go for this tournament...LOL)

Yay, we won, we won! :)
we sent 2 teams(ladies):

1. Su
2. Aki
3. Becks
4. Yann
5. Qhal
6. Letch
7. Nora
8. Wei
9. Meiling

1. Zet
2. Aiza
3. Chut
4. Halina
5. Uni
6. Didi
7. Marlia
8. Tiara
9. Ija

our men's team were good too :)


In biggest rugby event ever held in Bali and Indonesia, played under lights
for the first time the 2009 XP Xclusive Property Bali 10's Open Cup, Asian
Cup and inaugural Bali Women 7's Cup were dominated by Malaysian teams

In the first women's rugby tournament ever held in Indonesia,The Bali
Women 7's , RC Selangor Dingoes edged out their bigger rivals from South
Darwin 7-5.

In the Asian Cup,played under Indonesian Development rules of maximum 20%
expats allowed on field at any time,the MAS Cougars were too strong for the
Kotekas from Papua.The Kotekas, running on shoestring budget proved to be
the strongest Indonesian side by beating their big city rivals, the Jakarta
Bantengs in a close semi final on their way to the Asian Cup Final.

In the Open cup,the pre -tournament seeding proving correct with the top 4
seeds reaching the semifinals.

In the first semifinal,the NS Wanderers from Malaysia were clear winners
over 2007 winners University of West Australia 17-0 .In the second semi
final the Canterbury High School Old Boys from Christchurch could not stop
the 2008 winners Cobras from booking their spot in the final losing to the
Cobras 5-17.

This set up a rematch of last months 2009 Singapore Blacks 10's final
between Malaysia's two top sides NS Wanderers and Cobras.In a an intense
final played under the lights,a try after the full time hooter confirmed the
Wanderers as Malaysia's in form side at the moment coming out on top 12-7.

The Plate Final was a nail biting affair that went to sudden death in extra
time with the Wave wearers of Hong Kong kicking a drop goal penalty to seal
the win 15- 12 over the Balmoral Hellfish.

Confirming the results: (FYI: Cup is for 1st and 2nd position while Plate is for 3rd and fourth position)

Women's 7's Plate Final : Singapore Bucks Women's 17 RC Selangor Select(MAL) 0

Women 7's Cup Final : RC Selangor Dingoes (MAL) 7 South Darwin Bunnies(AUS) 5

Asian Plate Final :
Cobra Sting (MAL) 22 Sorowako Matano Miners (INA)5

Asian Cup Final : MAS Cougars (MAL) 14 vs Papua Kotekas (INA) 5

Open Shield Final : Cobra Tune (MAL) 17 Jabiru BushTurkeyz (AUS) 14

Open Bowl Final : Nedlands (AUS) 14 ISCI Jakarta Komodos (INA) 0

Open Plate Final : Wave Wearers (HK) 15 Balmoral Hellfish(AUS) 12

Open Cup Final : NS Wanderers (MAL) 12 Cobra (MAL) 7

Player of the tournament ; Va Lu ( NS Wanderers)

Highlights of the finals of the Bali 10 & 7's can be seen at

Also tournament pictures can be viewed at

Friday, October 9, 2009


Today I sang my first karaoke....haha
In School on the Stage...wasn't that crazy? LOL. It was with Pui Yee and Praveen la...all 3 of us...the only NON-Muslim students that was present. Muhibah you know? Christian, Buddhist, Hindu...haha.

We sang a few Westlife songs la..cause it was basically the only English songs that was available which Praveen and I knew...As Praveen and I are not really updated with songs...haha

We were basically 3 frogs croaking...haha, But there was a lot of support by the audiences(our fellow form mates)...Helping us sing the parts we were not confident with.

I guess they really gave us a lot of moral support for us because we are not always open as in we usually shy away from most things. I guess maybe it's also because it's like the "last gathering" we have together...

Actually it was a spontaneous la. This is what happened la:
On the table after eating, Pui Yee said "Sha la la la"
So I sang "Every shalalala" and we sang together "Every wo u wo u, still sha"...then Pui Yee said "Hilda, Let's go sing"
I was caught off guard..."Is she crazy? Is this for real? Pui Yee, are you OK?" was what went through my head... Oh, my! Pui Yee was serious la. OK la, follow only la. Then we brought Praveen with us too..cause both of us also were shy.

But it was fun la...LOL

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

fight the bad feeling

This is what's happening, Don't ask... NO comment from my side.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Malaysia vs Singapore Women Rugby

Saturday, 3rd Oct 2009.

the day begun by blackout in my house and a few houses in Jalan Telawi 6...quite funny that only number 6, 8, 15(mine) and 23, 25 was affected, some house only partial blackout... I pack up for Singapore in the dark la with torchlight and candles. Then I tried to sleep...still partially conscious I heard my elder bro call my name then I woke up...LOL. About 3.30am I slept and 6.30am woke up to get ready la.

