Friday, April 29, 2011

want money then say No to baby

Indian newlyweds offered cash to delay having children
By Karishma Vyas (AFP)
SATARA, India — While countries like Japan, Canada and Australia hand out "baby bonuses" to encourage people to have children, couples in one part of India are getting cash to do just the opposite.
Rajia and other women like her were attracted by the offer of 5,000 rupees in cash if they stayed childless for two years after their nuptials. If they hold out for another year, they receive an extra 2,500 rupees.

The scheme is voluntary: the only conditions being that the marriage has to be registered with the government and that participants sign a consent form confirming that they are taking part of their own free will.
Over the first two years, couples have to attend compulsory counseling and education classes every three months.

The sessions include family planning advice. Free condoms and the oral contraceptive pill are available. Even abortions can be arranged.

GE Don't fear voting for Opposition, says SDP - Channel NewsAsia

GE Don't fear voting for Opposition, says SDP - Channel NewsAsia
click on the link above for full report.

Wah, Singapore election is so cool! I love the statement "Michelle Lee told voters not to be afraid of voting for the Opposition.

This is because Singapore would continue to be run by its excellent civil service."

Sunday, April 24, 2011

University Malaya brought shame on me

How the Universiti of Malaya (UM) defamed me, Disgraced me and Tarnished my image, scratched my integrity and credibility even though I'm innocent. Damaged done. I want an apology from UM please.

When I went home, the vibes were not so good, there was that stare...the one people do when they feel disgusted. My mom said to me "You spend a lot of money ya, the rm200 I gave you last week sure finish already right..."
Huh? What's this all about? No, I still have some money, I mean I used it but not all yet...Why?

Mom: I received a letter from your University, UM, it stated that you OWE the university rm 200!

me: Huh? WHAT THE? I don't owe the UM anything, I already cleared my account.

(Will people believe you or the "proof" which is in black and white? Apparently I'm "caught red handed")

Mom: Say what you want, here's the proof. *hands the letter over*

me: *takes out a piece of paper from my wallet, (thinking in my brain, thank God I didn't throw away my bank receipt) and hands it over while taking the letter* Nah, here's the proof, I already paid everything last month! BTW, when did you receive this letter?

Mom: Wednesday. 20th April.

me examining the DAMN letter...Gosh, the statement was dated on 30th MAC and the envelope is stamped on the 18th of APRIL and delivered on the 20th of APRIL! that's like almost 3 weeks just to deliver the DAMN letter. UM, if you wanted to wait so long before posting the letter then at least recheck the account a few days before you post it la or not just post it as soon as you print it out la. Save stamp cost ma..Haiz..

FYI: I cleared my account on 31 mac (with hard cold CASH)
Furthermore, the reason of the RM 200 is also in a way UM's fault. Our vice-director of Sports Centre told us to register Hubungan Etnik in the last minute. So a rm100 fine.
and the Damn Palapes Laut UM who promoted it's free tricked us and we actually have to pay rm 100.

My younger bro who used to look up to me because I'm prudent in money now looks down on me because of this DAMN thing that i'm innocent of. The respect I had is now gone down the drain.
My elder bro who just last week told me don't be like Uni students who squander their ptptn money and finished it all up very fast that UPM had to use a food card to settle the prob of students starving so  the food card can only be used to buy food and nothing else. Now he looks down on me and thinks I'm one of those people. BTW mr koko, your uni hostel n my uni hostel accomodation fee is so different ok, mine is rm6.50 a day without food while yours is surely much more lower so of cause la you have enough ptptn money to live on. Furthermore your UPM palapes allowance is definitely much more than my DAMN UM's Palapes allowance ok (refer to the previous blog post)

My "allowance" also stopped because of this damn defamatory! The family thinks I simply simply waste my money.

UM you have a very terrible management! I'm innocent...
Feels like Anuar...Defamed by the Trio, even though Anwar is proven innocent from the sex video but damage already done to his image. Will Anwar sue the trio on defaming him?

