Sunday, August 3, 2014

support women rugby

The Malaysian Women Rugby team: We were told that we have insufficient funds to participate in this upcoming Asian Games in Incheon, Korea. Even after personal contributions of 1.5k from each players, we are still lacking 22k in funds. Despite our efforts to pull in funds from various governmental bodies, we are only class B athletes which means that we are not fully entitled to the government's funds. With the games only 57 days away, time is against us. We NEED to confirm our participation but we are unable to do so, due to lack of funds. We are reaching to the public to help us to raise the fund. 

We have been training hard since January, for the opportunity to represent Malaysia in women's rugby.

Every cents counts. Should you like to contribute to our fund. You can bank in to:-

Account type: Sole Proprietor PCA
Account Number: 512790503702

This is our temporary account number belongs to Lim Chin Wei (co founder of Dingoes Rugby) should you like to extend a personal contribution. Do leave your details in the description so we can personally contact you and say thank you.

For any further inquiries,kindly contact the person stated below:-

Chut - 0193236153/0186643086
Tiara - 0166450247
Uni - 0193882648

They have been training very hard daily since January. 5:30am to abt 8am every monday, wednesday, friday and 5pm-7pm tuesdays and thursdays and also train on saturday mornings. Can you imagine training with such commitment for at least 7 months only to be told that you cannot represent the country because we have insufficient funds? How heartbreaking is that? 

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