Saturday, November 28, 2009

secret aptitude UPSR test?

Something I read:

Last week when the results of the UPSR were announced, something was not. I'm referring to the "aptitude test" the candidates who were compelled to take on the last day of the UPSR examination in September.

Just weeks before the examination, the Education ministry in announced that an "aptitude test" would be held at the end of the UPSR and all candidates must sit for the test. The aim? Well, according to the ministry was to gauge decision making ability of candidates. The decision to have the test was obviously sudden based on the announcement which was well, abrupt.

But the ministry was quick to allay fears or concerns by saying results of the test would not be included in the overall results of the UPSR, i.e. whatever marks scored in the test would not have a bearing or any impact of the UPSR results. Even though the test was to be held for UPSR candidates at the end of the UPSR examination.

That being the case, why have the test in the first place? That was the question that ran through my mind when I first read about the test when it was reported in the newspapers. And the reason for the test--"to gauge decision making ability" baffled me further. I mean we are talking about year six students here. What big decision are they supposed to make? And to test their ability to make decision? These are 12 year olds for goodness sake.

I was made to understand even teachers were confused and didn't know what the test was all about and what on earth was the reason for it. However that was that. Nobody made any noise and the test was indeed conducted on the UPSR candidates on the last day of UPSR examination as instructed by the ministry. As scheduled.

How was the candidates tested for decision making ability? Well, the test was objective as well subjective. Candidates were required to answer many questions. More than 50 including questions on what they like. For example. Arts, music, etc. One question was on how or what the candidate felt when they look at the country's situation now.

How all that can gauge their decision making ability, its beyond me. But then what do I know? I'm just a free lance writer who never went to university. And definitely I'm no educationist.

Anyway moths passed and as we all know the UPSR results were announced recently. But as said earlier, minus the results of the aptitude test as promised.

So what ever happened to the results? What ever happened to the need to know the decision making ability of our kids? Did someone actually go through the aptitude test papers ? Were there results in the first place ? If so why the silence? Who's looking or studying the results? What for ?The whys and whats can go on and on.

Maybe to some, it's a small matter and I'm making a big fuss over nothing. Still there must be answers. Surely the children who took the test deserve to know how did they fare. (By MOHSIN ABDULLAH/MySinchew)


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  1. this is my first experience of having a kid with UPSR..I was baffled too when I found out there was an aptitude test at the end of UPSR..exactly the same feeling u have..WHAT FOR? For god sake! Primary 6 students are only 12 years old and they dont and will not be able to make decision of their own..what kind of crap game is our MOE is playing? Rather than wasting the government money on something which is fruitless, better still to use it on finding ways to improve our educ system to be more fun and less burdening esp to those of 6-12 years old...