Monday, May 4, 2015

Taiwan pit stop

My trips are never complete without a signboard picture :)

I went back to Taiwan. Very short trip.

Things didn't go as smoothly but hey, we survived!

I met some of my Taiwan friends, not enough time to meet everyone and I didn't purchase a mobile sim so wifi was a bit difficult thus communication was not at it's best.

Meeting awesome people :)

Reunion dinner.

We hiked up Alishan to witness the sunrise... started journey at 4am but apparently it was too late, by the time we reached the top, it was up already.

I brought along a colleague with me. I feel kinda sorry for her that she wasn't able to do as much shopping as she wanted and I forced her to tag along to dinner with me even though she really didn't want.

She witness my friends argueing..LoL, and another friend took our baggage hostage so we wore the same clothes for 3 days with no towel or change of clothes nor shoes. She also had to hike in her ladies sandals (Thank God it was durable and not slippery and her sandals didnt break/tear) but I don't know if its painful to hike in...We did a lot of hiking and drinking so there was not much sleep...I feel guilty for turning her holiday to a nightmare...her legs were sore and she got sick when we came back to Malaysia.

My Beloveds :)

late Sunrise at Alishan

Beauty at its finest
sunset at Chia Yi Train Station

real flowers...looked fake
looks like starfruit/starfish/ Patrick Star

flower looks like Fairy/birds/butterfly/insects
Closeup looks like a Fairy :)