The journey to Singapore:
Mey Shuan picked me up to RSC Kiara Sports Annexe...we were divided into 4 groups: Ah Long(my team), Yakuza, Pirates and Mafia. There was 6 games in the bus ^^
Fun la. We also had to costumes and props that we had to prepare before this DAY! My team wore singlet with shorts and slippers, brought hammer, Spanner, paint, toothpick, monopoly money and butter knife :) Even when we stop at R&R for breaks, we were suppose to wear the customs, LOL!
KL to Singapore is about 6 hours la.(We didn't sleep)

Malaysian:My IC cannot be read I use passport.
Singapore: the official was a nice lady, she had a chat with me. She asked me why I play rugby and told me rugby is dangerous, then she told me she had a fear to learn driving cars because of the "Danger"....phobia la. Then she said couldn't find my Singapore stamps...(Yeah la, my first time to Singapore ma...haha) So she asked me for my IC...BTW: my passport pic and ic pic and my recent face is all diff la...took at different time ma...haha

The game:
Reached Yio Chu Kang Stadium, we warm up and changed, had pep talk and game plans...honestly, I didn't understand what the coach was talking about( in the game plan)
I'm a Back substitute with Jersey number 21. :)
We jog into the field and our national anthem went on, we sang NegaraKu patriotically! The Singapore team didn't sing out their national anthem, instead it was the guy supporters who sang the Singapore national anthem...After that, the game started. 5pm

Singapore scored in the first minute of the game and scored more and more after that BUT that didn't stop Malaysia from giving their best shot! Many of our players sustained injuries but the passion for the game made them still want to play the game all the way despite their injuries. Malaysia almost scored once. Whoa!

Coach let me in the last 10 minutes :P
Singapore big girls were coming to score and I was the closest, so I ran toward her and she ran pass me, but I manage to grab her legs and pull her to the ground. WooHoo, this happen twice! what a tackle la, not a perfect one but at least I got the "giant" to the ground.
Besides that, there was one huge "giant" coming right at me with the ball, I didn't think but I just ran to her and tackled her with my head. I thought I would bounce off as I'm a small person but somehow she fell down la( must be the momentum ;D). Using my head to tackle was risky, I could most probably get injured (Lucky me! I didn't get injured). The correct way to tackle is to use my shoulders la.

Game over:
Singapore beat Malaysia. 63-0
Coach said there was improvement in the second half as in the 2nd half, Singapore only managed to score 5 points :)
Coach was expecting that Singapore would trash us by at least 100 points cause Singapore is ranked 4th in Asian women Rugby, 5 years of experience and they also were training for the World Cup as they are, this is their 10th international fixture.

Our Women Rugby team only started 15 months ago and this is our first International fixture.

Great experience ya XD
Love it loads and yeah, it was fun...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

BOO sama DIA!

Have you ever heard of form 4, form 5 , lower 6 and upper 6 students "Boo-ing" a teacher during a formal school function in front of the stage, while the Principle handed the teacher an award...
Today in school, the upper secondary and pre-university students did a very bold and crazy thing!

It was the "Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang Kokurikulum SMK Sri Pantai" today...
The whole form 6 doesn't like this teacher in school named Mr Muhammad. We don't like him because of his personality and the way he conducts his self.

So here's what happened, the audiences were upper secondary(Form 4 and form 5 students) and pre-university students(Lower 6 and Upper 6-->Form 6 Students),
it was a normal boring event until it was the teachers' turn to get certificates, hampers and plaques(trophy) for the teachers' co-curricular activities or achievements la.
When names were called there was usually cheering and clapping hands...until Mr Muhammad's name was called... (ARE YOU READY? Here it goes)

The audiences started out with a cheer but when they heard it was Mr Muhammad, the cheer evolved to a BOO and grew into a loud BOOOOOOO!

Then the Pre-university students found out that it's not only the Form 6 that dislikes Mr Muhammad, but the "juniors" also shared this "HaTReD" against Mr Muhammad.

Ok, then for another teacher award, Mr Muhammad had to go up again and the same thing happened.

Ohh My! Can you imagine a teacher getting BOO-ed by students in a formal function with VIP and the Principle and on the stage while getting "recognition". NOT ONCE but twice!
Yeah! How crazy was that?

I don't know if it was Silly or BOLD or Crazy or Funny or Kampung School attitude?
But this is the first time in the school(SMK SP) history that a teacher got BOO-ed.