Wednesday, May 28, 2014

uni finance

Alright I finish my studies in University Malaya with first class, cgpa 3.83.
I'm still angry with myself for missing the last 4 flat... One C+ because I didnt sit for the exam paper, reason being I overslept...(Note to self: Never ever do extra studying till 3am or 4am if your exam paper is 8.30am. It's not last minute studying but just kiasu...already study wanna revise again for what? Adoi!!!) Get friends to make sure u wake up for exam...LoL

My batch was quite shocked to see our results on the university line because most of us had a different CGPA than expected. Apparently our university examination system forgot to include our outside-faculty-elective-course (Kursus Elektif Luar Fakulti) results in our third semester so this results changed all our other semester's CGPA (Sem 3- sem 7). For most of us the CGPA was lower...boohoohoo

Anyway, let's move on....Today I checked my PTPTN account. I borrowed PTPTN Wang Pendahuluan Pendidikan (WPP) which every STPMer who got into Uni will get (RM 1500) and also used PTPTN in the first year of my university (RM 3250 per sem therefore  RM 6500). PTPTN add kos pengurusan and insurans kelompok which is wajib to be paid. WPP will be cut each sem from our PTPTN. PTPTN in University Malaya is SOOO not enough, I am a person who doesn't really spend money, I only buy essential and eat budget food but at the end of the semester I would be somewhat fasting to survive. I even entered PALAPES (Reserve officer training Unit) with hopes of lessening my family burden but I dont know why UM PALAPES LAUT was using more money than we are suppose to earn and most of our allowance during our first year was burnt (as in not receivable) due to some administration problem as well as our third year a huge chunk of our allowance was frozen and later on counted as burnt due to government cutting the military budget. So despite being in PALAPES, I still had to borrow some money from my mother to survive my first year towards the end of the semesters.

Leftenan Muda Hew Mun Foong PSSTLDM aka Navy Volunteer Acting Sub Lieutenant Hew Mun Foong (Hilda) after 3 long and tough and expensive years of semi military training.
army, navy
Second year to semester 7, I was a Tunku Scholar, receipient of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship aka Biasiswa Tunku Abdul Rahman from Tunku Abdul Rahman Foundation aka Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman.
 The scholarship was not just a scholarship that paid my university tuition fee, but it also provided monthly living allowances(even during semester break), book allowance, equipment allowance, thesis allowance, internship allowance, (flight reimbursement for east Malaysian student studying in peninsular Malaysia or for peninsular Malaysia student studying in east Malaysia), self enrichment fund (this was the best as we are encouraged to join programs/activities/courses that will bring more value to us as Tunku Scholars. Example: Outward Bound School [OBS], Tony Buzan, Nick Vujicic seminars, Chinese Language class, Scuba Diving License, ect). Besides all these allowances, we also go to enrichment camps which YTAR prepares for us where we mix around with our fellow senior and junior Tunku Scholar while learning and becoming more like Tunku Abdul Rahman. We are also members of Tunku Scholars Association Malaysia (TSAM), an NGO. YTAR also indirecly teaches and trains us to justify and double check our formal reply to them as well as contacting our batch or senior so that we do not ask them what has already been answered before. The scholarship foundation is one that involves the recipients, help them grow and It's really one of a kind.

I feel so blessed today because on top of all these, YTAR also help pay off my PTPTN loan (I did pay off my WPP Rm 500 by some of the savings that I saved from my YTAR allowances). YTAR helped me clear Rm 6500 + Rm 160.38 (insurance).

Therefore Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly announce I'm debt free from PTPTN!! :)
No longer Pity Pity N

Thank You Very Much, 
Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman :)