Monday, May 4, 2015

Taiwan pit stop

My trips are never complete without a signboard picture :)

I went back to Taiwan. Very short trip.

Things didn't go as smoothly but hey, we survived!

I met some of my Taiwan friends, not enough time to meet everyone and I didn't purchase a mobile sim so wifi was a bit difficult thus communication was not at it's best.

Meeting awesome people :)

Reunion dinner.

We hiked up Alishan to witness the sunrise... started journey at 4am but apparently it was too late, by the time we reached the top, it was up already.

I brought along a colleague with me. I feel kinda sorry for her that she wasn't able to do as much shopping as she wanted and I forced her to tag along to dinner with me even though she really didn't want.

She witness my friends argueing..LoL, and another friend took our baggage hostage so we wore the same clothes for 3 days with no towel or change of clothes nor shoes. She also had to hike in her ladies sandals (Thank God it was durable and not slippery and her sandals didnt break/tear) but I don't know if its painful to hike in...We did a lot of hiking and drinking so there was not much sleep...I feel guilty for turning her holiday to a nightmare...her legs were sore and she got sick when we came back to Malaysia.

My Beloveds :)

late Sunrise at Alishan

Beauty at its finest
sunset at Chia Yi Train Station

real flowers...looked fake
looks like starfruit/starfish/ Patrick Star

flower looks like Fairy/birds/butterfly/insects
Closeup looks like a Fairy :)

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Financing debts

I haven't been blogging lately.

My current room that I'm renting in Klang does not have good coverage, Sometimes my telco has no line at all.. My housemates wanted to install UNIFI but apparently the fiber optic coverage cannot reach up to my apartment..LOL, even STREAMYX could not be installed.

That's my room.

My work...I feel like I'm really bad at it. I'm just too slow that eventhough I do not want to work overtime, I have to...

Whenever people ask me about my work. I just talk about the environment. It's really nice. We have badminton every Thursday night. Sometimes there is Futsal. There are also Yoga classes.
Swimming classes paid by the company too... How awesome is that!?
We also have white water rafting, drinking and movie outings.

I came in early January so I guess I'm lucky cause I only work one Saturday a month. Those who came around mid January has to work every Saturday till Confirmation which is 6 months,

I haven't really been eating recently. I lost my appetite and perhaps I've lost myself.

I don't quite know what am I doing and why am I living.

I wanted to quit my job but after some thought I don't have any plans if I do quit right now.
Is office work killing me?

I JUST WANNA BE ANTISOCIAL NOW!!! What's wrong with me?

I heard from people's father whose in the Force that if I do join the police force, I will climb up the ladder very slow compared to my other colleagues of different colour.

The next day after me contemplating whether or not to hand over my 24 hour resignation.
A few issues came up and that reassured me that I should continue working.

I guess my current role in the world now is to pay back debts and help people financially.
Although I'm sort of a stingy person, I'm learning to let go and give out.
It's tough and I'm calculating but I tell myself, Jesus said it is better to give than to receive,

I guess all my life I've been receiving and never really gave. So it's time to GIVE.
Stop being selfish, If you can help someone then go ahead.

For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father's family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?"
(Just a bible verse  taken out of context. Anyway, I wanna say perhaps I got the job so that I could help people in my life at this point of my life? You know, everything happens for a reason. LoL)

It's not like we can take our money with us when we die kan?
If you can't help when you have plentiful, then when else will you help?

So now, although I'm counting but I tell myself, Learn to let go. What if in the future, I need help?
Besides, they also helped me in the past, so it's time to repay the kindness.

Do to others as you would have them do to you.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

1st JOB

Heys All,

I apologize for being away for such a long time.