Also like a guy getting a 1 year jail sentence and then was found innocent. His name is cleared but his image is gone already because he had been in jail for 1 year..People won't listen or believe that "I was innocent" cause they will just zoom in the part "Jailed for one year". Damage done already...

should I too take legal action on UM? huhahaha...bodoh la me, a more rational thing to think is how to reach the wakil pelajar? mpmum? I want this lettering to be more efficient please...
Imagine if I lived in an evil step-family, they would use this to further mistreat me and hurl insults and attack me...haiz...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

lose lose navy reserve

Study week is officially over and just yesterday, my lecturer gave us a new topic to cover...exam is next week. Woah so cruel la, last minute only he added a new topic...haiz...

I found out that the PALAPES LAUT in UiTM and UPM is much more luxurious than the PALAPES Laut in UM. Their watches (morning roll call every wednesdays) are counted as hours (get paid rm 4 per hour) while in UM all our hours are not counted as hours.
The highest my batch got is rm700 while for UiTM, the normal allowance they get is 2.4 K.
What a big difference!!
Furthermore in UM, we have so many trainings but it is rarely counted as hours but in other universities, ALL their activities are counted as hours.
In UM, Only official compulsory trainings like Annual Camp Training(ACT), Induksi camp (introduction for cadet) and Fizikal Orientated Mental Development Exercise training (FOMDEX) are counted as hours. When we have trainings in UM, about only 25% of trainings is counted as hours while we have to take out so much money to standardize everything  from pen to swimsuit.

It's a waste of money, I already got a swimsuit and they force me to fork out rm 125 for a ugly full body swimsuit...
Beside that. the Palapes Laut in UM are so smart, if you don't attend, they ask you to pay the hours...meaning, not only you don't get hours but you have to pay the hours...what kind of  logic is that?
it's like i am expected to pay money for one "shirt" which is compulsory and which by right i suppose to get free, and then because I paid, they ask me to pay again? Huh? I feel this is very dumb.

I mean if i don't attend training, by right i should have no hours (this is correct, there's no hours given)
then they ask us to pay hours back because I didn't attend training... (WHAT? firstly you didn't pay me for the hours and now you are asking me for something you didn't give me?)

I tell you, palapes laut in UM is a lose-lose situation, not only you spend so much but you spend more then you earn and they ask real nonsense requests.

Maybe PALAPES LAUT in other Uni is great but certainly not in UM.

Monday, April 18, 2011

less clash?

Ah, the newest news on the clashes. More clashes and more things sacrificed. Maybe to balance things up, i get to add new things in my schedule?

So Masum schedule was re-shuffled because a few games was taken out. Therefore causing softball and handball to be on the same time...Oh, opportunity cost...Bye Bye handball, I joined softball UM training since last sem already la. Latihan pusat bermula 29 Mei. Sukan MASUM bermula 18 - 30 June.

This meaning Hello Indonesia as my July is back since Softball is brought to June. Student exchange in Jogjakarta..but a few probs...student exchange maybe canceled due to lack of students participating in sports centre of UM...major contribution to the lack of interest might be money la...we have to pay 30% of flight tix and bring $ to buy extra food, token of appreciation for lecturers and shopping...

This student exchange program is only for sports center students but many of our seniors and course mates are holding back maybe because of the money factor?
Come on, Those who have full ptptn loan also barely have enough money to eat...class notes fee also hard to pay up...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

sem break of clashes.

My 2nd semester is gonna end and  this marks the semester break of may to september :P but it's already full!
"opportunity cost" an economic term which means i'll have to sacrifice the second best alternative in order to choose the first best choice..meaning choose the best and let go of the others loh...

majlis sukan universiti-universiti malaysia (masum)
sukan malaysia (sukma)

i can't enter sukma softball team kl bcoz i'm in softball UM team which is preparing for masum. The masum training camp will be during sukma and right now is just 2 weeks away from our exam period, so i cant attend kl training also.
the age limit for sukma is 21, and this means this would have been my first and last year participating in sukma...Unfortunately everything is clashing!

