Monday, May 30, 2011

busy BZ

I feel so darn busy.
I just finished my 1st year then i had a week break then i had palapes latihan karnival sukan for a week.

It was so packed. 6 am start for non-muslims (muslims programme starts at 4am...Qiamulai and bacaan al quran) and sleep at 12am.We train train train even under the pouring rain and scorching sun and once each day in the swimming pool to prepare for the Palapes Laut sports karnival between Upm, Uitm, Um. Akademi Laut Malaysia (Alam) and Kapal Diraja Sri Klang (KDSK) aka the kl-selangor navy HQ. The sports were
volleyball, football, futsal,netball, hoki geladak (a sports only the navy play), swimming, selam tempur (a relay of 4 person;swim about 50 meters then dive 2meter to collect a coin then swim back about 50 meters).Why was I so tired? Cause i played all the sports except football and selam tempur. The events were back to back...wah, lunch and dinner were the only break...about 1 hour to properly rest. Whole day sweating...Wear same clothes the whole week...Eww, so smelly. Then have to Iron clothes and look proper everyday....tired...

Just when I was about to go home after the palapes laut sports carnival ended, I received a call saying i'm in the masum handball team, so i have to join the 3 weeks centralized training...masum is the malaysian inter public university sports...of cause it's a bit more relaxing then palapes training la...3 weeks training then masum handball on the 19-25th june.

Next week i'm suppose to check in for masum softball 3 weeks centralized training...the masum softball on the 25-30th june...wah, so pack hor? This clash means i'll be alternating between softball and handball practices.

FYI: let's say i didn't go for masum, i'll still have the adidas run, the TAR scholarship thingi and Palapes Laut Fomdex IPTA, and palapes laut latihan fasa...this would have a break of 1 week in between but the training would be much more intense even if both the masum practise combined...that's much more heavy training cause it's military training style ma...and of ause not forgetting the student exchange and recently dingoes rugby team have compact training schedule and competitions so same only la...same same busy both sides of the coin...

I received email saying:
1.Don't forget i got Adidas all 24 run on 4th june-5th june.
2.I'll be joining the student exchange program from 3rd july to 29 july. 
3.PROGRAM PENILAIAN DIRI UNTUK CALON BIASISWA TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN (BTAR) 2011 on 17-19 jun at Residence Hotel University Tenaga Nasional.

i'm nervous for the TAR scholarship...what will they ask? What will happen in the 3 days?


Busy with so many things clashing and pack but still do-able. wah, so busy leh.
being so busy and living a rushed life may cause me to miss the main point perhaps?

Friday, May 27, 2011


The Dog Anthem
You fill up my senses
Like a greasy chip butty
Like a packet of woodbines
Like a good pinch of snuff!
Like a night out in KL
Like the Royal Selangor
You fill up my senses
Come fill me again

Like a night out in KL
Like the Royal Selangor
You fill up my senses
Come fill me again... 

Arh, the lyrics of the rugby club i am part the lyrics we can assume that

Mat Sallehs created it lorh... And yes, by history the club was actually formed by Mat Sallehs mah...haha...
"The Royal Selangor Club, The Dog, is one of Asia's oldest sporting clubs. Founded in 1884 exclusively for the use of the British expatriate community, it is now a truly Malaysian institution." excerpt from

I wonder what is a butty? and woodbines? Snuff? So, this is what wikipedia said

The Greasy Chip Butty Song is a football chant originally sung by the supporters of Sheffield United football club to the tune of Annie's Song, glorifying the dubious delights of life in Sheffield, in chief the eponymous Chip butty but also nightlife, beer and tobacco products. The song with its good-natured humour has been adopted and adapted by fans of a number of other Association Football teams, other football codes teams, and by other sports teams, both in the UK and internationally.

The song is to the tune of Annie's Song by John Denver[2]:
You fill up my senses
Like a gallon of Magnet
Like a packet of Woodbines
Like a good pinch of snuff
Like a night out in Sheffield
Like a greasy chip butty
Like Sheffield United
Come fill me again....
Na Na Na Naa Naa Naaaaa, ooo!


To a native of Yorkshire the words are probably self explanatory; the words celebrate the many pleasures that can be had in Sheffield, culminating in the target of the fan's adoration, in this instance, Sheffield United.
  • Magnet refers to John Smith's Magnet Bitter, a bitter brewed and widely available in Yorkshire. Some people claim that the second line is really Like a gallon of maggots. Maggots are obtained from fishing tackle outlets in denominations of imperial pints and hence this version would not be unreasonable, as fishing is popular in the region and hence a gallon of maggots would mean a good day out fishing.
  • Woodbines refers nostalgically to a once popular brand of strong cigarette.
  • Snuff is ground tobacco for sniffing up the nose. Snuff produced by Wilson's Snuff Mill is world famous, and produced only a mile away from Bramall Lane.
  • A Greasy chip butty can be purchased in any of the many local fish and chip shops. Butty is a slang word for a sandwich, and a chip butty is simply a sandwich where the filling is chips, ideally greasy and sometimes sprinkled with salt and vinegar. Generally, a white sandwich bap will be used for the bread. In Sheffield, these are simply known as Breadcakes.
Bap (often a larger soft roll, roughly 5-6 inches in diameter). Dough can contain fats such as lard or butter to provide tenderness to dough. Can come in multiple shapes dependent on region. Baps as traditionally made in Scotland are not sweet, unlike the Irish version which may contain currants. The 9th Edition of the Concise Oxford Dictionary (1995) says that the word "bap" dates from the 16th century and that its origin is unknown.

And oh, btw if you have been wondering why is it called the Dog's Anthem...Royal Selangor Club (RSC), has many sport section and each sport section has its name la...For the rugby section we have the bulldogs, dogs, dalmatians and dingoes, and chihuahuas. Dingoes refer to the women rugby players and chihuahuas refer to the children rugby players... The rest I'm not sure but i think the Bulldogs refer to the rugby players that are older in age, the dogs refer to the middle aged, dalmatian a bit younger people.

We train every Tuesday & Thursday at RSC Kiara 530pm. You are welcome to join us.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

che siti wan kembang

I ask my classmates why is Kelantan called Cik Siti wan Kembong? she came to Kelantan, then makanan so delicious that she kembung arh? Nola, it's not kembung, it's kembang and last time people their names are like that, apprently it's the name of the queen who was a ruler in kelantan...Che Siti Wan Kembang (<-click for more info)

Arh, the Kelantan trip was ok la...13 hour train ride was fun la. I Love seeing the scenaries from city and concrete buildings to green everywhere and atap roofs and cows everywhere...big transformation loh...
the train ride was bumpy..KTM mah. There's no line on the KTM so had to wait till i reach the next station then only got line<-phone line. There was a station every hour.. My ride was from KL sentral to Wakaf Bharu (kelantan).
There's no electric socket so don't think of changing our phone or laptop yeah...
The ticket 2nd class, sitting seat to go to wakaf bharu by ktm is rm 42.00, then come back also rm 42.00. So ktm ticket = RM84.00

When we arrive, we took a cab to the hotel "Selesa Hotel". The cab cost rm 20.
The hotel rate was rm 65 for a 3-4 person room a night and rm 43 for a 1-2 person bedroom. The price includes tax..(owh, now only i know hotel also got tax...)
It was a budget hotel which had air cond and fan, a barely working TV, a very small and dirty bathroom. For the 1-2 person room there was a queen size bed. For the 3-4 person room there was 3 single bed and an extra bed at the cost of an extra rm 10.
The manager is a tricky sly fox, we paid full but he said he will give us the resit for today and tomorrow he will give us the receipt for tomorrow even though we fully paid....but the next day, he ask us to pay again because we don't have the next day's receipt (which he suppose to give us but he said we got no proof and no receipt)...What a trap!
Anyway, we saw a signboard that anyone of the opposite sex that are not husband and wife cannot sleep in the same room...owh, that means bro and sis also you know....PAS area ma...

In Kelantan, there were arabic words on every road sign, banner, advertistment and shop...the BM on the road signboards, banner and shop were smaller....Ah, so i guess the non malay locals also can read Arabic.

It's really amazing to see so much green and 'bare' land (bare as in no building or anything, just a plain field) and animals so free. (Yaloh, i'm a city girl ma, so all this looks so different than the city where everything so padat and animals caged or confined and more buildings than greens.)

