Thursday, July 10, 2014

Overthinking relationship

I've never really been in love or had a significant other. I don't know how to respond when admirers say they like me. I tell myself that I do not have any feelings for them so I just pretend I didn't hear or understand anything they just said(confession of love) or just take it as a joke. Besides that, I don't quite believe in romantic relationships and I'm a bit paranoid that they might just be betting with their friends or maybe the truth Is I am super duper AFRAID to be heart broken so I just stay away from it by telling other people that relationships in school do not last and might disturb the grades therefore I stay away from it. However, as I progress in age I'm beginning to accept the idea to be in a relationship.

Last year an admirer was after me and I once again used my silly reasoning that I didn't have feelings for that person with myself but still continued to chat with that person. Slowly later on, I begin liking that person but by that time that person had moved on from me. Haha, just like in the movies right? So note to self #1. give them a chance, feelings might develop later on.

There was one point I thought I might be annoying the person so I deliberately didn't contact the person for some time although I thought about that person during that period but that might have caused us to not be too close anymore. So note to self #2. Don't overthink and don't be too smart.

Don't be too obedient, innocent (lurus bendul) or too boring.  That's another thing I learn from that experience. Just because people say no, doesn't mean they don't want you to not do that, it may mean there's other ways and they don't want it that way. Be playful.

So here's where I say to myself, "be adventurous, girl!"

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