Sunday, July 31, 2011

light bulb experience

Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (UNY) and UM student exchange program 2011.
ah, the student exchange program did not meet my expectations, perhaps I expected too much.
Anyway, it didn't really go the way i was anticipating and we faced so much issues there.
As much as i would like to say it was a waste of time, I can't because that would have been a lie. It was a time of bonding and learning new cultures as well as building new relationships and gaining new knowledge. The lessons learnt there are precious and more practical.

I went there expecting sports and studying but what I gained was life and social skills.

Just as mr thomas edison said ‘I have not failed 1,000 times. I have successfully discovered 1,000 ways to NOT make a light bulb.’

I learn a few things that i should avoid in management and convert all the bad experience into life lessons. 

A few things Dr Salleh said to us...

"Berkeluh tetapi OK akhirnya, itulah yang di Indonesia"

kotoran jadikan emas

why find job when you can create job?

"Jangan terlampau fikir paku yang jatuh, fikir bangunan, buat dinding lurus dan kukuh, simpan dalam perut masalah kecil"

Friday, July 22, 2011

cowok Efan ;P

I met a really handsome boy today...We met at a makan place in Indonesia and we talked but i forgot to ask for his full name, number or Facebook. I don't even know what is he studying...
I'm not looking for a BF just yet and applications are closed temporary till I get my first degree...but it would be great if we be friends first..haha...tough luck...My phone doesn't have a camera function so I didn't manage to take a pic of him...

oh well, I guess i should stop thinking of him coz my UM coursemates cant tahan me behaving "feminine"...LoL, In addition to that, I might not be able to see him again...

so snap back into reality, girl!
Bye handsome boy :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

sour-here (souvenir)

Today i was thinking about souvenirs...
why do people want them so desperately? 
whenever someone says they are going somewhere, immediately the most common reaction from other people would be, "get something for me", "Don't forget to get me a souvenir", "I want SOUVENIR"...

Dear people, 
Firstly think of the person going on the trip...he/she has to buy "souvenir" with their OWN MONEY and who knows how many souvenirs they have to get? 

Secondly, come on, what is the main purpose of the person who's going on the trip...of cause it's not purposely go and buy souvenirs for people right? You want the person to go and waste his/her time and money instead of concentrating and focusing more resources (time, effort n money) on whatever purpose he/she is on the trip is it?

Thirdly, why do you even want a souvenir in the first place?

Why do you feel sad and disappointed and hurt when people don't bring anything back for you? 

I really feel puzzled and don't understand what's with all this desperate wanting of someone to get something for you from don't give money and you expect that person to use her resources to get you something...and poor person has to get something for so many people...

Friday, July 8, 2011

hi from indon

Hey everyone, greetings from Yogyakarta. I'm officially in INDONESIA for student exchange program organized by UM sports centre. Will be here till 31st July...studying...

By the way, as you all know I was in a deep dilemma because I had to choose between student exchange program or YTAR scholarship interview. Both on the 7th JULY...plane leaves at 7am while interview is at 1020am.

I asked the TAR foundation whether I can do the interview earlier like maybe the 5th or 6th July or much later in august but they said it's a NO because they need to arrange 6 members of the board and the board members are very busy and important people. Takkan just because of me they wanna kumpul for a day right? So I had to choose between the scholarship interview which is a 50% chance of getting the scholarship or a student exchange interview which I confirm get already.

If I don't go for the student exchange, my name would be blacklisted and I would no longer be able to participate for student exchange program because my name was sent to Vice Chancellor and everything is approved and the budget approved and all.

If  I don't go for the interview I would always wonder what would happen if i took the road not taken, would I have aced the interview? Would other scholarships be better than this really exclusive and prestigious YTAR scholarship?

I talked with Kak Emi,who told me ask Dr Salleh (new director of UM sports centre) whether I can go a day late? Dr Salleh said ask Mr Nizam who deals with the plane ticket. Worse come to worse I have to pay my own ticket. So bla bla bla and then I really thank God that UM is not efficient that they not yet confirm the plane ticket so they could change the date of my ticket.

So I could go for both....but it was really frustrating and emotionally draining during that time of waiting for response from UM and YTAR....

Sunday, July 3, 2011

time to recuperate

Yesterday I went for Captainball COPA IBA. We got 4th place, owh well, at least we entered the semi finals. If I'm not mistaken, we played 6 matches all together...

Ok, so I think that would be enough sports for me at the moment. I do enjoy sports but I need recovery time you know...Let my body rest from all the discipline it went though.

Palapes Laut latihan karnival sukan was crazy, no rest. Karnival sukan palapes laut was even more crazy and jam-packed. Handball centralised training was ok la, at least we had a good rest even though we trained 3 times a day. Softball was crazy, train 4 times a day with little rest and then sometimes I join handball training after softball training or join softball training after handball training...Very little rest there. Thank God for BTAR camp so I could rest from sports a few days but almost no free time la, and we use a lot of brain juice, LoL. Then Masum handball was very relaxing, one game each day :), a lot of rest. Masum sofbol was crazy, 2 games a day and training whenever possible...After MASUM officially ended, I had Captainball.

OK, so 1 week Palapes
            4 weeks Masum training (handball+softball)
            2 weeks Masum (handball + softball)
            1 day copa iba captainball tournament
          equals at least 7 full weeks of compact back-to-back sports action.

Of cause there's rugby training on Tuesday but I'm not sure whether I'll be going la...see first la.

So, what's next on my schedule? YTAR Interview then student exchange to Indonesia->Universitas Negeri Jogjakarta.

Owh, Did I mention that I don't believe Kosmo! newspaper anymore? Firstly, the newspaper is Uitm bias and secondly the newspaper wrote wrong information and didn't correct itself even though I sent an email to point it out. It wrote that in masum, the women handball runner up is UTM, but actually UM girls are the one that went to the final and got 2nd place.