It's very village looking many houses are wooden and spacious with land and animals...Very contrasting and with my modern developed hometown "KL"

The taxi driver charged rm 20 to go a trip and another rm 20 to return.
He said he would change rm 10 if we were late.
Taxi driver was a stingy guy, he didn't on the air cond but open the window throughout the whole journey, spoil my hair and made me smell like the road....haiz.
He double charged when we had to go to our friend's wedding... "traffic jam, petrol and distance"
Kelantan jam is nothing la, it's moving ma, so how can you call it jam? Haiz...Our train was at 7pm but he told us he will pick us at 5pm because he was scared of getting stuck in the "jam"
On taxi itself we spend more than rm 60....cut throat!

People in Kelantan, your pricing all like KL pricing even though your quality is lesser than KL quality...can die la...I'm not mat salleh u know, i'm local...and you treat me like this, how to cuti-cuti malaysia la?

I was amazed to see that religious buildings like church and temples also had big space and buildings...I thought it's a PAS area ma, so other religion would have lesser freedom of building religious places.

Even though I thought Kelantan was kampung-ish but apparently the place i went Kota Bharu is the TOWN aka City... Oh my, this is the city then how to imagine the village area?

From what i heard, there's no cinema, bowling alley or karaoke... Aiyah, thank God i'm not staying here....can die of boredom... my only entertainment would be catching chicken and playing with others?
The shops all close at 6pm, after 6.30pm, the shops are all closed, and it almost looked like ghost city...Huh, supper how? Thank God got 7-11, but no McD or KFC...there's one or two shops open la, but hard to find lo.

Food, I love their nasi dagang! yummmy, you should try it!
I wanted to try nasi kerabu, mi celup and hotdog pulut but no time....cause i didn't know the shops close at 6pm..I thought like KL, 24 hours, mamak, supper...can find the nasi kerabu, mi celup, hotdog pulut at maybe 8pm or 2am...Aiyah...cultural shock la...No SUPPER? Thank God I don't stay there.

It's hard to find Goreng-goreng as in fried food like fried mee, fried mee hoon and ect and if you manage to find a "mamak" shop that has fried food, the food doesn't taste delicious...the kuih also not so delicious like KL kuih-muih or maybe it's just not our cup of tea?

Sunday, May 15, 2011


My mom told me to spread my wings and fly...Double meaning? LoL

I would be traveling alone for my first time, I mean no family members...I'll be going to Kelantan for my form 6 classmate's wedding. That's like more than 10 hours journey with a few other form 6 classmates. Going tonight and will be back in KL on Wed morning. I'm quite worried as this is my first time going out with a group of people and to a state quite far away. I always stayed in KL and it's like me coming out of my cocoon...Of cause I worry whether I brought enough things, whether I have enough money, whether I'll look like a fool and tiny dumb things that's not worth worrying.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A&P, and the miracle of my first semester

Did I tell you about last semester? It was my first semester and there was this one subject (anatomy and physiology)...

The first lecture Mr Yeoh gave was already complicated and I couldn't understand a thing and tears rolled down my face continuously but silently due to the frustration of not being able to understand anything he taught. Aiyah, so shy you know, crying in class...i tried to keep myself from tearing but i failed to do so.
For the second lecture...tears came out again...aiyoh, why la am I so dramatic? just because i can't understand tears keep finding their way out...

The next day after the 2nd anatomy and physiology lecture, I went to see my academic adviser and asked if I could drop the subject but he said the subject was a core subject so I cannot drop it and he said "you're a chinese, if the malays can do it then you also can do it."...Wah, this is how an academic adviser encourages arh? (*no offense intended)

I was feeling so sad and very sure that I would fail the anyway I went for his lectures and faithfully my tears would somehow find it's way to come out, I always try my best to understand but I have no idea what he was teaching. I mean Mr Yeoh is a good teacher but the subject was incomprehensible for my simple brain to understand.I also try my best to not tear but I guess the emotions was stronger then the will to not cry in class. It's really so embarrassing you know...

There's 14 weeks of lectures and then the final exam paper. Finally,on the 11th week, I managed to not cry and somehow by God's grace I manage to understand the subject...Wow, cool. This lecturer always is amaze by the complexity of how human are made and how they function. He said it's so amazing how we can put our hands in our pocket without seeing and don't take things or abilities for granted.

