Saturday, March 17, 2012

my responses to a bad day

What do I do when I had a bad day?

I give silent treatment to everyone. Not really anymore...

I cry and then tell God. Not that frequent.

I cry myself to sleep

If it's a school thing then After school, I head to the field and
 I run nonstop for at least 30 minutes (till my anger subsides)
longest 2 hours   O.o

I hide out at Dragon (secret hideout near school) and try to calm down.

If it's at home, I'll lock my room door and turn on the radio as loud as it can go. Well, that was at home.

Being in campus, I have to improvise. Use headphone and blast my phone radio or just use the laptop and blast fast songs or not play many songs at the same time.

In extreme cases, I write a letter of complain and think how to ruin the person's life...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

5 mistackles and masum olahraga

It's been a really busy week and I do't think the week's gonna get any less busier this semester.
I have soooo much studies to catch up on since I've been rather busy with sports.

I had rugby 15 Singapore League a two weeks ago and then MASUM (Local University Sports) last week. This week would be MIEX (military exhibition) and pretty much all my weekends taken.

This year's singapore league was my personal worst performance. 5 mis-tackles in a row. This shows how much training I missed.

Masum Olahraga was at UTM, skudai johor. I was in 5km walking, relays and 3km running. I feel so frustrated as I got disqualified when I had only 2 more rounds to go. My walking technique needs some polishing. I was 4th position before I got disqualified. Argh, so close yet so far.

There was one UPSI girl who's a much better athlete than me but she was afraid of me because I beat/won her in Larian Pantai Sukan Masum previously. Well, track and sand/beach are different surfaces so just because I won her in beach run doesn't mean I'll win her in track run...Huhu

3km running was terrible, I got last.

 4x100m relay, I caused the team 3 seconds lag because the change of baton and my running position was wrong due to the lack of practise and I was actually last minute replacement. 

4x400m was not too bad, I boost the first 200 meters but then pancit the last 200 meters for the heats. Then in the finals for 4x400m I tried to follow Ling's advice of not boosting all the way so that I don't pancit...when I don't boost at the beginning I feel rather unproductive. But I also do not have the mental strength to speed up in the last few hundred meters.

Oh, a guy from USM came up to me and asked me if I was MUN FOONG, I was surprised. Then he said he was my junior from SKBB and SMKBB, same batch with Syahmi.His name is Ashraf. Erm, actually I don't quite know Syahmi, all I know about Syahmi is that he was a junior from primary school who had a crush on me and asked my younger bro for my msn id and Syahmi was sort of an athlete. After thinking for some time, I asked Ashraf "you are not an athlete right? Cause I know all my juniors who are athletes."
Yeah, he was not an athlete, he only started getting involved in sports after I left school. So, no wonder I do not know him. 

Poor Darvin could have won gold for highjump but he dislocated his shoulders so just settled for 2nd place. His personal best was 1.9 meters but he got injured in 1.75 meters and the competitor went up to 1.85 meters. 

Masum Management was late every morning and a bit unprofessional, they allowed athletes to run eventhough   one athlete was in disadvantage as the first lane had a pool of water whereas the other lanes did not have any patch of water. The event was 400m hurdles women, so the first lane runner was at an disadvantage and couldn't take steps to run and jump the hurdles. That's very unprofessional. I mean if all the lanes had a patch of water then it would be a fair disadvantage but if there's only a disadvantage to one athlete then it's really not fair. Everyone else can run and jump but the 1st lane has to try not to fall or slip and her momentum would have been disrupted as the speed and space would have been affected by the pool of water which was before the hurdle. 

UTM skudai was a really nice and huge university, the rooms were very comfortable and toilets were tip top, The food were cheap, tasty and  in big portions. The only flaw was the internet connection which was much worse than UM's wifi.

It was nice to see Cameelia and Fast from YTAR at UTM. So, group 4 were just missing Mai and Jane...huhu.

Besides that, My laptop has been acting quite strange last week. I think it may be infected...