I've started working. I'm now a freight executive at a shipping company in Klang. Pegawai Pengangkutan..huhu

Work has been really nice so far. I really love my work environment. I guess this year has been so exciting as it is a new phase of life, a new chapter kan? :)

I stay about 10 minutes walk away from my work place. It's almost 2km. First night in my rented room. Some funny neighbour keep doing ghost noise "ooOOhhhHH"

My view from my apartment
7am morning


7pm sundown


night view

raining there. evening

My first day of work.
I had to wait for people to enter the office cause I don't have the access key..hihi.. new bha.
There was another new person Miss CC. Both of us waited for someone to enter the office baru we can enter the office...hahah.. then we has to wait for HR people to come to work. So we talked and clicked like almost instantly. She's younger than me.
HR people came and brought us to our mentors and our table where we spent some about 10 minutes with our mentors. My mentor was really nice, she tried to make me feel welcome and kept smiling and laughing.
Later on the HR lady Reen called me n CC n told us not to bring anything, she gave us the tour of the office and then said there's about 90++ employees in our office. She brought us to meet each and everyone-we had to introduce ourself and say which department we were from. I was a bit worried that after this orientation, we have to remember everyone (just like Uni orientation.huhu). Luckily no need quiz on people's name.
I had to fill up the EPF form since this is my first job. It was kind of funny cause there's a box and our thumbprints cannot come out of the box. I stamped my thumbprints 8 times, that's 16 thumb prints and 8 forms..LOL.
We were given a set of alat tulis and I put all my stuff into my top drawer which was quite small. Later on when I had to use it, I tried opening the drawer and it was stuck. about 4 girls tried helping me open my drawer for about 10 minutes. huhu, it was funny, I was like Gosh, just my first day but I already spoil a drawer kah? Then my mentor called Reen and she came to the rescue, she fixed the drawer and said in a serious tone something like jangan buat bukan-bukan or something like that..
Lunch time I followed my mentor and we went to our Big boss favourite restaurant where we had a lot of dishes and Big boss paid for lunch, Thanks Boss.
Miss CC and I are in the same department Sales but different sub department.
My mentor said, "5pm. faster leave or you can't leave early anymore, hahaha"

2nd Night in my room, Some funny neighbour crying in the middle of the night. I hear people but there's no one there, I hear a person knocking on my gate or banging my door but when I look outside...It must be neighbour from a level above or below my room..oh, btw I stay in an apartment. I'm too sensitive to noise

2nd day of work:
It seems like everyday we have meeting in the morning, It's like MUET listening class, a person reads numbers and we have to write down. Daily record of bookings and rates. After the meeting, our boss Benny, the Head of Sales Department, the 2nd guy who interviewed me had an introduction class for me and Ms CC. He told us what we do and how important our departments are. He said everything also involves shipping (The ikea clock, the raw materials to make an office chair & etc). He also encouraged us to join after office activities cause it helps in teamwork bonding. He kept saying, if you don't understand anything, please ask, there's no such thing as stupid question, please ask because I cannot read your mind.
Lunch time, he belanja us makan Nandos, By the way kan, the way Benny spoke to us during our induction, he said we should absorb and learn as much as we can, this is good for our future jobs also. (err, why he say like that? gonna fire us soon kah? don't expect us to be here long? Company can give 24 hour notice and fire us just like that without the need to give any reason. Or is he just being realistic, he knows we wont be here till retirement..LoL)

3rd Day work:
My Sub-Department had a welcome lunch for me. New person had to choose where to makan wor. Nasi kukus ayam rempah near i-City.
Anyway my mentor gave me a test today but I faileddddd...Oh nooo, boohooho..

3rd night-4th morning.
About 1 am, I was asleep. I dream that someone was banging and knocking the door then I woke up and realised it was real...huhu.. My hse mate didn't bring her key. It was like a movie kan? U dream then you wake up and it was something real that made you dream that...

4th work day
My colleagues offer to pick me up in the morning and give me a lift to the office,
I realise that in my office, besides the bosses, nobody uses their mobile phones to answer calls. If they use, just in silent mode only. No one uses it openly. Super disciplined culture kan? Unwritten rule?
Today Mr Benny encouraged us to read books. Any kind of books. So when we buy books,give the receipt to him and he will reimburse. Hahahaha. Apparently, reading books make us more creative.
I had lunch with the girls today.