Next clash is the student exchange program for UM sports centre students which is in the month of july and I will be having softball masum at that time :( A whole month of experiencing life in Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta at borobudur :'( gone because of masum!

i was planning to work so that i can go to Labuan 10's rugby in july but my june would be taken by masum handball.

My last exam paper is on the 9th of may and palapes training starts on 17th of may all the way to the end of may. 

The choice (what i sacrificed)
so may exam n palapes (kl softball training, work)
jun handball (sukma softball, work)
july softball (student exchange)

at the moment, august is free and september marks the restart of my new semester aka 4th semester...I feel quite sad that i can never enter sukma because of exam, and time and masum.
I feel very sad that i can't go for student exchange during the semester break
I feel quite sad that i can't work so i can't go for Labuan 10's rugby tournament :(

Sunday, April 10, 2011

CC trip to Klang n Pulau Ketam

On saturday, i had softball training but i went for the 11th residential college Chinese Community(CC) trip. We went to makan bak kut teh at Klang and Pulau Ketam to eat seafood. I know many people were surprised to find out that i chose the CC trip over a sport training. WHY? It's because it would be my last time being with my college CC as next year I would be changing to 5th college (I join PALAPES aka Reserve Navy ma), so i was quite sad that not many people went.

So anyway, we carpooled to Klang and yum yum, i love the rice, of cause the bak kut teh gravy was good but the rice is the highlight for me la...
After eating, we travelled to Port Klang ktm to park our car and a speed boat took us to visit a fishing area, left us there for 10 mins, then we sat on another boat to visit the fish reserve, and then we sat on another different boat to visit the 1st house in Pulau Ketam, btw it's 100 yrs old already...that's much older than Malaysia. After that we took the boat to pulau ketam jeti and had lunch then we had a tour under the rain and then after the rain stopped, we had 1 hour free and easy with a bicycle :)

The tour was in mandarin, but Dwei Wen accompanied me and sort of translated what the tour guide was saying. I really appreciate her thoughtfulness and kindness. She also shared her umbrella with me. Thank you very much Dwei Wen! Sayang sama kamu.

11th college Chinese Community that went for the trip, just missing cameraman in this pic. Klang Bak Kut Teh
the girls :) Dwei Wen is in blue

speedboat "footprints" on the water

fishy posing for the camera

Pulau Ketam jetty

how many crab can you count?
Viewing Pulau Ketam from the boat.

i think the tour guide looks like a local chinese artist, KK

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

how 2 bonus marks brought the highest to the 4th place.

My lecturer Dr Selina Khoo called me KIASU...LoLs, I never really considered myself kiasu before but I had stamped myself as being a super sore loser, I don't really accept losing gracefully.

Ok, now onto today's main topic...Sociology carry marks.
The weight is 20% for test, 20% for presentation and 20% for assignment. The remaining 40% is for the final exam.

I tried my best for the test and managed to score one of the highest score in my class.
Presentation is just not my strength as I don't really have people skill or communication skills. So, I was 3rd lowest in class. Well, at least I got more than half for presentation.
Assignment, we just passed it up and so we have to wait for it.

You see, on my own effort i got 33.5 over 40.
Suddenly today our lecturer said she will give bonus 2 marks for those who went to batu road school, which by the way was NOT compulsory nor did she state that bonus 2 marks would be allocated if we attend the batu road school pre-training!

So now from highest, I dropped down to 4th place because of the bonus 2 marks! Walauweh, macam ini pun boleh kah?

It's alright by S club 7
It's alright
You know it's gonna be alright
Oh yeah

You gotta understand now
Tomorrow is brighter day
The memories will fade away
And the sun will shine, on you

So many friends you get to make
So many hearts you get to break
So much love you gotta give
Your whole life's still left to live

Spread your wings and fly
Kiss the pain goodbye
Let the tears run dry
You gotta get yourself together