I was able to do the exam and you know what? I got an A (highest grade) for the subject! Wow. Praise God because I know without God, I wouldn't be able to understand or comprehend the subject. Can you imagine, I was thinking "this is gonna be an impossible subject for me" and I wanted to drop it because I was very sure that I would fail it. Tearing in class for 11 weeks (2 classes each week). And suddenly I aced the subject! Highest grade some more!
I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength-Philippians 4:13

based on STPM results, I was just a C student and to reach 3.0 itself was a struggle, I never even dreamed of getting a cgpa of 4.0 in my life,
But with God's grace, I managed to get 4 flat on my first semester! WOW!  that means I got 4 A's over 4 subjects...Cool!

Ephesians 3:20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us --> God gives us more than we ask or imagine ^^

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


A second semester of weird lecturers...a wider dynamic and characters.

Dr Selina Khoo Phaik Lin
subject taught: Sports Sociology
She's the deputy director of the Sports Centre (Academic department)
She was stressed up by handling our batch's inability to register for english, extra credit hours and finding alternatives when we faced academic struggles...In class, she appreciates us coming early (she told us thank you for coming early). Her voice is soft that we have to sit in front or not we cant hear anything, her attitude is standing up for the minority ( a few times in class, she defended the minors). Another characteristic of her is she would always be surprised due to her's like she's so so innocent la. She asked the class to not sit in the same place during each class...She's the type of lecturer that will never ever give full marks...So if the question is like over 10, the best will get 8. Oh ya, suddenly only got 2 bonus marks for an event which not many of use went...That's unfair, she didn't announce that 2 extra mark would be given if we went for it (the event was not compulsory)..Geez!
The first person/lecturer to call me kiasu! (btw kiasu direct translation is Scared to Lose. Commonly Referring to people who always want to win win win)

Pn Rohaini Amin
Subject taught: Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia
A lecturer that always had something to say about anything and everything. She loved asking students to help other students understand more about a subject. For example she asked Chinese students explain more about the Chinese culture and meaning (Smart lady, students do explaining, she understand better, other students pay more attention and understand more, she teach less). <--More of a 2 or 3 way dimension of teaching method. Teach smart not teach hard ;P This lecturer really inspire us to think, she taught us how to THINK, she inspired, provoke and encouraged us to THINK...very interesting way of giving us a soft skill.

Pn Fatimi
Subject taught: Hubungan Etnik
She said I'm very narrow minded...arh, a statement that really slap me on the face. Welcome to reality, please think outside the box Hilda! Don't take things too literal.
My carry mark was a bit low, that caused me a B+ while my classmates with a better carry mark got an A-, that means a 5 marks away...haiz...
80 - 100     A   (4.0)
75 - 79     A-   (3.7)
70 - 74     B+   (3.3)

Pn Wirdati Radzi
Subject taught: Sport Management
Very relaxed and calm personality. You have to ask question in order to learn. Very American type of teaching style, accept any answers as long as it's rational. Truthful and far thinker...

Dr Abdul Halim Mokhtar
Subject taught: 1st Aid and CPR
First 4-5 classes he didn't attend, we were skeptical whether there was even a lecturer for this subject, we didn't even know if the lecturer was a male or female, there was no information on the lecturer, not even the name. SO anyway, the few classmates that were faithful went to "classes" and suddenly we find out that our lecturer is the sports director of the sports centre. He taught fast and didn't wait or care if people understood. Like American lecturers. His slides were always full of pictures (not that pleasant-1st aid ma, so gruesome pictures loh). He taught us to focus on the main subject despite the topic given (fractures and snake bite, focus on 1st aid since our subject is about 1st Aid, and focus lesser on the topic). His notes is mix of english and many combined language sentence that made it difficult for us to do own notes...The notes were also repeating so we have to arrange it our self.

Mr Fajar
Subject taught: health and fitness and nutrition
He has a very bad command of english, "Sports is not health" then when he explain in Malay, he meant people who do sports is not necessarily healthy...OMG, no wonder la the foreign student failed...This lecturer doesn't teach properly, and for the 2nd test, SUDDENLY his english was so high class (means sure la the paper sentences were not done by him) but despite that, some questions were incomplete and didn't make sense (maybe he edited or ask someone to translate word by word to good translation but high class words). The 2nd test was really frustrating because he ask many questions that he didn't teach nor was it in our notes. Our assignments instructions were not clear and when we asked, he would say do it any way you last our carry mark was so low due to the test and the assignment (many got less than half like 27/60)...meaning if by some miracle he/she get's full mark for the final exam, the person will have no chance of an A. Just to pass the subject is a pain in the S. I feel he's not a good lecturer...btw, he's only a part time lecturer (it explains the lousy teaching, instruction, questions, explanation, marking and grading). The exam paper was a killer! So many questions on things he didn't teach and the bilingual made things worse...the malay sentence asked for something while the english sentence asked for something else...Oh My, what to answer? Just answer both la...meaning many questions with 2 sets of answers. SUCKS la..why no one check the paper la? I think he simply put the marks (a question which has 5 answers, he gave 6 marks...where does the extra one mark go to? Give example for all 5 answers? meaning 0.2 mark for each example arh? the question didn't ask for example also). Damn frustrating paper. Don't know or understand what is the kehendak soalan. English and Malay asking for 2 different answers...Grrr

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Siswamail (university malaya email for uni announcements) is now becoming something like gmail and this kinda annoying because now i cannot sign in siswa and gmail at the same time.
I have an option of turning on the multiple sign in app but this would be risky as the UM IT admin has control over our siswamail and can change passwords and collect data and access and so on SO if i were to turn on the multiple sign in, there's a risk that the UM IT Admin would gain access and intrude my gmail privacy lor...

Rights, yesterday was quite crazy somehow i feel like not studying. Feeling very Frustrated, I am reading but I feel like nothing is entering my head. I can't focus...I'm tired mentally...No real reason. My course-mate asked me, "Pshycho already kah? ", "Your mom asked you to get married is it?" "LoL, This is what people call STRESS la." Then she call me lame..
Gonna try sleep early, if my conscience let me sleep at all.

Lazy is the word? Lost the passion? I don't want to fail this subject and this critical thinking is a bit tough.
Come on Brain! You can absorb more, you gotta keep going, you still got a few more papers you know! You're just half way there Mfoong. Don't give up! Add oil. I know you can. You just gotta put aside your tiredness.
Don't drop ok, you gotta hang in there. Your university journey does not and should not end here,I know you don't want to regret for not studying.
God, would you help me refind the passion to study? Thanks, Love you.

Struggle through this now and you'll find the effort really worth it ok.
I know the easy subjects are all over and now for the subjects you don't really like, don't give up,don't give in. Push on, strive and keep advancing, don't look back nor drop out ok!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gov threatening chinese community

In Sarawak, the government Barisan Nasional (BN) lost majority of the chinese seats to DAP(opposition)
And now BN threatens the Chinese community, If you don't vote for the government in the next election then you will risk having no representation in the government, only BN can assure harmony wor...tsk tsk tsk, whatever happened to 1 Malaysia? And did you know that Utusan Malaysia proposed a 1 Melayu 1 Bumi?
"Utusan Malaysia has called on owners Umno to spearhead a “1 Melayu, 1 Bumi movement” involving all Malay parties, claiming that the DAP was intent on toppling the country’s Malay leadership.
Najib had dismissed the call as the personal opinion of the Utusan editor who mooted it, while former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said such a movement would be disastrous as it would result in a two-party system where each side would be dominated by one race.
Despite Dr Mahathir’s criticisms, Malay rights group Perkasa — of which Dr Mahathir is patron — has said it will spearhead such a movement."
MCA has sent a message to the Chinese voters that they cannot support the Opposition and yet hope for a strong representation in the Government, said the Prime Minister.
“If the Chinese voters want to support the Opposition, they will sacrifice parties in the Government.
“If they want to have a more meaningful voice to represent their interest, then they must support the Barisan Nasional component parties,” said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak
Only Barisan can assure political stability and harmony in this country. We have a proven track record and our policies are accepted by all communities,” he said.

you see how different Malaysia is compared to Singapore? Singapore told voters not to be afraid of voting for the Opposition. This is because Singapore would continue to be run by its excellent civil service. They genuinely just want to serve, not play politics. But in Malaysia it's all threatenings. Haiz....