Anyway, every Thursday got badminton in the evening if I'm not mistaken. Got Yoga activity also but I don't wanna join yet kot.

I love my colleagues and my work environment.

Look at the positive and bright side of life :)

Based on the information I read online about my company, this is a good place to grow and learn but the salary does not compensate much, The software used are quite outdated too.

Monday, October 20, 2014

I Graduated from University of Malaya

Finally, I finish my degree and graduated with first class honours.
Just 4 years ago, I was crying in class and so stressed out how was I ever going to pass my subjects but now I stand on the stage receiving my degree with a CGPA of 3.83.
God's grace is Amazing, His Mercy is new every morning. Praise be to Him for showing me how things can change and nothing is Impossible because I-m-possible if God is by my side.

. Its my finger by the way, I have a dirty mind...hahah

I just become an aunt on 11 Oct 2014 abt 8am ish

so on to the next phase of life...CAREER.

And in between I am trying to get my driving license.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

sport critics

Recently we have 1 Student 1 Sport & many programs/initiatives to develop Sports and try to get the Rakyat to support our national Athletes or sports quality but when I read the newspapers and watch the sport highlights on local tv, I think to myself the way the columnist and local media downtalk our athletes instead of encouraging and storing patriotism and is very ironic. Do you tell your baby to give up the idea of walking because he keeps falling down every time he tries to stand up
#supportlocalsports #supportmalaysianwomenrugby
I hated all the Malaysian commentators when reporting the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, they were very vicious, mean and terrible men and women who only know how to say mean things about our national athletes and their words made the audience look down and scorn our national athletes. Their comments were not even constructive nor building but more like big bullies and very very sexist.

Ask them to try join the training for a week and see how easy it is to be an athlete, 
ask them to try being in an environment where even after trying their best, get their country media people to totally crush their spirit and say horrible things about them (like a child who always get below 25% in addmaths and the parents scolded the child and ask him why he request for addmath tuition because the child will never succeed and the experience is just a waste of money. Futhermore he is a boy so he will never be as good as a girl in studies)

Below are some people that help me make my point too

"they only acknowledge local athletes based on success, not potential. Granted, one is expected to be up there with the best when they compete, but everyone has to start somewhere.

I find it very unfair that the athletes are singled out like that 
and made as scapegoats in the article. Seems like they want nothing to do with anything which relates them to 'failures' like this, but will happily, almost to a point, proudly claim responsibility for success, even when it has little or no significance of impact." Lee Chun Wai

Mohd Mazuri status:
Kenapa kebanyakan sukan mensasarkan untuk layak ke olimpik atau bola sepak mahu ke piala dunia. Simple answer. Layak ke kejohanan berprestij adalah satu perkara yang membanggakan walaupun sebagai contoh bola sepak, andai pun kita layak ke piala dunia adakah kita boleh jadi juara??
Untuk melihat anak watan kita sendiri beraksi di pentas dunia adalah satu perkara yg bagus. Komanwel adalah sukan kedua terbesar dunia selepas olimpik. Ragbi layak menyertai buat kali keempat berdasarkan kejayaan di peringkat asia dan bukan lah secara wild card. Kita tidak layak beraksi pada 2006 di Melbourne. Namun kita telah layak pada 98, 2002, 2010 dan 2014. Untuk beraksi di pentas komanwel adalah ibarat pasukan bola sepak kita beraksi di piala dunia. Untuk berada dalam satu kumpulan dengan Wales dan Samoa adalah seperti berada dlm satu kumpulan dengan Argentina dan juga Germany di world cup dimana Samoa dan Wales merupakan bekas juara dunia 7's. Hanya inilah peluang pemain kita untuk menimba pengalaman bermain dengan pasukan bertaraf dunia. Dan untuk beraksi diambang Aidilfitri memerlukan pengorbanan yg besar dari seorang atlit. Setiap usaha memerlukan pelaburan tidak kira wang ringgit, masa ataupun tenaga. Setiap sukan mempunyai misi dan visi. Setiap sukan mengimpikan kejayaan. Dan tiada kejayaan dapat dicapai sekiranya tiada pengorbanan.
Sekian. Wassalam.



Pagi td agak terkejut apabila membaca akhbar online yang mengeluarkan kenyataan bertajuk "Negara rugi tanggung atlet melancong".

Secara ringkas penulis menyatakan bahawa menghantar atlet2 negara ke sukan komanwel merupakan satu kerugian, dimana pergi sekadar melancong di luar negara. Terutama pasukan ragbi 7s, pasukan hoki dan wanita negara.Tambahan pula mereka di ibarat kan seperti "standard sekolah rendah".

Tahukah penulis apa itu standard budak sekolah rendah? Saya agak terkilan kerana begitu merendahlan martabat atlet negara kita yang bersunguh bejuang dan bekorban siang dan malam berlatih sepanjang bulan Ramadhan serta menyambut 1 Syawal di perantauan yg berjauhan dengan keluarga. Mereka ini bukan lah atlet yg mendapat gaji bulanan seperti golongan professional 5000-6000, hanya harapkan elaun latihan dan kejohanan yg dibekalkan oleh msn. Malah ramai yang dari mereka merupakan pelajar universiti iaitu19 orang dari UPM, Atas semangat cintakan negara mereka meninggal kan kelas, keluarga dan saudara mara utk bejuang bersungguh2 utk mendapat kan pingat di pentas antarabangsa.

Adakah penulis betul2 faham apa itu sukan? Objektif dan mengapa sukan itu diadakan. Jika penulis paham sy pasti beliau tidak mengkritik sehebat ini. Iya, keputusan kejohanan merupakan kayu pengukur di dalam sesuatu sukan. Serta menjadi penanda aras di mana level sukan tersebut berada, akan tetapi bukan lah keputusan semata2 menjadi faktor utk menghantar pasukan ke kejohanan sukan antarabangsa, banyak lagi faktor yg perlu penulis lihat seperti "Development" sesuatu sukan, "national unity"dan sebagainya.

Saya yakin pihak MSN serta persatuan sukan itu mempunyai sebab serta perancangan tersendiri apabila menghantar pasukan ke kejohanan KOMANWEL ini. Mereka pasti telah mengkaji kebolehan serta keupayaan atlet mereka utk bertanding di peringkat ini. Cthnya pasukan Ragbi 7s negara, mereka mempunyai target tesendiri iaitu di SUKAN ASIA dan pingat emas di SUKAN SEA 2015 di SINGAPURA. SUKOM 2014 merupakan pentas yg sesuai utk memberikan pendedahan kepada pemain mereka, utk mengkaji serta menguji kelemahan dan kekuatan pasukan kerana di pentas ini lah segala juara dunia di dalam sukan ragbi hadir utk menunjuk kan kebolehan masing2, Tidak relevan utk pasukan ragbi negara menguji kekuatan pasukan mereka di dengan negara jiran dan di negara asia yg hanya akan menjadi kan pasukan "juara kampung". Jadi berilah mereka peluang utk membuktikan keupayaan dan kekuatan mereka di arena antarabangsa.

National Unity merupakan salah satu sebab utama mengapa negara menghantar pasukan ke sukan komanwel. Saya memetik kata2 bekas Presiden South Africa iaitu Nelson Mandela iaitu "sport have power to change the world", iaitu Kekuatan Perpaduan tulen yang sukan hasilkan mampu mengubah dunia. Dimana beliau mengunakan sukan untuk menyatupadukan golongan orang kulit hitam dan kulit putih di negara beliau. Ini lah satu-satunya pentas untuk tempat semua orang, semua bangsa dan agama bersatu, menyokong pasukan negara seterusnya menyemat semangat cinta kan negara.

Tambahan pula contoh tempatan yang kite boleh lihat objektif utama mengapa Tun M menganjurkan SUKOM 98 di Kuala Lumpur? Jawapan nyata yang boleh di lihat adalah untukmenyatukan rakyat, bukanlah mudah untuk menjadi memimpin sesebuah negara yang mempunyai pelbagai kaum serta etnik kecuali menjadi kan pentas yang "natural" sebagai tempat utk besatu, Menang atau kalah tidak penting, tetapi nilai2 perpaduan dan semangat cintakan negara adalah nilai yang amat berharga buat sesebuah negara dan seterusnya menjadikan negara aman dan sentosa.

Saya juga tidak bersetuju dengan penulis dengan menyatakan pemain2 ragbi hoki lelaki dan perempuan tidak bersunguh2 seperti sukan2 lain, adakah beliau tidak melihat pasukan negara kita berhempas pulas utk mempertahan kan kubu masing2, berlari bekejaran, terbaring sana sini, tambahan ada yang menangis kerana kekalahan. Tidak ada orang yang mahu kekalahan, bkn lah mereka minta utk kekalahan. Apa yang saya lihat, Mereka sudah berusaha sedaya upaya, tetapi itu sahaja kemampuan yang mereka ada. Dan dgn pengajaran ini mereka akan belajar dan akan berlatih besunguh2 utk meningkat kan lagi keupayaan.

Pihak Media seharusnya membuat kajian teperinci terlebih dahulu sebelum mengkritik sebegini rupa. Ini akan meruntuhkan semangat pejuang2 negara kita. Impak yang paling besar adalah Pihak2 penaja akan tepengaruh dan dengan kenyataan negatif ini, ia memberikan pandangan kurang baik pada sukan tersebut seterusnya menutup peluang utk sukan tersebut utk bekembang.

Tanya balik diri kita, adakah mampu kita meninggalkan keluarga berbulan2, berlatih siang petang dan malam serta berpuasa dan beraya di negara orang semata2 utk sukan dan negara? Tepuk dada, tanyalah selera.

Akhir kata majulah sukan demi negara.


support women rugby

The Malaysian Women Rugby team: We were told that we have insufficient funds to participate in this upcoming Asian Games in Incheon, Korea. Even after personal contributions of 1.5k from each players, we are still lacking 22k in funds. Despite our efforts to pull in funds from various governmental bodies, we are only class B athletes which means that we are not fully entitled to the government's funds. With the games only 57 days away, time is against us. We NEED to confirm our participation but we are unable to do so, due to lack of funds. We are reaching to the public to help us to raise the fund. 

We have been training hard since January, for the opportunity to represent Malaysia in women's rugby.

Every cents counts. Should you like to contribute to our fund. You can bank in to:-

Account type: Sole Proprietor PCA
Account Number: 512790503702

This is our temporary account number belongs to Lim Chin Wei (co founder of Dingoes Rugby) should you like to extend a personal contribution. Do leave your details in the description so we can personally contact you and say thank you.

For any further inquiries,kindly contact the person stated below:-

Chut - 0193236153/0186643086
Tiara - 0166450247
Uni - 0193882648

They have been training very hard daily since January. 5:30am to abt 8am every monday, wednesday, friday and 5pm-7pm tuesdays and thursdays and also train on saturday mornings. Can you imagine training with such commitment for at least 7 months only to be told that you cannot represent the country because we have insufficient funds? How heartbreaking is that? 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Overthinking relationship

I've never really been in love or had a significant other. I don't know how to respond when admirers say they like me. I tell myself that I do not have any feelings for them so I just pretend I didn't hear or understand anything they just said(confession of love) or just take it as a joke. Besides that, I don't quite believe in romantic relationships and I'm a bit paranoid that they might just be betting with their friends or maybe the truth Is I am super duper AFRAID to be heart broken so I just stay away from it by telling other people that relationships in school do not last and might disturb the grades therefore I stay away from it. However, as I progress in age I'm beginning to accept the idea to be in a relationship.

Last year an admirer was after me and I once again used my silly reasoning that I didn't have feelings for that person with myself but still continued to chat with that person. Slowly later on, I begin liking that person but by that time that person had moved on from me. Haha, just like in the movies right? So note to self #1. give them a chance, feelings might develop later on.

There was one point I thought I might be annoying the person so I deliberately didn't contact the person for some time although I thought about that person during that period but that might have caused us to not be too close anymore. So note to self #2. Don't overthink and don't be too smart.

Don't be too obedient, innocent (lurus bendul) or too boring.  That's another thing I learn from that experience. Just because people say no, doesn't mean they don't want you to not do that, it may mean there's other ways and they don't want it that way. Be playful.

So here's where I say to myself, "be adventurous, girl!"

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

uni finance

Alright I finish my studies in University Malaya with first class, cgpa 3.83.
I'm still angry with myself for missing the last 4 flat... One C+ because I didnt sit for the exam paper, reason being I overslept...(Note to self: Never ever do extra studying till 3am or 4am if your exam paper is 8.30am. It's not last minute studying but just kiasu...already study wanna revise again for what? Adoi!!!) Get friends to make sure u wake up for exam...LoL

My batch was quite shocked to see our results on the university line because most of us had a different CGPA than expected. Apparently our university examination system forgot to include our outside-faculty-elective-course (Kursus Elektif Luar Fakulti) results in our third semester so this results changed all our other semester's CGPA (Sem 3- sem 7). For most of us the CGPA was lower...boohoohoo

Anyway, let's move on....Today I checked my PTPTN account. I borrowed PTPTN Wang Pendahuluan Pendidikan (WPP) which every STPMer who got into Uni will get (RM 1500) and also used PTPTN in the first year of my university (RM 3250 per sem therefore  RM 6500). PTPTN add kos pengurusan and insurans kelompok which is wajib to be paid. WPP will be cut each sem from our PTPTN. PTPTN in University Malaya is SOOO not enough, I am a person who doesn't really spend money, I only buy essential and eat budget food but at the end of the semester I would be somewhat fasting to survive. I even entered PALAPES (Reserve officer training Unit) with hopes of lessening my family burden but I dont know why UM PALAPES LAUT was using more money than we are suppose to earn and most of our allowance during our first year was burnt (as in not receivable) due to some administration problem as well as our third year a huge chunk of our allowance was frozen and later on counted as burnt due to government cutting the military budget. So despite being in PALAPES, I still had to borrow some money from my mother to survive my first year towards the end of the semesters.

Leftenan Muda Hew Mun Foong PSSTLDM aka Navy Volunteer Acting Sub Lieutenant Hew Mun Foong (Hilda) after 3 long and tough and expensive years of semi military training.
army, navy
Second year to semester 7, I was a Tunku Scholar, receipient of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship aka Biasiswa Tunku Abdul Rahman from Tunku Abdul Rahman Foundation aka Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman.
 The scholarship was not just a scholarship that paid my university tuition fee, but it also provided monthly living allowances(even during semester break), book allowance, equipment allowance, thesis allowance, internship allowance, (flight reimbursement for east Malaysian student studying in peninsular Malaysia or for peninsular Malaysia student studying in east Malaysia), self enrichment fund (this was the best as we are encouraged to join programs/activities/courses that will bring more value to us as Tunku Scholars. Example: Outward Bound School [OBS], Tony Buzan, Nick Vujicic seminars, Chinese Language class, Scuba Diving License, ect). Besides all these allowances, we also go to enrichment camps which YTAR prepares for us where we mix around with our fellow senior and junior Tunku Scholar while learning and becoming more like Tunku Abdul Rahman. We are also members of Tunku Scholars Association Malaysia (TSAM), an NGO. YTAR also indirecly teaches and trains us to justify and double check our formal reply to them as well as contacting our batch or senior so that we do not ask them what has already been answered before. The scholarship foundation is one that involves the recipients, help them grow and It's really one of a kind.

I feel so blessed today because on top of all these, YTAR also help pay off my PTPTN loan (I did pay off my WPP Rm 500 by some of the savings that I saved from my YTAR allowances). YTAR helped me clear Rm 6500 + Rm 160.38 (insurance).

Therefore Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly announce I'm debt free from PTPTN!! :)
No longer Pity Pity N

Thank You Very Much, 
Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman :)